Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Accept All the Missions of the Great Desolate Region

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With a faint reply, Su Yi’s figure disappeared from the array. Compared to being teleported to the so-called foundation establishment mission pavilion, he was much more powerful.

Soon, Su Yi arrived at a dark place.

He observed his surroundings and found that he was on a circular platform. This platform was only two meters wide. to a cultivator, two meters was no different.

Around this two-meter platform, it was as dark as an abyss. Since there was no other place to go, Su Yi naturally would not jump into the abyss of the platform.

However, soon, the circle around the platform suddenly lit up with the fluorescence of spirit stones. At the same time, a screen made of spirit light appeared in front of everyone.

At this moment, an emotionless immortal’s voice reverberated in this space.

“This is the foundation establishment mission pavilion. No matter where you are in the lower realm, the mission pavilion will always give you a mission with the corresponding strength. Each time, you are only allowed to accept one mission.”

Hearing this, Su Yi nodded and then looked at the screen constructed from spirit light.

One by one, the missions were arranged like a list.

At the back of each mission list were the words ‘accept’. Moreover, there were so many missions, and the complexity of them gave Su Yi a headache.

[Mission: Catch a three-horned deer in the boundless territory. Note: Alive. Reward points: 10 points]
[Mission: Kill 1000 foundation establishment realm beasts in the boundless territory. Reward Points: 50 points]

[Mission: Catch 3,333 fish in the endless sea region. Reward points: 100]
[Mission: Kill foundation establishment realm demon king x5 in the endless sea region. Reward points: 150]

[Mission: Collect 2,233 herbs in the Tianluo region. Reward points: 100]
[Mission: Kill a foundation establishment realm demon king x 1 in the Tianluo region. Reward points: 30]

After a series of missions, Su Yi was dumbfounded. There were many, many missions, and they involved a wide range of regions.

Apart from the endless sea region, he had never heard of the names of the other regions. Could it be that he had to accept these missions?

However, he was able to see that even so, these missions were being updated rapidly. Most likely, they had been accepted by his fellow disciples.

However, after looking for a long time, he still could not see any missions related to the great desolate region. Could it be that they wanted him to accept missions from other large regions and complete them in other large regions?

Not to mention whether there would be a problem with time after accepting the missions, he did not even know how to go to these places.

Moreover, these reward points, it was so low… Regarding this, Su Yi sighed inwardly.

As expected… He took a deep breath and said helplessly, “it would be great if I could search for the great desolate region’s mission.”

As far as he knew, he was the only one in the great desolate region who had chosen the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect. In other words, he could accept the immortal sect’s mission by himself, and he would be the only one to complete it.

Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking, an immortal voice sounded out. At the same time, the screen constructed by the spirit light changed.

“Begin searching for missions related to the great desolate region of the lower realm.”

When this immortal voice sounded, he almost burst into tears. Really, this array formation was so considerate.

On the screen created by the spirit light, a few streams of spirit energy gathered into a circle. It only took an instant for a row of missions to appear.

At this time, the immortal transformation medallion in his mind also moved. A notification sounded in his mind.

[Hint: You have the immortal transformation medallion. There is no limit to the number of missions you can accept.]


For this reason, Su Yi almost jumped up in surprise. As expected, the immortal transformation medallion was really a great thing. Not only was it 50% off in the contribution hall, but it was also unlimited in the immortal martial hall.

He just did not know how often missions in the immortal martial hall were refreshed.

The effect of the immortal transformation token made him excited for a long time. When the hot-blooded feeling gradually calmed down, he looked at the list of missions that had been refreshed, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

[Mission, kill demon king: Great desolate region, kill foundation establishment demon king x 5, reward points x150]

There was nothing much to say, so he lightly tapped his finger and accepted.

[Hint: you have accepted the immortal sect’s foundation establishment realm mission, kill the demon king.]

As the sound of the hint fell, at the back of the mission list, the ‘Accept’ option became the ‘Give up’ option.

Then, he looked at the next mission.

[Mission, gather medicinal herbs: Gather 1,086 medicinal herbs in the great desolate region. Note: Note limited to any species, reward points x100]

Accept! With a light tap of his finger, another mission appeared on Su Yi’s body. It had to be said that the immortal transformation medallion had brought him great convenience.

Searching for foundation establishment demon kings and collecting medicinal herbs in the great wilderness region went hand in hand. There was simply no conflict at all.

Moreover, there was no restriction on the type of medicinal herbs he could collect. He might even be able to find a large number of medicinal herbs in the demon king’s nest and conveniently complete it.

Looking at the third mission, Su Yi frowned slightly when he saw this mission. It was not that this mission was difficult, nor was it that it was very complicated.

It was just that the points given by this mission were a little too much, so much that it was somewhat abnormal.

[Mission, explore the ancient sword tomb: There is an ancient sword tomb in the Qinwang Ridge in the far east of the great desolate region. Find it and explore it. Reward points: 500-1500]

Looking at this quest, he slowly fell into deep thought. It was obvious that this was a quest to explore a secret realm, but the reward points were a bit exaggerated.

The highest reward was 1500 points. It could be imagined that the dangers of this quest were quite great.

Compared to the previous quests, this kind of challenging quest would give so many points. This was not only to cultivate the person who accepted the mission but also to train them.

One had to know that danger lurked everywhere on the immortal path. Therefore, cultivators had to temper themselves at all times.

Moreover, there was also the temptation of points. One had to know that the celestial-grade mental cultivation technique, Five Elements Heaven Vein Mantra, was still there waiting for him to claim it. After all, the lower realm was so big, and there was a possibility that other cultivators would also obtain the immortal transformation medallion.

Su Yi looked at the mission and slightly focused his gaze. He made up his mind. If he did not enter the tiger’s den, how could he obtain the tiger’s cub? He will accept this mission!

After making up his mind, his finger chose to accept the mission without hesitation.

[Hint: You have successfully accepted the mission from the immortal sect, explore the ancient sword tomb.]