Chapter 125: The Decision of the Immortal Sect, the Five Sects


Mu Qingfeng had learned his lesson this time and did not go forward to probe.

He looked around and found that the other Heaven’s Favorites were also inspecting each other. He did not have any intention of going forward to investigate.

Seeing this, Su Yi originally wanted to step out of the array platform and walk toward the immortal palace hall. However, he did not expect that someone was faster than him.

Zhao Xuening pursed her lips, her eyes filled with disdain as she looked at the other heaven’s favorites, before muttering under her breath.

“Tch, a bunch of cowards.”

After saying this, she jumped into the immortal palace hall.

Her white dress fluttered in the wind, and the clouds and mist lingered in the air. Zhao Xuening’s fairy-like figure slowly walked to the center of the array in the immortal palace hall.

A ray of light flew out from Zhao Xuening’s body and hovered above her head. The ray of light wrapped around the palm-sized immortal jade token.

If it was not the spirit transformation token, then what was it?

When the spirit transformation token floated in the air, a ray of multicolored light swept across Zhao Xuening’s body.

Immediately, the array formation under her feet shone brightly, while the carved jade pillars in five different directions also began to emit a faint glow.

After a while, it seemed as though they had finished probing something. Within the five jade pillars, there were four jade pillars that emitted a brilliant glow. After which, they transformed into four different colored light pillars that shot into the sky.

At the same time, waves of immortal music were transmitted from the endless clouds.

Other than the four different colored light pillars, the spirit transformation token that was suspended above Zhao Xuening’s head returned to her hand, as though she was about to make a choice.

“Am I supposed to choose one to join?”

As if responding to Zhao Xuening’s words, the four pillars of light began to react.

A faint aura began to appear, and within the pillars of light, there were words that were filled with immortal qi.



“Celestial Arcanum.”

“Spirit Control.”

Were these not the names of the five great immortal sects from before? Only four jade pillars were lit up with colorful light.

The last jade pillar should be the Boundless Immortal sect.

However, they did not know the difference between these immortal sects. Alas, it was a pity. They could only understand it clearly after joining.

Zhao Xuening focused on one of the jade pillars that lit up with colorful light.

The standard heraldry on this jade pillar was like a cloud, making people feel ethereal. The words formed by the aura of this jade pillar were ethereal.

This was the jade pillar of the Ethereal Immortal Sect. Zhao Xue felt a faint sense of familiarity as she stood on the jade pillar of the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

Why was this? She did not practice any of the techniques of the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

After pondering for a while, she placed the spirit transformation token on the jade pillar of the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

The jade pillar of the Ethereal Immortal Sect immediately glowed brightly. Faint Dao sounds reverberated around it as if it was welcoming Zhao Xuening into the sect.

At the same time, after Zhao Xuening chose the Ethereal Immortal sect, the jade pillars of the other immortal sects immediately dimmed. It was as if something had been snatched away, and they looked a little unwilling.

However, the jade pillar of the Boundless Immortal Sect remained unchanged.

Very quickly, Zhao Xuening placed the spirit transformation token into the jade pillar of the Ethereal Immortal Sect. The spirit transformation token carried the imprint of the Ethereal Immortal Sect and shot towards her forehead.

At the same time, a faint sense of mystery spread from Zhao Xuening’s body. If anyone could see her attribute panel, there would be an additional word after the name on her attribute panel.


In the future, when she reached the spirit world, today’s choice would come in handy.

Soon, with Zhao Xuening taking the lead, after she left the immortal palace’s main hall, a female cultivator immediately walked forward.

It was the recently silent Li Mengxi. The two women brushed past each other and their gazes met. There was actually a tense atmosphere.

Li Mengxi was unwilling to be outdone by Zhao Xuening. After which, she walked into the array formation within the immortal palace.

The latter merely glanced at her indifferently and did not pay much attention to her. After which, she returned to the array formation platform. However, this array formation platform was indeed the array formation platform where Su Yi was located…

“I really did not expect to meet that woman here.”

Zhao Xuening pursed her lips and said in a somewhat displeased manner. Her face was filled with displeasure.

Seeing this, Su Yi could not help but feel a little amused. He looked at her and said with a faint smile, “you guys are still the same as before. Have you not been able to let go?”

Hearing this, Zhao Xuening looked at him with a somewhat suspicious expression. Her tone carried a dangerous tone as she said indifferently, “are you… helping her?”

The moment these words were spoken, Su Yi felt as if he was being stared at by an ancient frost-white tiger. A chill ran down his back and all the hair on his body stood on end.

He did not know what to say. If he said the wrong thing again, he would probably be in trouble.

At this moment, the commotion from Li Mengxi attracted Zhao Xuening’s attention and he managed to escape.

Three different beams of light shot into the sky from the five immortal pillars. This meant that Li Mengxi had awakened three of the pillars from the five immortal sects.

Among the three beams of light, there were the Celestial Arcanum Immortal Sect, the Spirit Control Immortal Sect, and the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

Li Mengxi was very direct. She did not choose the ethereal immortal sect where Zhao Xuening was. Instead, she chose the Celestial Arcanum Immortal Sect.

When the spirit transformation token entered between her brows, she retreated. Then, the other Heaven’s Favorite cultivators stepped forward and chose the sect.

Among them, Lu Aotian actually triggered the transformation of the Boundless Immortal Pillar, which had not shown any signs of activity. It activated a total of three immortal sect jade pillars.

Thus, he joined the Boundless Immortal Sect and the spirit transformation token entered between his brows.

Nie Ling chose the Spirit Controlling Immortal Sect. Mu Qingfeng and Lu Aotian chose the Wuji Immortal sect as well. These male cultivators did not activate the Ethereal Immortal Sect.

Could it be that the Ethereal Immortal Sect only accepted female disciples?

Soon, Su Yi broke this thought. Including him, there were a total of eight cultivators in the immortal palace. They each chose the immortal sect they joined.

Now, it was time for Su Yi to make his choice.

As soon as he stepped into the array formation in the center of the immortal palace, the immortal transformation medallion transformed into a stream of light and appeared above his head, emitting waves of colorful multicolored light.

As if they were competing, as soon as the immortal transformation medallion appeared, a beam of light immediately shot into the sky from the jade pillar that represented the immortal sect.

Soon after, the other immortal sect jade pillars were like a wave, shining brightly, and the light pillar that shot into the sky became incomparably dazzling.

The immortal sect jade pillars that Su Yi triggered, there were as many as five.