Chapter 133: The Immortal Transformation Medallion Changes, Mysterious Space

With the sound of a reminder, the immortal transformation medallion in his mind changed. Streaks of multicolored light were emitted from the small medallion.

At the same time, a cold aura flowed out in his mind. Immediately, he felt his consciousness become clear, and the light in his eyes became much more lively.

Sensing the change in the immortal transformation medallion, Su Yi sent his consciousness into his mind to visualize it. He found that at some point in time, the thing that was like a cooling strip on the immortal transformation medallion had disappeared.

The immortal transformation medallion was now as dazzling and supreme as when it first appeared in the Tiandao sect competition.

“So that cooling strip is the so-called fusion?” He was immersed in his own mind as he muttered.

However, it did not matter now. He wanted to see what the unending state looked like.

His attention was once again focused on the immortal transformation medallion, and a hint appeared again.

[Hint: do you want to enter the Unending Illusionary Realm?]


This time, he did not hesitate. After all, it was the medallion, and it would not harm him. Moreover, the token was now fused with him, so to Su Yi, the medallion should be reliable.

As soon as he said yes, he felt a terrifying suction force from the medallion, sucking his consciousness in.

Su Yi felt the world spin around him, and his body, which was sitting cross-legged in the cultivation room, fell down on the blanket.

Su Yi’s consciousness came back to him, but he did not know where he was.

There was a long stone corridor under his feet, as if it was guiding him to somewhere. At first glance, he was surrounded by palaces floating in the air, which looked very majestic.

“Where is this?”

As he spoke, a notification popped up on his interface.

[Notification: You have arrived at the Unending Illusionary Realm]

He looked around and then at himself. He realized that he was in an illusory state. In other words, his consciousness had arrived here.

“This is the Unending Illusionary Realm in the immortal transformation medallion?”

He curiously walked up and slowly walked along the stone road under his feet. There was no movement at all. It was as if it was a quiet space without a trace of life.

As he slowly walked, a magical thing happened. This place was like a block. When Su Yi walked out of this block and came to a block, that block’s object would appear.

At this time, Su Yi just walked out of the block he was previously in. In his eyes, some palace-like buildings suddenly rose up from the stone path. They were magnificent, mysterious, and filled with immortal light.

Everything seemed to be illusory, and it was hard to tell if it was real or fake.

At this time, a stream of flame light floated over from afar, and the direction of the target was in the direction of Su Yi.

Seeing this stream of flame light, Su Yi could not help but become vigilant. Although it was only his consciousness that came here, it didn’t mean that he could be completely defenseless.

The stream of flame light slowly floated in front of Su Yi’s eyes, and then…

Creak creak…


The stream of flame light turned into something like a flame spirit, dancing in front of Su Yi’s eyes, and even making creaking sounds. This made Su Yi confused, but he quickly understood what the flame spirit meant.

The flame spirit slightly jumped in front of his eyes and then slowly floated in a direction. It seemed to have sensed that Su Yi didn’t move, so the flame spirit made another sound.


“You want me to follow you?”


Hearing this, not only was Su Yi dumbfounded, even his heart was filled with confusion.

Why, why is that fire elf-like thing making a squeaking sound, and I can still understand it?

‘I don’t understand, how can I understand the other party’s meaning?’

With endless fog and confusion, his footsteps were honest as he followed the fire spirit.

Walking on the stone road, he passed by many blocks. The surrounding scenery kept changing, as if he was walking in an endless corridor.

He did not know how long he had followed the little flame sprite for, but it was as if there was no concept of time here.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and he arrived at a place that was not a block. At the same time, in his eyes, he could see human figures walking in the distance.

There was actually someone here!!

Regarding this, Su Yi was even more curious. What exactly was this Unending Illusionary Realm? Not only did it pull his consciousness into this place, there were actually other people in this place.

However, he did not dare to confirm it immediately. After all, he was quite far away. He did not know whether those figures were real or just an illusion.

Soon, with the little flame spirit leading the way, he arrived at a square outside a grand hall.

At this time, Su Yi finally confirmed that those figures were not illusions, but real existences.

However, these human figures were just like him, in an illusory state. In other words, the other party had also come here in the form of consciousness.

Just as Su Yi was thinking about it, the fire elf seemed to have completed its task. It let out a squeak of joy, then turned into a light spot and disappeared into the air.

“Sigh! Don’t go!” Seeing this, he wanted to say something to stop it, but the fire spirit had already disappeared along with the light.

Just when Su Yi had a lot of confusion in his mind and needed to find someone to understand, a deep voice sounded by his ear.

“Hey, kid, you’re new, right?”

He was shocked by the voice that suddenly sounded. Then, he looked over with vigilance. In his eyes, it was the illusory figure of a cultivator.

He saw that this cultivator was slender and wearing a blue robe. He looked like a young master.

However, his voice…

“Don’t panic, don’t panic. Everyone here is in a state of consciousness. They can’t use anything, so there won’t be any danger.”

The voice of the cultivator who looked like a handsome young master was actually very deep, like a middle-aged man’s voice. This was very ridiculous.

If some young girls saw this cultivator and met his eyes, they would definitely run away in fear when they heard his uncle’s voice that sounded like muffled thunder.

This was definitely a scam.

However, this cultivator was telling the truth. He could not feel the presence of true essence here, and he could not use any moves.

Su Yi believed this cultivator’s words, so he cupped his fists at him and asked with a serious expression.

“Brother, I am Su Yi. May I know where this place is?”