Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Deciding the Victor, Obtaining the Immortal Transformation Medallion

Su Yi’s devil-like whisper rang in the ears of young shadow immortal lord.

The latter’s pupils trembled as if he could not believe it. His thoughts flew around, wanting to move away from Su Yi at an extremely fast speed.

However, the Taiyuan ancient flag had already been activated, so how could he possibly leave? Young shadow immortal felt his body becoming heavy as if it was bound. He lowered his head to take a look.

A small flag had unknowingly been placed under his feet, and it was still emitting a terrifying binding force. He was actually unable to break free in a short amount of time.

Su Yi did not give the young shadow immortal any time to break free. The Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade that was emitting a cold light broke through the protective true essence array and directly pierced into the young shadow immortal’s body.

The young shadow immortal’s body was hit so hard that it turned from solid to illusory, like a projection.

After a while, the young shadow immortal seemed to have given up struggling. This time, Su Yi’s attack was extremely potent, whether it was from the angle, the strength of the attack, or the restrictions of the array.

At this time, the young shadow immortal saw Su Yi’s empty left hand. He immediately smiled bitterly and looked at Su Yi, “have you planned to do this from the beginning?”

Su Yi nodded gently upon hearing this. He did not say anything else. He believed that the intelligent immortal Lord youying would be able to understand his meaning very quickly.

As expected, an indifferent expression appeared on immortal lord young shadow’s face. One could see that his body was slowly fading away as though it was about to disappear.

After which, immortal lord young shadow’s tender face revealed an indifferent smile as he spoke faintly, “you’ve won. I admit defeat wholeheartedly. I hope that you can quickly grow up…”

As he spoke, the figure of immortal lord young shadow slowly disappeared. At the same time, a token that was shimmering with seven-colored light appeared in front of Su Yi.

It was the immortal transformation medallion.

When the immortal transformation medallion appeared, the Heaven’s Favorite by the side regained their senses and stared at the medallion in front of Su Yi.

Their breathing was a little hurried. After all, this was a legendary item.

However, they did not step forward. Putting aside the fact that Su Yi’s strength had already surpassed everyone present, just the fact that this was issued by the Tiandao sect made them afraid to cross the line.

Why? There had been cases of people snatching the immortal transformation medallion over the past thousand years, and the person who snatched it was instantly struck by a bolt of heavenly lightning and died.

Therefore, in the previous Tiandao sect competition, no cultivator dared to cross this lightning pool.

When Su Yi saw the medallion floating in front of him that was emitting seven-colored immortal light, he stretched out his hand and waved it before putting it into his bag.

When Su Yi’s hand touched the immortal transformation medallion, immortal music rumbled, as if welcoming the birth of an existence. Heaven and earth resonated, the wind and clouds changed, and the multicolored light was boundless.

“The name is Su Yi. You have successfully challenged the young shadow of the immortal lord and obtained the immortal transformation medallion!”

As soon as the immortal voice sounded, the sea of clouds became even more turbulent. From today onwards, the name Su Yi would definitely become famous in the Central Plains, and his momentum would be unstoppable.

There was no reason for it. It was because his strength was enough to make everyone present look up to him.

The projection of the immortal lord when he was young was something that other Heaven’s Favorites could not defeat, but Su Yi could. This was the difference in strength.

Even Zhao Xuening, who had an immortal body, was overshadowed by Su Yi. This dark horse was too dazzling.

Some people already started to wonder if the main character was a top-tier Heaven’s Favorite from another great domain, but how would they know?

A few months ago, Su Yi was still a trash-like spiritual root.

Perhaps everyone present besides Li Mengxi, whether it was Zhao Xuening or Nie Ling, would not be able to find out.

Among all the prodigies, Li Mengxi’s beautiful eyes were fixed on Su Yi. Not long ago, she had even issued such an invitation to him. It was a sincere invitation. However, in just a few short months, could it really cause a person to change to such a degree.

She did not know and did not continue to think about it. When she looked at Su Yi’s arrogant figure at the center of the yin-yang array, her gaze changed.

Zhao Xuening, who was beside the array, bit her lips tightly. Her beautiful hands clenched tightly as she looked at Su Yi with joy and unwillingness in her eyes.

She opened her jade-like lips and muttered silently, “maybe we didn’t travel together, but we were always chasing each other…”

She looked at Nie Ling again. She looked at Su Yi with joy, but there was more sadness in her eyes.

“Can I really catch up to you in the future… ?”

The seven Heaven’s Favorites all had their own thoughts, but their attention was not on Su Yi because this black horse was too shocking.

Some cultivators had already made up their minds. After leaving this mystic realm of the immortal test, they would definitely investigate Su Yi’s background. If possible, they might even be able to rope him in.

Just as everyone obtained their qualification tokens, the immortal voice rumbled, and the wind blew.

The illusory image of the gate of immortality that enveloped the five directions of heaven and earth became much more solid, but it was still in an illusory state. It looked like it was still in that hazy state.

At the same time, a notification appeared in the minds of Su Yi and the others, who had the spirit and immortal transformation medallions in their hands.

[Notification: You have successfully passed the test and obtained the qualification to join the immortal sect.]

The notification appeared in the eyes of the cultivators in the sea of clouds. High up in the sky, eight array platforms represented eight Heaven’s Favorites.

At this moment, these mysterious array platforms flickered with faint array patterns. Soon after, they carried Su Yi and the others and soared into the sky, disappearing from the eyes of the cultivators in the sea of clouds.

Immediately, some of the cultivators in the sea of clouds were stunned and asked in puzzlement.

“Where did those big shots go? Why did they not let anyone see them?”

These words of his attracted waves of rolling eyes. Some of the more irritable cultivators laughed.

“Are you stupid? The immortal sect assessment has already ended. Next, of course, they will choose a sect. How can they let others know which sect they have chosen?”

Then, they looked at where Su Yi and the others were.

In the secret realm of the immortal trial, they sat on the array platforms and lined up in a row. They soared into the sky and soon arrived at the top of the clouds.

A building that looked like an immortal palace appeared in front of them. They could see that there was a huge spiritual pillar supporting the palace. On the top of the palace, there was a faint glow flickering. The surrounding clouds and mist were floating. It was like a fairyland.

At this moment, the eight array platforms arrived in front of the palace. At the same time, the immortal voice sounded in the ears of Su Yi and the others.

“The path of immortality is for fate. Enter it, and the immortal sect will cry out. Choose the immortal sect.”

As the immortal voice fell, the array patterns in the center of the palace slowly lit up, and at the same time, five jade pillars of different shapes rose up.

These stone pillars were carved with patterns similar to symbols.

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