Chapter 95: Tiangang 11th Move, Heading to the Center of the Central Plains

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After confirming the time with Nie Ling to head to the center of the Central Plains, Su Yi returned to his bedroom.

He had originally planned to cultivate, but he suddenly realized that it seemed like he had not paid attention to his cultivation technique’s realm for a long time.


Currently, his cultivation points were not enough to advance the five elements foundation establishment technique to the perfection realm.

However, he currently had as many as 15 true understanding of spells scrolls.

However… He looked at the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm.

Although there was only one move, if he wanted to deduce it to the foundation establishment realm, he still needed a total of 70 true understanding of spells.


This made Su Yi involuntarily suck in a breath of cold air. This Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm was indeed powerful, but it was still at the qi condensation realm level.

Now, he still needed 70 true understanding of spells to reach the foundation establishment realm. How Long would he have to wait?

With just a glance, he ignored it.

Things like true understanding of spells were not easy to come by. Even the weekly gift pack in the shopping mall only gave him a little bit of time.


Therefore, he could only hope that the next time he broke through to the middle stage of the foundation establishment realm, some gift pack would respawn.

Thinking of this, his gaze swept past the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm and looked at the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow Technique that he had recently obtained.

This was an extremely powerful move. It could allow one to unknowingly be like an assassin hiding in the shadows, giving the enemy a fatal blow.

And this Flowing Light Dragon Shadow Technique had a total of six forms.

In the ruins back then, Su Yi had only comprehended the first form. As for the second form, it required a true understanding of spells.

He fixed his gaze and looked at the panel.


[Spell: Flowing Light Dragon Shadow (Dao-grade)]
[Description: In the footloose world, the Lingxiao sect’s footloose illusionary body and mind technique derived from a total of six moves. It shuttles between the flowing shadows and deals a fatal blow to the enemy. When cultivated to the final move, it can transform into a dragon shadow and destroy the enemy with the power to shatter space.]
[First form, Flowing Shadow Flash: Expends 2,000 true essence, lock onto a target in your field of vision, transform into a shadow flash to the enemy’s side, at the same time dealing 220% attack damage.]
[Second form, Shadow Splitting Combo: Unlearned]
[To learn: True understanding of spells x20]

Seeing this, Su Yi shook his head and sighed. He only had 15 true understanding of spells scrolls on hand.

He could not comprehend the second form of the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow at all.

In the end, he could only look at the Tiangang Sword Finger. The Tiangang Sword Finger was obtained from the gift bag from the very beginning.


Together with a set of Tiangang essence cultivation technique as a mental cultivation method supplement.

At this time, the Tiangang Sword Finger had comprehended as many as ten moves. However, with the increase of his strength, the effects of Tiangang sword finger began to appear weak, especially when faced with powerful demon beasts and enemies.

It was often necessary to use the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm to deal with them, so it was time for him to upgrade.

And in the panel, the eleventh move of Tiangang Sword Finger appeared.

[Learn: Spend 11 true understanding of spells to learn Tiangang Sword Finger’s eleventh move, Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger.]

When he saw this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile. He only needed to consume 11 true understanding of spells to learn it.

This was exactly what he wanted. Without hesitation, he tapped on the interface with his finger and started to comprehend the eleventh move of the Tiangang Sword Finger.

[Hint: You have consumed 11 true understanding of spells to learn the eleventh move, Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger.]

As the sound of his voice faded, his entire body trembled as a mysterious feeling spread out from his body. Following that, a hint of enlightenment began to form in his heart.

Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger, what was sky slashing?

As far as the eye could see, everything was slashed. As far as the eye could see, everything was empty.

With this in mind, Su Yi’s mind was clear. He had already completely grasped this technique.

Different from the previous ten forms of sword finger, this sword finger gave him a mysterious feeling, as if it contained some kind of profound mystery.


If he did not rely on bitter cultivation to learn it, it would naturally take him a long time to feel this profound mystery. However, he used the true understanding of the spells to comprehend it, so he naturally felt the profound mystery within.

This profound mystery could not be displayed in the great desolate region. Perhaps it would only be able to display the true power of the Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger in the central sky region, when core formation cultivators were everywhere.

He opened his eyes slightly and slowly exhaled.

With a thought, he saw the power of the Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger on the interface.

[Tiangang sky-slashing finger, the eleventh form of the Tiangang Sword Finger: Consumes 3,000 true essence, condensing a finger from nothingness at the tip of the finger, causing 410% attack damage to the large space in front of him.]

Seeing this attribute, he could not help but lick his lips. This kind of power boost was comparable to the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm.

However, unlike the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm, this Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger did not need to condense its power for that long.

In other words, this sword finger could be considered a trump card, a trump card that could catch people off guard.

That night, Su Yi, who had learned the new move, was like a child, continuing to cultivate, wanting to completely master the Sky-slashing Finger.

The night passed very quickly. At this moment, it was still Su Yi, who Nie Ling had come to look for.

At this moment, the sun had just risen. Nie Ling was dressed in a light green gauze robe. With a light step, her black hair fluttered slightly. Especially today, Nie Ling seemed to have dressed up properly.

On her small face, which was originally beautiful enough to topple cities, there was a tinge of youth and a tinge of rebelliousness. It did not seem out of place at all.

There was a faint drawing on the corner of her phoenix eyes, which gave people a feeling that their eyes were shining.

In addition, Nie Ling herself was extremely beautiful and talented. If she dressed properly now, she would naturally be like a real fairy.

At this moment, her veil moved slightly and she arrived at the courtyard of Su Yi’s room. She was stunned for a moment when she arrived.

She saw that the courtyard was filled with messy leaves and sundries.

In response, she could not help but smile bitterly. She seemed to have understood something.

Then, she called out to Su Yi’s room in a tender voice, “fellow Daoist Su, it’s getting late. We should set off.”

When he heard this, he saw a rustling sound in Su Yi’s room. Very quickly, a handsome figure opened the door.

When he walked out of the room, he saw Nie Ling’s appearance and was momentarily stunned.

She seemed a little different today, but he did not know what was different about her. In short, Nie Ling, who had dressed up seriously, gave her a stunning feeling.

However, he was a little puzzled as to why this girl would dress up today.

When Nie Ling saw Su Yi, who was stunned for a moment, her beautiful eyes contained a trace of affection, but she quickly restrained it.

Soon after, she revealed a reassuring and warm smile on her face as she faintly said, “fellow Daoist Su.”

“Fellow Daoist Su, do you still remember that it was the same when you first came to the Central Plains…”

After recalling for a moment, he nodded and said.

“It is indeed so…”

The handsome man and pretty woman chatted as they slowly left the Nie family branch and Horizon City.