Chapter 128: Spiritual Land of Immortal Plants, Seed of Spiritual Herbs

Upon hearing this notification, Su Yi was stunned for a moment before he became ecstatic.

He did not expect that he had already recharged 500,000 points in the past few months, and his VIP level had even risen to level 2.

As the notification panel popped up, Su Yi’s information panel also changed a lot.

It seemed to have become even more beautiful and mysterious, just like the portrait frame. A faint stream of light occasionally flashed on the dark attribute panel, and he almost did not receive a direct notification that he was the honorable VIP2.

But at the same time, this also made Su Yi curious. When he first unlocked the VIP status, he had just recharged 10,000 points. Now, he had recharged 500,000 points to upgrade to VIP2. How was this calculated?

Of course, these questions were instantly thrown to the back of Su Yi’s mind. He quickly opened the activity module in the panel.

At a glance, the time-limited activity panel was still gray and dark, and under the time-limited activity panel.

There was an eye-catching section.

‘Permanent activities’, spiritual land of immortal plants.

On the immortal spiritual land icon, there was a faint flash of light.

He tapped lightly with his finger, and a prompt immediately jumped out.

[Hint: Do you want to enter the spiritual land of immortal plants?]

He did not choose yes directly. Instead, he put away the panel, opened the door to his room, and then closed it tightly.

In his opinion, this spiritual land of immortal plants was very likely similar to Dao treasure fishing, so he could not be careless.

After making all the preparations, he sat cross-legged on the bed, and then opened the permanent activity again.


He only heard a hum in his mind, and his consciousness sank deep into an unknown place.

When he opened his eyes, he saw an extremely wide black land. Immortal qi lingered on the land, and a faint immortal sound rang in his ears. It was like a fairyland on Earth.

However, unfortunately, this still appeared in Su Yi’s eyes like a phantom.

Now, in his mind, another prompt popped up.

[Hint: do you want to spend 10,000 gold coins to open up a spiritual land?]


Looking at this notification, Su Yi had a bad premonition. Could this spiritual land of immortal plants be a gold-swindler?

He gritted his teeth slightly and clicked yes.

Immediately, another notification popped out.

[Hint: You have spent 10,000 gold coins to open up a spiritual land. Current spiritual land x1]

As the Dao voice’s hint fell, in Su Yi’s eyes, the spiritual land of immortal plants slowly changed.

In the empty realm, immortal qi began to gather on a small piece of land, and then turned into a stream of mist that flowed down.

After a period of time, that small piece of land was successfully opened up.

At the same time, a few more options appeared in Su Yi’s eyes.

[Plant], [water spirit], [ripen], [open]
[Plant: Choose the seeds of the herbs you want to plant and plant them in the spirit land.

[Water spirit: water it once a day for free to shorten the growth cycle of the spirit plant.]
[Ripen: You can use money to ripen the spirit plant. The exact amount depends on the grade of the spirit plant.]

“This, is this really a farm?”

Seeing this, he could not help but be puzzled. With full of curiosity, he tapped on the planting option with his finger.

[Hint: You don’t have any seeds at the moment.]

Su Yi was dumbfounded at that moment. Seeds, where am I going to get seeds?

The medicinal herbs and whatnot from before were all gathered in the wild. He had never seen any seeds, so where was he going to get them?

In fact, Su Yi did not know that in the great desolate region and other lower realms, there were basically no spirit plants, let alone planting them.

Due to the thin spiritual qi, the medicinal herbs they could refine almost had no grade. This also created the affinity for refining pills.

At the middle sky realm, those aristocratic families that studied medicinal herbs gradually began to understand the importance of the grade and grade of the medicinal herbs.

A spirit herb that had been aged was enough to cause a qualitative change in the medicinal pill.

This was no joke. For example, the immortal-patterned Dao-grade foundation establishment pill that Su Yi refined last time. Even without the trace of spirit light from Su Yi’s Time Pill Alchemy Technique, with the thousand-year-old Thunder Bamboo, as long as the pill was formed, it would definitely be of top-grade or even Dao-grade.

Su Yi’s alchemy technique had allowed jo, to come into contact with the celestial-grade level. Only under the pill tribulation did it form the celestial-patterned pill.

Therefore, in the central sky region, there were medicinal ingredients that were even more expensive than medicinal pills.

This also led to the differentiation of the alchemists’ ranks.

Su Yi who had not walked out of the great desolate region naturally did not know. At this moment, he was looking at the spiritual field of immortal plants with a depressed expression.

This kind of feeling of having grapes but not being able to eat it really made one’s heart itch.

Suddenly, an idea flashed through his heart.

That’s right, he still had the VIP gift bag that he had not looked at. Since this resident activity was opened by VIP Level 2, then there should be a corresponding item in the gift bag.

As he said that, Su Yi exited the herbal field and endured the itch in his heart as he opened the gift bag.

As he saw the list of gift bags, there were indeed some new gift bags.

[VIP2 spirit herb seed gift bag: 50,000 yuan. If you buy it, you can get ‘spirit-breaking grass seed’ x10]
[VIP2 skill point gift bag: 100,000 yuan. If you buy it, you can get cultivation points x40,000]
[VIP2 skill point gift bag: 50,000 yuan. If you buy it, you can get ‘immortal spirit gathering technique ‘, true understanding of spells x 100]

His eyes lit up. Although this VIP gift pack was a little expensive, the items inside were extremely worth it.

Seeing the contents of the first gift pack, the corners of Su Yi’s mouth curled up slightly. Sure enough, seeds appeared.

However, what he did not expect was that these ten seeds actually cost as much as 50,000 yuan. Could it be that there was something special about them?

Seeing this, he no longer hesitated. His finger quickly clicked, and he spent 200,000 yuan to buy all of these VIP2 gift bags.

In an instant, the sound of three beautiful notifications rang out.

[Hint: You spent 50,000 yuan to buy the VIP2 spirit herb seed gift bag. You receive spirit-breaking grass seed x 10]
[Hint: You have spent 100,000 to buy the VIP2 skill point gift bag. You have obtained cultivation point x40,000]
[Hint: you have spent 50,000 to buy the VIP2 skill gift pack. You have obtained immortal spirit gathering technique, true understanding of spellsx 100]


He let out a long breath. In just a short moment, he had spent 200,000 yuan.

Following the three notifications, Su Yi felt refreshed both physically and mentally. He looked at the balance in the interface. There was still 17.8 million yuan left.

He could finally feel the feeling of being rich. It was a great feeling.

However, very soon, Su Yi reopened the activity of the spiritual field of immortal plants. He wanted to see what kind of things could be planted.