Chapter 129: The Effect of the Spirit-Breaking Grass Herb, the Terrifying Effect of Ripening

Opening the spiritual field of the immortal herb again, Su Yi quickly found the planting button.

Then, he gently tapped with his finger. At this time, there was no longer the notification that there were no seeds like last time.

Instead, a panel popped up to let him choose the seeds. However, now, Su Yi only had the seed of the spirit-breaking grass seed in his hand, so he could only choose this.

Without any hesitation, he clicked on the seed of the spirit-breaking grass.

Then, his face froze. That small piece of spiritual field… He could only grow one seed of the spirit-breaking grass.

Immediately, his face turned black. This spiritual field of immortal plants was indeed a gold-swindler. Then, while gritting his teeth, he clicked on the opened panel.

[Hint: do you want to spend 20,000 gold to open the second spiritual field, current spiritual field x1]

Looking at the hint that changed from 10,000 gold coins to 20,000 gold coins, Su Yi’s face turned pale.

His heart was bleeding. If he had expected it, the third spiritual field would become 30,000 gold coins, right?

Sure enough, after he opened up a second spiritual field, the third spiritual field really needed 30,000 gold coins.

“I’ll endure it…”

He muttered in a hateful tone. He endured the pain in his heart and opened up ten spiritual fields consecutively.

Immediately, the amount of money he had lost was as much as 540,000 yuan. It could be said that he had completely lost a lot of money.

Then, with the thought of ‘out of sight, out of mind’, he opened up the planting interface once again.

At this moment, his expression was a little perturbed. He was also praying in his heart, hoping that this spirit field would really bring him some real benefits.

Then, he lightly tapped with his finger, and his finger filled up the ten broken spirit grass seeds. Then, he confirmed that he was going to plant them.

[Hint: You have planted spirit-breaking grass seed x10. Estimated time to fully mature is 10 years.]

As the Dao voice’s hint fell, the 10 seeds disappeared from Su Yi’s immortal destiny seal. Then, in the immortal spiritual field, 10 green seedlings emerged from the 10 opened spiritual fields.

A faint spiritual aura surrounded the seedlings, making them look green.


Seeing this, Su Yi almost jumped up and cursed. Was he really going to be a farmer?

Moreover, the ripening period was 10 years! Oh god, who could afford to wait…

“Oh right, there’s also the spirit watering function!”

Suddenly, he remembered that this spiritual field of immortal plants had the function of spirit watering and accelerating the ripening.

If he remembered correctly, the spirit watering function could accelerate the growth cycle of these spiritual plants.

Thinking of this, Su Yi’s expression eased up. Then, he gently clicked on the spirit watering option on his interface.

A notification also popped up.

[Hint: Free spirit watering once a day. Do you want to use it now?]


Without any hesitation, he directly chose yes. Since he had already reached this stage, he had already spent his money. Whatever he could become, he would give it a try.

Just as he chose yes, in his eyes, the immortal spiritual field had changed.

A faint immortal voice sounded in the immortal spiritual field, like some ethereal spell. In the spiritual field, the originally scattered spiritual energy suddenly turned into a stream of spiritual energy, gathering together to form a torrent.

This spiritual energy torrent rushed onto the spiritual field, and then turned into 10 streams of light that suddenly poured into the 10 spiritual fields he had opened.

Suddenly, in Su Yi’s eyes, the spirit-breaking grass plants that could be seen with the naked eye began to grow.

The spiritual plants suddenly grew taller and then quickly spread their leaves. It was as if time was accelerating, and it was extremely terrifying.

The time it took to water was not very long. In Su Yi’s eyes, it was only a short 10 minutes or so, but the spirit-breaking grass plants under it had already changed greatly.

The spirit-breaking grass grew on the spirit field one by one, full of vitality. The spirit light lingered among them, as if they were waiting to be picked.

After the spirit-watering was over, a notification panel was also sent.

[Notification: The spirit watering is over, the growth period of the spirit plant has been reduced by 30%.]

Seeing this, Su Yi’s eyes flashed with joy. In his eyes, he could already see the attributes of the spirit-breaking grass in the spirit field.

[Name: Spirit-breaking grass]
[Grade: Spirit plant]
[Year: Growth period, mature after 7 years (maturity will be counted)]
[Effect: When refining pills below the soul formation stage, the grade of the pill will be raised by one grade, and the highest grade will be celestial-grade!


Seeing the effect of this spirit-breaking grass, even Su Yi could not help but swear.

The effect of this spirit-breaking grass was too terrifying. It could actually improve the quality of medicinal pills when refining pills.

Moreover, looking at the introduction, it could actually be raised to the celestial-grade at the highest, and it was even a medicinal pill below the soul formation stage…

Su Yi could already imagine how much help this spirit-breaking grass would be for his future pill refinement.

Also, this immortal plant spiritual field. Su Yi’s expression was somewhat guilty. He had been wrong about it all along. It was not some gold swindler, but a gold provider!

Now, he was all smiles and in a great mood.

With the free spirit watering once a day, he could obtain 10 mature spirit-breaking grass herbs in four days.

After seeing the terrifying effect of spirit watering, he looked at the last option with a smile.


That’s right, it was ripening. Although he did not know what kind of changes the ripening would bring to the spirit-breaking grass herb, it was not a bad thing, right?

With this thought in mind, he pressed down on the finger that was hanging above the option.

A Dao sound notification popped out, as if it wanted him to make a choice.

[Hint: Do you want to spend 100,000 yuan to ripen the spirit-breaking grass x10 for 10 to 100 years?]

This time, he looked at the gold coins that had been consumed in the notification and only paused for a moment before choosing yes.

As the money was consumed again, he saw that there was a change in the spiritual field of immortal plants.

A mist that emitted seven-colored rays of light surged from all directions around the spiritual field, covering his eyes. It prevented him from seeing the changes in the spiritual field.

He saw that the mist that emitted seven-colored rays of light had endless vitality, as if it was filled with some absolute mystery.

Besides that, Su Yi could also feel the dense aura of the ancient wilderness from the rainbow-colored fog.

It was as if the rainbow-colored fog came from the ancient wilderness that could not be traced back to its origin. At the same time, in the spiritual field of immortal plants, a drastic change was happening.

As if time had changed, under the cover of the rainbow-colored fog, the broken spirit herb seemed to have changed. It was not shortening the growth period, but directly increasing the age of the spiritual herbs. What a terrifying power!

For the spirit watering, the spirit watering was to pour spiritual energy into the spiritual herbs to shorten the growth period. This ripening actually controlled time.

Of course, Su Yi did not notice the changes that happened in the spiritual field, because in his eyes, it was still the fog that was emitting seven-colored multicolored light that shrouded the spiritual field, preventing people from seeing the scene inside.

However, very soon, the mist slowly dispersed, and a vicissitudes of life smell came from the spirit-breaking grass.