Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Immortal Martial Hall, Contribution Hall

“Hahaha, I knew you were new. Come, let’s go to the side. I’ll explain it to you properly.”

As the cultivator spoke, his arm was about to wrap around Su Yi’s shoulder, but it was empty.

His illusory arm went straight through Su Yi’s illusory body, leaving Su Yi dumbfounded.

“Cough, don’t mind the details. My name is Qiao Feng, and all the cultivators on our side call me crazy.”

Qiao Feng seemed a little embarrassed, but he quickly introduced himself in an attempt to cover up the awkwardness. Who knew that such an introduction would make it even more awkward.

Hearing this, the corners of Su Yi’s mouth twitched slightly, and he thought to himself, this Qiao Feng is indeed quite crazy. He has the appearance of an elegant young master, yet he has such an exaggerated voice and such a strange personality.

It’s true to say that he’s crazy, but fortunately, he’s only crazy, and not insane…

“Then, fellow Daoist Qiao, can you explain to me what’s going on here? I’ve just arrived here, so I’m not too clear about the situation.”

He slightly cupped his fists at Qiao Feng again. Right now, he really did not know anything, and urgently needed a person who was familiar with this place to introduce him.

And Su Yi’s attitude seemed to make Qiao Feng feel a little uncomfortable. He waved his hand and said, “fellow Daoist Su, there’s no need for such formalities. Naturally, you’re new here. Since I’ve met you, I’ll naturally explain it to you.”

Hearing this, Su Yi nodded and kept his cupped hands. His gaze looked towards Qiao Feng and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up as he said with a faint smile, “then I’ll have to trouble fellow Daoist Qiao to explain.”

“Okay.” Qiao Feng responded with a deep voice and began to explain the situation.

“This place is called the unending realm. It is a place that only geniuses who have obtained the spirit transformation token can enter. The Immortal sect that we are in is also called the Danxia Immortal sect.”

“Therefore, the cultivators who are able to come here are more or less able to refine pills.”

“This unending illusionary realm is a cultivation place created by the upper realm immortal sect for us new disciples.”

As he said this, Qiao Feng pointed at a place. In the distance, he saw a grand and magnificent hall towering high up. At a glance, he could not see all of it.

One could imagine the grandeur of this hall.

“Over there is the immortal martial hall, and over here is the contribution hall.”

As Qiao Feng spoke, he pointed in the opposite direction. A huge tower-like tower shot straight up into the sky. It was so tall that one couldn’t see the end of the tower.

The huge tower was surrounded by clouds and mist. Golden immortal light was constantly revolving around it, carrying a faint charm.

Apart from that, Su Yi also saw all kinds of cultivators coming in and out of two places, as if they were doing something.

“Fellow Daoist Qiao, what does this contribution hall do?”

He pointed at the nearby huge tower and asked in puzzlement, although after listening to Qiao Feng’s explanation, he knew that this Unending Illusionary Realm was a place opened by the upper realm’s immortal sects in the spirit transformation token to nurture the next generation of disciples.

However, how was this to be nurtured?

As Su Yi raised his question, Qiao Feng’s gaze looked towards the contribution hall. There was some desire in his eyes, and then he said faintly.

“It’s so boring just listening to me. Therefore, fellow Daoist Su, it’s better to see it than to hear it. Follow me.”

After saying this, his illusory figure dashed far away and rushed towards the contribution hall at an extremely fast speed.

Seeing this, Su Yi also followed. Even though he was currently in his consciousness state, he was still able to easily catch up to Qiao Feng without circulating his vital essence.

At this moment, Qiao Feng saw from the corner of his eye that Su Yi was able to easily catch up to him. A surprised expression flashed across his eyes, but his face did not reveal anything.

The two illusory figures moved quickly one after the other. In any case, they were both illusory figures, so they were not afraid of bumping into people.

However, even so, it still caused waves of restlessness.

“F*ck, who is it? It’s not ethical, is it? Why is he rushing around?”

“Do you even need to say that? It must be that madman. Who else would be running around here?”

A familiar cultivator looked at the leading figure and said helplessly.

“Eh? Is there someone following behind him? Why is he acting like that madman?”

“Tsk, he must have taken advantage of our lack of attention to abduct a new person.”

Su Yi’s face turned black. He did not expect this madman to be so famous. According to what he said, all the cultivators here belonged to the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect, and he was the only one from the great desolate region who chose to enter the Rosy Alchemy Immortal Sect.

In other words, these cultivators were from other great desolate regions?

Suddenly, Su Yi was stopped by a voice. He saw a similarly tall and slender illusory figure look at him and shout loudly.

“Hey! New junior brother, it’s better for you to keep your distance from that madman. Otherwise, you won’t even know when you’ve been led astray by him.”

Hearing this, Su Yi also stopped and returned a faint smile, responding to the other party’s good intentions.

Who knew that Qiao Feng, who was in front, also stopped. After that, he looked at the cultivator who stopped Su Yi and said unhappily, “Yuwen Huaji. I, Qiao Feng, might be a little crazy. However, I am not crazy enough to lead people astray, am I? Moreover, we are all fellow disciples of the same immortal sect. When have I ever tricked you? Just you wait. After leaving the Unending Illusionary Realm, I will come and spar with you.”

The cultivator who had called out to Su Yi had a somewhat delicate and pretty appearance. His face also had a handsome expression. His expression directly darkened after hearing Qiao Feng’s words.

It seemed that they both belonged to the same large region, and they might be quite close to each other.

“Humph, new junior brother, I can only say so much. If he wants to take you somewhere, it’s best to think twice.”

“Damn, Yuwen Huaji, come here. Where else can I take fellow Daoist Su in the Unending Illusionary Realm? Just you wait! I’ll go to your home immediately!”

Qiao Feng seemed to have been provoked. He was clamoring to leave the Unending Illusionary Realm and head to Yu Wenji’s home.

After speaking, Qiao Feng looked at Su Yi and spoke in a deep voice, “fellow Daoist Su, the contribution hall is in front. There will be a Dao sound notification after entering. At that time, you will understand everything. There is also the immortal martial hall over there. You should also make a trip there. I am in a hurry to kill this fellow. I will be leaving first!”

His words were like a barrage of bullets. After which, his illusory figure flashed and disappeared from the Unending Illusionary Realm.

Yuwen Huaji had a trace of panic flashed across his eyes. His black face also flickered as he left the Unending Illusionary Realm.

“Ah, these two are still the same. They can’t seem to stop fighting,” someone said faintly. His figure also disappeared and left the Unending Illusionary Realm.

At this moment, Su Yi had arrived at the main door of the contribution hall. He saw that the door was opened.

The two ancient doors emitted an ancient aura. At the same time, there was a faint layer of light on the door. There were mysterious patterns flashing faintly on it. It should be something similar to a barrier.

Seeing this, Su Yi lifted his foot and stepped into the contribution hall.

[Hint: you have entered the Rosy Alchemy contribution hall.]

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