Chapter 127: Famous in the Central Plains, Close to 10,000 Attributes

A few days after the Tiandao sect competition, in the Central Plains of the great desolate, in the Central Plains City.

In the current Central Plains City, almost every time a cultivator was chatting, a name could be heard.

That was Su Yi.

Compared to the Tiandao sect, Su Yi’s name could be said to have spread throughout the entire central plains of the great desolate.

Who would have thought that the legendary person was not the Hidden Dragon List’s first place Lu Aotian, nor was it Zhao Xuening, who was the second.

Instead, it was an unknown dark horse. Right now, Su Yi’s name was spreading like crazy in Central Plains City.

However, although Su Yi’s fame had risen, there were others who were not happy about it.

Among them was the Sword Pavilion in the southern region of the Central Plains of the great desolate.

In one of the pavilions in the Sword Pavilion, there was a tea table with steaming spiritual tea on it. A slender gray-robed old man was holding a cup of spiritual tea and sipping it carefully.

Suddenly, he frowned slightly, and his immortal destiny seal trembled slightly. Someone had sent him a message.

Then, with a thought, he checked it. However, the more he read the message sent by the immortal destiny seal, the more he frowned.


After Xuan Lingzi read the message, he snorted, and the true essence in his body burst out. His face was filled with anger, and the teacup in his hand was thrown to the ground, shattering it into dozens of pieces.

At this moment, Xuan Lingzi’s wrinkled brows were filled with anger, because it was in the message of the immortal destiny seal.

What was the message?

The junior he had chased to kill back then did not die. It was actually Su Yi, who had won first place in the Tiandao sect competition.

Once, on the Giant Lizard island, Su Yi had even said that if he did not die, he would definitely destroy the Sword Pavilion. At that time, Xuan Lingzi didn’t care.

That was because the other party was just small fry with little ability. Moreover, he did not think that the other party would be alive in the canyon of the Giant Lizard Island.

Who would have thought that he was still alive and had participated in the Tiandao sect competition?

At this moment, Xuan Lingzi felt a deep sense of danger. Su Yi, this enemy, had grown too fast. If he was given some more time, would he really be able to destroy the Sword Pavilion?

No, he absolutely could not let such a thing happen!

Xuan Lingzi’s gaze was fixed on the center of the Central Plains, in the direction of the Central Plains City. His gaze was incomparably cold.

Other than the Sword Pavilion, the Thousand Treasures Pavilion was the same. Lu Qingshan, the head of the Lu family, was also looking at the information reported by his subordinate. His expression was extremely gloomy.

After the incident at the Nie family branch, the Lu family had already lost some of their authority in the Thousand Treasures Pavilion. Now, in the great desolate region, they could no longer use the power of the Thousand Treasures Pavilion to deal with that person called Su Yi.

“Tsk, I hope you can survive until the central sky region!”

At this moment, Su Yi, who was currently staying at a place in Central Plains City, was completely unaware that he had been targeted by his two enemies.

At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged and cultivating. A faint immortal-like spiritual energy was constantly circulating around his body.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and exhaled. At the same time, a notification popped up on his interface.

[Notification: You have consumed a celestial-grade azure origin pill. Your cultivation base has increased by 5000]

He did not stay in the Nie residence at the moment. After all, it was still the Nie residence. Although he had the title of consecrator, his surname was not Nie.

It could also be because of Zhao Xuening’s presence.

Therefore, after the Tiandao sect competition ended, he found a place to stay.

Now, he settled down in a guest room of an inn. This inn was also in the Central Plains City, not too far away from the Nie family.

Zhao Xuening also returned to the Zhao family two days ago.

Now, he seemed to have returned to the way he was when he first entered the immortal path. He was alone and very relaxed.

When he thought of this, he looked at his own panel. It had been a long time since he had looked at his own panel seriously.

With a light wave of his hand, he opened his attribute information panel, and the data on it increased by a lot.

[Cultivator: Su Yi]
[Lifespan: 18/4,156 years]
[Realm: Third layer of the foundation establishment stage (26,541/40,000)]
[Attributes: Strength 9181 +25%, physique 9025 + 30%, inner breath 7831 +15%, comprehension 92 +15%]
[Qi and blood: 90,250(+13%)]
[True essence: 62,648(cost-70%)]
[Attack: 45,910(+10%)]
[Defense: 18,050(damage reduction 5%)]
[Talent: Middle-grade spiritual root]
[Cultivation effect: 106]
[Mental cultivation techniques: Art of longevity (consummation), five elements foundation establishment technique (mastery), Footloose Illusionary Body Technique (level 1/6: initial mastery)]
[Spells: Tiangang Sword Finger (11 moves), Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm (condensing qi), Flowing Light Dragon Shadow (1 form)]
[Special: Time Pill Alchemy Technique (minor accomplishment)]
[Dao treasure: Nine Revolutions Blood Sun Pagoda (level 3/10), Evil-slaying Sword Record]
[Dao treasure: Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade, Taiyuan ancient flag]

After such a long time, his stats had finally reached as much as 9,000. As long as he broke through to the middle stage of Dao foundation establishment, he would be able to break through 10,000.]

After he finished looking at the stats panel, he thought to himself.

During these few months, his Nine Revolutions Blood Sun Pagoda had officially entered the third revolution, and the upper limit of his qi and blood had also increased by 2%.

After a brief sigh, he looked at his immortal’s destiny seal space.

These few days, he had missed a couple of gift packs at the store.

He had more or less stockpiled some of the materials, and they were all in his seal space.

There were still 90 Dao gems. After all, he had to fish for Dao treasures to get them.

He still had about 18 million yuan left, in terms of money.

However, it had been a long time since he had bought a new gift pack, which made him a little depressed. Did he really have to wait until he reached the mid-stage of foundation establishment stage before he could unlock the new gift pack?

Thinking of this, he looked at the template of the gift bag on the panel. The daily gift bag and the weekly gift bag were still lit up. The monthly gift bag had already been bought last time and had yet to finish cooling down.

Although he was complaining, he still had to buy the gift bag. Although he did not receive many things, fortunately, they were all good things.

With a light tap of his finger, he bought the daily gift bag and the weekly gift bag.

[Hint: You have spent 1,000 yuan to buy the daily gift bag. Obtained: Cultivation points x100, meteor stones x10, Dao-pattern jade x 1]
[Hint: You have spent 4,000 yuan to buy the weekly gift bag. Obtained: Cultivation points x1,000, ruin jade x5, true understanding of spells x1]

Two hints fell, and just as he was about to continue looking at his own immortal destiny seal, the third notification caught his attention.

[Notification: You have fully spent 500,000 yuan, your VIP level has been upgraded to 2. You have unlocked the permanent activity ‘spiritual field of immortal plants’, and you have unlocked the VIP2 gift bag.]