Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Heaven-Defying Divine Sky Palm, Flowing Shadows Transformation, Three Pure Flowing Shadow

As his mind trembled, his vision blurred, and his consciousness immediately came to the Nine Heavens.

It was here when he first comprehended the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm, he still remembered the magnificent scene here.

If he remembered correctly, a destructive palm print shattered the Nine Heavens in front of his eyes.


Suddenly, an unreal explosion rang out in his ears.

A terrifying palm imprint condensed in the air, carrying a destructive aura.

Originally, in Su Yi’s view, this palm imprint would smash downwards, shattering the heavens in his eyes once more. However, the palm imprint did not descend just like he had expected.

On the condensed palm imprint, threads of purple destructive lightning started to explode and revolve around the palm imprint.

An even more profound destructive aura was emitted from the 30,000-meter-long palm print.

Even though the distance between them was only virtual and not real, Su Yi could still feel his face hurting from the impact.

The moment he saw the purple lightning arc, he entered a state of comprehension.

The 30,000-meter-long purple destructive lightning arc palm print did not land on the Nine Heavens, as though it was waiting for Su Yi’s comprehension.

“Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm, purple lightning arc, what does this mean…”

At this moment, Su Yi had already slowly closed his eyes. He was carefully sensing the aura that the 10,000-meter-long palm image brought to him.

From the condensation and destruction, he had already integrated them, but he still felt that there was still something missing.

What was missing? His absolute Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm did not have such a profound destructive power.

“Destruction, lightning arc…” his consciousness muttered softly, as if it was a critical moment in his deduction.

The destructive lightning arc palm imprint did not land, as if it was waiting for something.

In this illusion, he suddenly opened his eyes. His pair of resolute and sharp eyes were filled with enlightenment, and there was a look of enlightenment on his face.

The corners of his lips curled up, as he spoke with a hint of joy.

“That’s right, that’s right, what’s missing is the lightning arc, it’s an attribute!!”

He waved his hand, and a terrifying wave of destruction shot out from his palm, as though it was resonating with the 10,000 feet lightning arc.

He raised his hand and swung it towards the sky of the Nine Heavens, and the 10,000 feet palm seemed to have received some sort of command, as it slammed towards the sky of the Nine Heavens.

Boom boom!!

A huge explosion sounded as the sky of Nine Heavens was about to shatter.

In reality, Su Yi opened his eyes. Everything that he had thought of in his mind had turned into bubbles and disappeared.

He raised his hand and took a look. A faint true essence surged. In this place, it was naturally impossible for him to use the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm. Otherwise, he would have destroyed this inn.

He looked at the interface and saw that the attributes of the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm had changed.

[Spell: Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm (Dao-grade)]
[Description: The Divine Sky World’s spell. It is the perfect palm technique of the three most talented immortals in this world. It has the power of the Divine Sky World. It is only one move.]
[Foundation establishment: Consumes 10,000 true essence, causing attack to deal 1000% damage. Additional attribute effect.]


Seeing this, Su Yi inhaled sharply. This terrifying damage bonus, anyone who saw it would be shocked, right?

Moreover, the consumption of true essence was simply terrifying. He had condensed the innate superior pure qi, allowing the consumption of true essence to be reduced by 70%.

With this palm strike, even if it was him, the consumption of true essence would still be difficult to bear.

However, even so, it would still consume a total of 3000 true essence before he could use it. This did not include the fusion of other attributes. If he wanted to fuse other attributes, the consumption would be even more terrifying.

At the same time, this trump card also gave Su Yi terrifying confidence. It was just that he had not tried it yet, so he could not know exactly how terrifying this Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm was.

He would try it again in the future when he had the chance. He did not know which unlucky person would take that palm.


He exhaled and looked at the last 28 true understanding of spells. These things were meant to be used to improve himself, so why would he keep them?

Then, he pulled on his interface and looked at the things that he still needed to improve.

Among them, other than the Footloose Illusionary Body Technique, the other mental cultivation methods had already reached perfection.

Then there were the spells. Tiangang Sword Finger was enough for the time being. Where should he use the last 28 true understanding of spells?

Suddenly, his gaze drifted to the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow. He slapped his thigh, thinking to himself that he had almost forgotten about this.

The Footloose Illusionary Body Technique had already been upgraded to a bottleneck stage. He could not let the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow fall behind.

Thinking up to this point, he clicked on the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow, and an interface popped out.

[Spell: Flowing Light Dragon Shadow (Dao-grade)]
[Description: Unfettered world, a move derived from the unfettered illusionary body and mind art of the Lingxiao sect. There is a total of six forms. It shuttles between the flowing shadows and deals a fatal blow to the enemy. When cultivated to the final form, it can transform into a dragon shadow and destroy the enemy by shattering the space.]
[First form, Flowing Shadow Flash: Consumes 2000 true essence. Lock onto a target in your field of vision. Transform into a shadow flash and instantly flash to the enemy’s side. At the same time, it deals 220% attack damage.]
[Second form, Shadow Splitting Combo: Unlearned]

[Sixth form, Flowing Light Dragon Shadow: Unlearned]
[To learn: Consume true understanding of spells x20. You can learn the second form]

There were a total of six forms, and the second form required exactly 20 true understanding of spells.

Su Yi immediately did not hesitate and consumed the true understanding of spells to learn them.

[Hint: You have consumed spell comprehension x20, successfully learned the second move of the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow, Three Pure Flowing Shadow]

A flash of enlightenment swept through Su Yi’s mind. Unlike the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm, which needed to be deduced, the second form of the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow was directly imprinted in his mind.

[Flowing Light Dragon Shadow second form, Three Pure Flowing Shadow: Consumes 5000 true essence, splits into three shadows, and deals 125% damage]
[Note: Creates two other shadows at the same time. The shadows are controlled by the main body’s will. The main body and the shadows can even swap positions.]

At this time, Su Yi was already somewhat numb from shock. While consuming a huge amount of his wealth, it had undoubtedly brought him a huge increase in power.

As expected, to him, recharging was the fastest way to increase his level.

He did not know how much he would need to spend before VIP3 tier would be unlocked to him.

Having tasted the sweetness, he began to imagine the scene of his consumption rising to VIP3 in the future.

Looking at the brand new interface, Su Yi fell into deep thought and muttered to himself.

“The ones that can be upgraded now have already been upgraded. If I break through, it might take some time. Why don’t I find a place to travel?”

However, he had already been to all four regions of the great desolate Central Plains. Where else could he go now?

Just as he was thinking about where to go to gain experience, the immortal transformation medallion in his mind suddenly fluctuated.

[Hint: the immortal transformation medallion has been fused. Do you want to enter the Unending Illusionary Realm?]


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