Chapter 136: The Five Elements Heaven Vein Mantra, Immortal Martial Hall

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Among these ‘ordinary’ techniques, there was an extremely eye-catching exchange item.

A faint immortal light surrounded the item, not for anything else, but for one of the words.


That’s right, it was a celestial-grade mental cultivation technique!!

His gaze was fixed on the celestial-grade technique, and his finger could not help but lightly tap on it. Immediately, an immortal voice slowly sounded in his ear.

“The five elements are mutually reinforcing, yet they also counter each other. It is the origin of all things. All things use the five elements as their foundation, turning into yin and yang qi, cultivating the righteous fruit into a spirit.”

The immortal voice that sounded like the sound of the Great Dao reverberated in Su Yi’s mind, causing his expression to be slightly stunned. At the same time, a panel popped up.

The celestial-grade technique’s name, description, and the required exchange points appeared.

[Mental cultivation method: Five Elements Heaven Vein Mantra (celestial-grade)]
[Description: A cultivation method created by an ancient immortal lord of five elements. It can borrow the power of five elements to open the five elements heaven vein and form the five elements Great Dao golden alchemy. There are a total of five levels.]
[Points: Exchange with 10,000 points]


Su Yi inhaled sharply again. What surprised him was not the effect of the mental cultivation method. Without the exchange, he could not see the attributes.

What surprised him was the points needed to exchange for it.

10,000!! A whole 10,000 points!!

It should be known that even if other spells were only Dao-grade, they did not exceed 2,000. Should it be said that the power of this cultivation method was because of its grade?

10,000 points, no matter from which aspect, it could reflect the terrifying power of this cultivation method.

But fortunately, he had the immortal transformation medallion, and the exchange points were always as high as 10,000. If it was reduced by 50%, it would be 5,000.

This was a very huge amount of points, and he did not know what kind of form those points would take.

Ever since he saw this celestial-grade mental cultivation method, he was not that interested in other Dao-grade mental cultivation methods.

The temptation of the celestial-grade was too great. Anyone here would want to exchange for that celestial-grade cultivation method.

Howver, now, he really did not have a single point on him.

There was a point display at the bottom right of the exchange panel, and the current display was zero. There was not even a single point.

Seeing this, he could only take a slight breath and close the points exchange panel.

Although the contribution hall was very tempting, it still relied on points to exchange for it. Without points, it was useless to just look at it.

He looked at the foundation establishment realm’s points hall. From time to time, there would be cultivators coming in to exchange for things, but they were all silent and did not talk to each other.

Seeing this, he did not plan to stay any longer and prepared to leave the contribution hall.

And the method to leave the contribution hall was very simple. He just needed to slightly move his consciousness.

Su Yi’s consciousness thought for a moment, and a voice prompt popped out.

[Notification: Do you wish to leave the contribution hall?

Without any points, he did not hesitate and chose the ‘Yes’ option.

Instantly, a ray of multicolored light enveloped his body, and the light of an array rose from under his feet, drowning his illusory figure.

Su Yi’s figure also dissipated within the multicolored light of the array, and his figure also disappeared within the foundation establishment realm’s points hall.

After Su Yi left, a wave of spatial fluctuations could be seen.

That white squirrel appeared once again. Ah, no, it should be the noble snow spirit origin ascending beast.

It could be seen fixedly looking at the place where Su Yi disappeared. Its mouth, which had two large snow-white front teeth, moved slightly.

Following that, a faint mumbling voice could be heard.

“The holder of the immortal transformation medallion, Huh? Interesting.”

After saying this, its figure disappeared again, as if it had never appeared.

Outside the contribution hall, there was a huge square between the Immortal Martial Hall and the contribution hall.

From time to time, the illusory figures of cultivators would appear from space, but it did not cause a feeling of crowding. After all, in this unending land, these cultivators had come here through the projection of their consciousness.

They did not collide with each other in size, which was quite convenient.

At this time, a ray of multicolored light appeared, and at the same time, a cultivator with an abnormally long and perfect physique appeared in the square.

If this figure was not Su Yi who had just exited the contribution hall, who was it?

Just as his figure stabilized in the square, he headed towards the immortal martial hall that was opposite in the distance.

From afar, although he could see the entire immortal martial hall, he could not sense its grandeur.

Right now, he was facing the entrance of the Immortal Martial Hall. He could also see its grandeur in full display.

In front of the entrance of the immortal martial hall, there were more than ten platforms. On both sides of the entrance, there were several immortal pillars supporting the entrance.

These immortal pillars were all carved with lifelike five-clawed golden dragons, golden-feathered phoenixes, and so on.

If someone were to stare at these carved dragons and phoenixes for a long period of time, the entwining of the dragons and phoenixes would cause that person to have a faint misconception, as if there were the cries of dragons and phoenixes ringing out.

At the same time, there was naturally no lack of plaques on the main gate of the grand hall.

On the top of the tall and large door, there was a frame made of an unknown immortal gold, emitting waves of Dao charm. Within it, there were words that seemed to have been carved with supreme might.

Immortal martial hall! This was an extremely domineering name.

Very quickly, Su Yi also arrived at the main entrance of this immortal martial hall. He slowly walked up a flight of stairs. His gaze merely glanced at the hanging plaque, and his heart was already shocked.

He could sense a supreme killing intent from the three words on the signboard, giving the immortal martial hall a solemn and dignified feeling.

After calming his mind, he turned his gaze towards the entrance and stepped in as well.

[Hint: You have entered the immortal martial hall]

A hint jumped out from the immortal destiny seal in his mind. This time, his vision did not go black, and he was not teleported anywhere.

In the immortal martial hall, everything was clear in his eyes.

In the grand hall, there were several extremely profound formations. Within these formations, numerous phantoms appeared like a list of missions.

Of course, he was allowed to check Su Yi’s cultivation from the moment he entered.

Among these profound arrays, he could only see the contents of one array clearly. The others all had signs that looked like locks.

Regarding this, Su Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry. So the immortal sect was already able to utilize array formations to the point of perfection?

The feeling that the immortal martial hall gave him was like a system mechanism. and Su Yi did not see any wondrous creatures guiding him here.

He could only shake his head helplessly and walked toward an array formation that he could understand.

Just as he stepped into the array formation, a notification popped up.

[Notification: Do you wish to enter the foundation establishment mission pavilion?]