Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Points System, Celestial-Grade Cultivation Method

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As soon as he stepped into the contribution hall, Su Yi entered a space. He was standing on a mysterious formation, surrounded by darkness.

Just as he was about to do something, a panel popped up in his eyes, accompanied by a few notes.

[Hint: Checking cultivation, foundation establishment realm]
[Hint: Heading to the foundation establishment realm points hall]

After the two notifications, Su Yi’s vision went black and he lost consciousness. However, he soon opened his eyes again.

However, after opening his eyes, he was not in that mysterious space. Instead, he came to the interior of a magnificent hall.

[Hint: You have arrived at the contribution hall’s foundation establishment realm points hall.]

With a glance, he discovered that there were several cultivators in this hall. Some of their fingers were lightly touching the air, while others were gliding through the air as if they were looking at something.

Suddenly, an eccentric voice appeared in Su Yi’s ears.

“Yah yah yah, let me see. This is a new face, right?”

He looked towards the strange voice, and he saw… a small squirrel?

In his eyes, a snow-white squirrel was floating in the air, then slowly floating in the hall.

The other cultivators seemed to be used to this. They did not raise their heads, their fingers still moving slightly.

Seeing this, Su Yi was a bit annoyed. In this day and age, even squirrels had turned into spirits? Also, it could speak human language?

This snow-white squirrel blinked its big curious eyes, and its gaze was not simple as it looked at Su Yi. If it knew what Su Yi was thinking right now, it would definitely curse loudly.

You are the squirrel, your whole family is squirrels. It is the noblest snow spirit origin rising beast. If it falls into Su Yi’s mind, then I will become a squirrel.

Although Su Yi was complaining in his heart, he still had to respond. After all, he was here to understand the situation and not to find trouble.

“Yes, may I ask what is the purpose of this place?”

In his opinion, since this squirrel could speak human language, it should be able to understand what he was saying.

Sure enough, just as Su Yi finished speaking, the squirrel replied immediately, “this is the foundation establishment realm’s main hall of points. Here, you can use your points to exchange for…”

“Wait, you didn’t just enter the Unending Illusionary Realm today, right?”

The snow-white squirrel tilted its head and asked. With its appearance and this action, it was extremely adorable.

Moreover, this squirrel’s voice was extremely light and agile. It was the kind with spirituality that made people feel comfortable.

When Su Yi heard this, he nodded. He had indeed just entered the Unending Illusionary Realm today.

However, when he nodded, the snow-white squirrel seemed to be deep in thought. Its small head lowered slightly, and its pair of large, agile eyes pounced on the spirit.

It seemed to be thinking for a moment, and its nonexistent brows furrowed. Its small face and gaze were filled with puzzlement.

“That shouldn’t be. It should have been activated two days ago? Could it be that he…”

It looked at Su Yi and continuously swept its gaze over him. An impossible thought slowly surfaced in its heart.

“Could it be that he really is…”

This caused Su Yi to be stunned. Why had this song squirrel stopped speaking? Just as he was about to ask, the snow-white squirrel waved its claws and muttered, “forget it, I don’t care.”

It looked at Su Yi and said indifferently, “if this is your first time here, I’ll explain to you the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect’s system in the Unending Illusionary Realm.”

Hearing this, Su Yi nodded. His expression became serious as he began to listen attentively.

“The Unending Illusionary Realm our Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect is divided into the immortal martial hall and the contribution hall.”

“The immortal martial hall is where you receive points from missions, and the contribution hall is where you use points.”

“In the contribution hall, there are also points halls for foundation establishment, core formation, nascent soul, and so on.”

“Each realm’s points hall has cultivation techniques and so on that are suitable for the realm. These are all things that need points to exchange for.”

“Every time you come to the realm’s points hall in the contribution hall, you can call out the points exchange panel to see what points can be exchanged for.”

“As for how to obtain points, you will know when you go to the immortal martial hall. I won’t explain too much here.”

“Since I said so, you should understand, right?”

The snow-white squirrel floated in front of Su Yi’s eyes. Its two claws hugged its chest, and its big furry tail was elegantly placed behind it.

Hearing this, Su Yi nodded. He was not an idiot, so he naturally understood at this moment.

Seeing this, the snow-white squirrel did not say anything more. It only existed to exchange some points with these newcomers, not for it to chat with these next generation cultivators.

With a turn of its body, it directly disappeared into the foundation establishment realm’s points hall.

Seeing the squirrel disappear, Su Yi also had a thought and opened his own panel.

As expected, there was an additional option on the panel.

[Immortal sect’s Unending Illusionary Realm contribution hall]

With a light tap of his finger, a list of options appeared in his eyes.

At the same time, when he opened the points exchange panel, the sound of a notification sounded in his ear again.

[Hint: You have the immortal transformation medallion, all items exchange points reduced by 50%, opening special points exchange]

However, Su Yi did not notice this hint. In other words, he was completely attracted by the items above the points exchange.

Dao-grade. They were all Dao-grade cultivation techniques!!

With a glance, he saw that the entire list was filled with mental cultivation techniques and spells. However, without exception, they were all Dao-grade.

This extremely rare Dao-grade cultivation technique was displayed in this hall of points like a street market.

Seeing this, Su Yi’s breathing quickened, and a huge wave rose up in his heart. Was this the foundation of an immortal sect?

This was the foundation of an immortal sect!!

It was too terrifying. Dao-grade cultivation techniques were almost non-existent in the grand desolate region. However, in this immortal sect’s contribution hall, it was like the lowest grade cultivation technique.

[Mental cultivation technique: Breath refinement body, Dao-grade, exchange for 2,000 points]
[Spell: Thousand Layered Spirit Saber Technique, Dao-grade, exchange for 400 points]
[Spell: White Tiger Vajra Breakthrough, Dao-grade, exchange for 1,000 points]

Other than Dao-grade cultivation methods, there were also many spiritual treasures that could be exchanged. No wonder even a pig could fly after joining the immortal sect.

The points needed to exchange for treasures were much cheaper compared to magic techniques.

Su Yi, whose mind was shaken, finally recovered. He realized that the points needed to exchange for these spells and cultivation techniques could be said to be quite a lot.

Fortunately, when he had immortal transformation medallion, he only needed to spend half of his points. In other words, he could buy these things at half price.

“Oh right, what is the situation of the special exchange?”

His gaze scanned the list. Suddenly, his gaze was completely attracted by an item that was flickering with a white light.


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