Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 94

Chapter 94: The Phenomenon of the Central Plains, the List Has Been Released

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Great desolate, Central Plains, Central Plains City.

This was a city at the center of the four great domains.


Compared to the border city of Horizon City, it was many times more magnificent.

If one stood at the highest point and looked down, a radius of 10,000 miles would be the area of Central Plains City.

At this moment, thick clouds suddenly covered the sky above Central Plains City, and the sound of Dao began to resound throughout the entire Central Plains City.

Many of the cultivators in Central Plains City were pleasantly surprised, but not shocked. It was as if this strange phenomenon was what they had been waiting for.


In various luxurious mansions that occupied an extremely vast area. Those who were meditating in the depths of the mansions opened their eyes one after another..

The true essence in their bodies trembled slightly, and all of them were in the late stage of the foundation establishment stage.

One could hear some of them mutter softly with some vicissitudes in their eyes.

“The third round is about to begin. This time around, no matter what method you use, you must pass the test.”


This voice was a little old. There was some viciousness in his eyes. It was as though he had made up his mind about what would happen in the future.

The phenomenon in Central Plains City did not stop. After the waves of Dao voices, two rays of golden light appeared in the thick clouds.

The golden light swept across the sky and carried a thick Dao music that resounded throughout the entire great desolate Central Plains.

The cultivators who had been in this place for many years were already used to such a phenomenon in the Central Plains City.

The Tiandao sect would open once every ten years. Each time, it was almost always such a phenomenon.

This phenomenon was just like the prelude to the opening of a concert. The Tiandao sect had yet to truly descend. It had merely manifested a phenomenon.


It told the cultivators in the central plains that the Tiandao sect was about to descend. Not long after the strange phenomenon manifested, the Fate Intercepting Pavilion, which sold intelligence as a business, released two lists at the same time.

For a time, it caused a great uproar in the Central Plains City. These two lists were actually related to the strength rankings of some famous cultivators.

It was unknown why the Fate Intercepting Pavilion went crazy this time and actually produced such lists. Since the opening of the calendar of Dao, there would naturally be people who were famous for a time in the Central Plains.

The strength and influence of such people would be passed down from generation to generation.

Therefore, in the hearts of the people of the Central Plains, there would naturally be such a ranking.

However, it was only a guess of the people. Among them, who won and who was stronger could only be determined according to their past deeds.

This time was different. The Fate Intercepting Pavilion put out two lists.

The first list was called the Heaven-seizing List. It was a list of old cultivators who had once done well, or the clan’s patriarch.


These cultivators had cultivated for hundreds of years and were extremely powerful. In the great desolate region, no one could guess their strength.

If Su Yi was in the Central Plains City at this time, he would definitely know that there was an extremely familiar name on the Heaven-seizing List.

On the other side was the ninth-ranked third elder of the Sword Pavilion, Xuan Yijian.

There were a total of ten people on the Heaven-seizing List, but they were all veteran powerhouses that people in the Central Plains were familiar with.

As for why no one questioned the authenticity of the Fate Intercepting Pavilion’s list, that was because the Fate Intercepting Pavilion was a power that made its fortune from information, so one could imagine the authenticity of the list.

Moreover, once the Heaven-seizing List was released, those famous people did not stop or refute it. This just confirmed the authenticity of the list.

Besides the Heaven-seizing List, there was another list.

Compared to the Heaven-seizing List, the cultivators of the central plains were looking forward to this list even more.

This was because this list was filled with the names of the young people of the current generation.

The Tiandao sect competition was about to begin. How many geniuses had poured into the Central Plains? What was the original ranking of the eight prodigies of the Central Plains?

This was what the cultivators of the Central Plains were paying attention to.

The name of this list was called the Hidden Dragon List.

Literally, it meant that almost all the people on the list had the aptitude to meet a dragon that could transform into a storm.


On this list, there were more than 30 names. At the top of the list was a cultivator with the surname Lu.

Below him were some names that the cultivators of the Central Plains had never seen before. Among them, a female cultivator with the surname Zhao was ranked second.

The third was a name that they had never heard before, called Han Chao.

Further down, it was actually the Dan siblings.

In the eyes of the cultivators of the Central Plains, the only person they were familiar with in the top ten of the Hidden Dragon List was Ling Jun, the leader of the eight prodigies of the Central Plains.

As for the other eight prodigies, they were all scattered behind the list.

Even Lan Xiaotian, one of the eight prodigies of the Central Plains, was only ranked 25th.

It was easy to imagine that the Fate Intercepting Pavilion did not put on any pretense on this list. However, why did the Fate Intercepting Pavilion create these two lists? That was something that left people pondering.

Horizon City.

In the Nie family branch, Nie Ling also received news from her family.

“The sky phenomenon in Central Plains City. The sect competition is about to begin?”

Su Yi’s eyes were filled with surprise and joy. After waiting for so long, there was finally news of the sect opening?

When Nie Ling saw this, a smile appeared on her face as she said.

“Yes, the clan has sent a message. A phenomenon has descended from the sky in the Central Plains. This is the prelude to the arrival of the Tiandao sect.”

Nie Ling looked at him with a smile. She knew that Su Yi had been waiting for this piece of news for a long time. Indeed, Su Yi had been waiting for this Tiandao sect grand competition to open for a long time.

Su Yi pondered for a moment before asking.

“How long will it take for the phenomenon to open after it arrives?”

He looked at nie ling, doubt flashing in his eyes. He knew almost nothing about the Tiandao sect. On the contrary, it was Nie Ling, who had the support of her clan, who knew so much.

Nie Ling revealed a faint smile when she heard Su Yi’s question.

“According to the records of our Nie clan over the past few hundred years, the Tiandao sect will arrive at the center of the Central Plains three days after the phenomenon starts.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yi nodded slightly. Three days was still fine, but it would only take one day at most to travel from their Horizon City to the center of Central Plains.

Hence, there was still time. With this thought in mind, his gaze was gradually lost in thought as he looked at the setting sun outside the window.

At this moment, the rays of the setting sun shone on Su Yi’s well-defined face.

There was a faint sense of determination on his handsome face. He looked in the direction of the setting sun, and no one knew what he was thinking.

At this moment, Nie Ling’s gaze was as gentle as water. However, she seemed to have thought of something, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

Under the light of the setting sun, it did not seem to be any different.

“When are we heading to Central Plains City?” Su Yi, who had been staring at the setting sun, suddenly asked.

Nie Ling’s pretty face seemed to tense up when she heard this. Then, she said with a somewhat erratic gaze, “tomorrow, we’ll set off tomorrow.”

“Alright. I’ll tidy up tonight. Tomorrow morning, you can look for me to set off.”

He replied with a nod. Then, he got up and left the branch’s attic, heading towards his own residence.

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