Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Travel, Pack Up, Map of the Far East

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Very quickly, the ‘accept’ option on the screen constructed by the spiritual light became the ‘give up’ option. This meant that Su Yi had already accepted this mission.

Looking at the mission that he had already accepted, Su Yi felt a little emotional. Even with this mission, even if he completed all of them, the points were still far from enough.

He looked at the other missions. There were only a few dozen or 20 points rewards scattered around. Fortunately, they were all relatively simple. No matter how small the missions were, they were still valuable.

Then, with a wave of his finger, he accepted the remaining missions and they all appeared on the mission panel in his mind.

After all, the immortal transformation medallion could accept unlimited missions, which was extremely convenient.

If a cultivator from the great desolate region had chosen the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect with him, he would probably be crying to death right now because there were no more missions related to the great desolate region in the sect’s mission system.

In other words, all the missions from the great desolate region had been accepted by Su Yi alone.

No one would have thought that the immortal transformation medallion would be so terrifying.

After accepting the missions, he scanned the missions from the other great desolate regions again. He did not find any other missions with high points. It seemed that the missions with high points had been accepted by someone long ago.

Only he, a cultivator from the great desolate region, had chosen the Rosy Alchemy Immortal sect.

With this in mind, he wanted to leave the foundation establishment mission hall.

It was as convenient as the contribution hall. With just a slight movement of his consciousness, a notification popped up.

[Notification: Do you wish to leave the foundation establishment mission hall?]

Without much hesitation, he directly chose yes. Immediately, the scene in his eyes changed. His illusory body once again transformed into a streak of white light and disappeared into the mission hall.

In addition, to him, it was like a slide show. He did not feel any discomfort. At this moment, he had already returned to the square between the immortal martial hall and the contribution hall.

At this moment, the illusory figures of the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect cultivators in the square were becoming fewer and fewer. Most likely, they had gone to complete a mission.

Su Yi’s gaze once again looked at the contribution hall and the immortal martial hall before he chose to leave the Unending Illusionary Realm.

[Hint: You have left the Unending Illusionary Realm]

The scene changed and he who was lying on the cushion in the cultivation room suddenly opened his eyes. His consciousness returned to his body and he propped himself up.

A flash of inspiration appeared in his eyes because the mission panel was displayed in his mind. In other words, everything in the unending realm was real.

He sank his consciousness into his mind and focused his attention on the immortal transformation medallion that was emitting a faint immortal light. Another notification popped up.

[Hint: Do you want to enter the Unending Illusionary Realm?]

However, he did not choose to enter this time. Instead, he chose not to. He just wanted to confirm if he could enter it again. Now, it seemed that there was no problem.

Following that, he looked at the missions he had accepted. Among them, the one with the most points was also the one with unknown dangers. It was the mission to explore the ancient sword tomb.

Therefore, his next goal was probably to focus on this mission and complete it.

The other missions were scattered and not too complicated. Perhaps he could complete quite a few on the way.

However, how was he going to get to Qinwang Ridge?

This was the first time Su Yi had heard the name of this place. Of course, he couldn’t be blamed for this.

Compared to the Great Wilderness, everyone in Zhongzhou City knew that Qinwang Ridge was located in a relatively remote small city called Qinyang City.

Since he had no clue about this, he could only ask for help from others.

Central Plains City, Nie family mansion.

In a luxurious mansion, Su Yi was sitting in a pavilion, quietly sipping his tea as if he was waiting for someone.

Just as he was staring at the Nie family’s courtyard in a daze, a beautiful figure walked into his line of sight.

He saw that beautiful figure with a joyful smile. She moved with light steps, bringing with her waves of fragrance. If it was not Nie Ling, who else could it be?

Nie Ling walked in front of Su Yi and gently sat down. After which, she apologetically said.

“I’m sorry, fellow Daoist Su. There are some matters that need to be arranged at home. I hope that you can forgive me for being a little late.”

He gently placed the teacup in his hand down after hearing this. After which, he waved his hand and laughed. “It’s alright. As the eldest miss of the Nie family, how can you be so carefree when I have nothing to do?”

Nie Ling gently smiled when she heard this. She gently poured a cup of tea for herself with her jade-like hand. After which, she gently sipped it and asked in an indifferent manner, “fellow Daoist Su, may I know why you are looking for me? Is there anything that you need our Nie family’s help for?”

“Oh, it’s not a big matter. I just wish to seek a map to Qinwang Ridge.” After hearing Nie Ling’s question, he scratched his head and said somewhat embarrassedly.

In the end, he was a bit exaggerated. He just needed a map, and he actually came all the way to the Nie Ling’s house. Anyone would think that there was something big going on.

As expected, after hearing Su Yi’s words, Nie ling was slightly startled, but she did not show any dissatisfaction. She still had that gentle smile. She covered her mouth with her hand and sniggered.

“It’s my fortune that fellow Daoist Su thought of coming to my place, so you don’t have to take it to heart. Xiao Cui, come here for a moment. Go and get a map for high official Su to Qinyang City.”

As she spoke, Nie Ling asked a nearby maid to go and get a map for Su Yi. Afterward, Nie Ling looked at Su Yi. The gentle expression on her face did not change as she curiously asked, “I wonder what fellow Daoist Su is going to Qinwang Ridge for?”

Upon hearing this, Su Yi turned his head and looked at Nie Ling. She was also a Heaven’s Favourite who had obtained the spirit transformation token. She should also know about the matter regarding the Unending Illusionary Realm, so he did not hide anything.

He said, “it’s a mission from the immortal sect. There are some things that I need to do there.”

“So that’s how it is.” She nodded lightly. She had heard a lot about the immortal sect’s missions. In the past few days, she had also completed some of the missions for the next batch of disciples from her immortal sect.

However, the empty realm created by the Spirit Control Immortal Sect was called the immortal spirit realm. It was completely different from the unending realm that Su Yi was in.

Regarding this, she merely agreed and did not ask any further. If she continued to ask, it would be probing into people’s privacy. This was not like Nie Ling’s style.

Even in front of her, it was the person who made her heart palpitate. The two of them avoided this topic and chatted for a while before the maid from before returned.

They saw a maid taking small steps into the pavilion.

“Miss, consecrator Su, the map has been brought,” she lightly bowed to Su Yi and Nie Ling and said softly.

Nie Ling nodded and said. “Put it on the table.”

The maid carefully placed the map on the table and then left the pavilion with small steps.

Nie Ling picked up the scroll-like map and looked at Su Yi.

“Fellow Daoist Su, this is the map to Qinyang City.”