Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Battle with All Your Strength, Use All Your Trump Cards (3)

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“Senior, watch carefully!”

Su Yi let out a low shout, moved his feet, and moved his body quickly.

That shadow-like figure brought with it waves of wind sounds, causing the eyes of the immortal lord young shadow to become slightly solemn.

This young cultivator in front of him was not like the previous cultivators. In his eyes, this cultivator Su Yi did indeed have some ability.

However, he clearly just knew that speed was not his advantage. Why was he trying it again?

The young immortal shadow did not think much, because Su Yi had already attacked.

A cold light suddenly appeared. He held the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade in his hand and waved his right hand. Accompanied by his body’s speed, the dagger carried a cold light as it stabbed towards the young shadow immortal..

This attack was crude. It was as if it was just relying on speed, and there were no fancy moves.

However, this also made the immortal lord young shadow even more confused. What exactly was Su Yi trying to do!!

The dagger brought with it a cold light as it cut through the air. Due to its special characteristics, even the spiritual energy in the air slightly avoided it.

Seeing this, the immortal lord young shadow’s eyes slightly pondered, as if he had understood something. There was something strange about Su Yi’s dagger.

“Humph! Although I don’t know what you are planning, if you think that you can touch me just like that, then you are underestimating me.”

The immortal lord young shadow’s solid footsteps slightly moved. His figure also quickly moved. His footsteps did not make any sound. He was like a ghost as he shuttled across this huge yin-yang array platform.


A cold glint flashed past. Su Yi held the dagger in his hand and stabbed forward. However, he did not intend to rely on this method to cause harm.

He had another plan. The corner of Su Yi’s mouth was slightly raised, and his face revealed a smile that showed that his plan had succeeded.

Looking at this appearance, the immortal lord young shadow felt his scalp go numb, and a crazy suspicion rose in his heart.

This fellow, what exactly is he doing? Or is it that he did something that I did not notice?

As he thought, his gaze was fixed on Su Yi’s every move, and the corner of his eyes constantly scanned the things around him. However, he did not discover anything. Instantly, a thought arose in his heart.

Could it be that this guy is playing mind games with me again?

At the thought of this, the young shadow could not help but pull away from Su Yi. The current Su Yi’s behavior was too strange. He had been smiling faintly, as if everything was under his control.

When Su Yi saw the young immortal shadow pull away from him, he was delighted. However, he did not show it on his face. Under his mental guidance, the other party would definitely think that he was cheating by giving up long-range attacks and attacking close-range instead.

At that time, the other party would definitely pull away from him. If this distance was within his control, he would have the chance to use the Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm before the other party interrupted him.

The corners of his mouth curled up, as if he had thought of an even further step. Then, he put the dagger back into the space of the mark. He raised one hand in front of his chest.

A destructive aura exploded from his body, and the violent destructive intent flashed in his eyes.

Majestic and dense true essence started to gather towards his palm.

High in the sky behind him, a huge palm shadow slowly solidified. It carried an extremely grave aura, as if it wanted to destroy the world.

“Absolute Heaven. Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm!!”

Su Yi’s low shout caused not only the immortal lord young shadow, who was pulling away, to have a sudden change in expression. Even the hearts of the other Heaven’s Favorites on the side were beating wildly.

Was such a terrifying palm technique really unleashed by someone at the third layer of the foundation establishment realm?

Even these Heaven’s Favorites had such expressions on their faces, let alone others. The cultivators above the sea of clouds had long seen this grand scene, and all of them cried out in surprise.

“What kind of technique is that? Why does it give me such a feeling? It’s so, so terrifying!”

“I can’t take it anymore, brother. Help me up, my legs are a little weak.”

Other than these cultivators, there were also some cultivators whose pupils constricted. Soon after, their minds were shaken, as if their minds were trying hard to register the information in front of them.

On the enormous yin-yang array platform, one could see the extremely grave expression of the young immortal lord as he looked at the enormous palm imprint that was continuously gathering in the sky.

He laughed softly.

“So that’s how it is. So that’s how it is. Your previous actions were just to bewitch me so that I would take the initiative to stay away from you so that you could use this move. Hahaha, you are really a person with deep thoughts.”

The young immortal shadow laughed. However, his gaze had been solemn since the beginning. This meant that the move that Su Yi used gave him a feeling that it was too terrifying.

Even he had some doubts as to whether he was the projection of the immortal lord or Su Yi was actually the projection of the immortal lord.

However, right now, just as Su Yi had thought, he had taken the initiative to pull away. It was already impossible for him to interrupt Su Yi’s move.


The young shadow of the immortal lord let out a low cry. Even he might not be able to remain unscathed under Su Yi’s terrifying palm technique. Therefore, he had used the final trump card of this projection at this moment.

He closed his eyes slightly and waved the longsword in both of his hands. A faint formation was raised on his body. The air around his small body was filled with a strange aura. The sword intent moved freely and an extremely terrifying aura was emitted from the body of the young immortal shadow.

Judging from its power, it was probably not much weaker than Su Yi’s Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm.

This was because what the young immortal shadow displayed was a true sword intent. It was not a half-baked sword intent like Su Yi’s Tiangang Sword Intent.

This kind of sword intent was completely mastered by his real body. Compared to the sword intent in the spell, it was many times more terrifying.

The young immortal lord’s body was surrounded by an invisible sword intent. He opened his eyes and an extremely powerful aura soared into the sky. It even scattered the clouds in the sky.

“Ultimate Sword Dao, Limitless Sword Intent!!”

The young immortal lord cried out in a low voice. The majestic aura around his body actually transformed into an enormous sword qi that carried an endless sword intent.

At this moment, Su Yi’s Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm was also crashing down. His palm gently descended and the enormous illusory palm imprint that carried an endless and dense destructive force smashed towards the young immortal shadow.

When the young immortal shadow saw this, he similarly controlled his enormous sword qi to shoot towards the destructive palm imprint.

Two unrivalled and powerful spells collided. The wind pressure created by the collision almost blew everything away.

Even the veils of Nie Ling, Zhao Xuening, and the others were blown away by the wind pressure.


The thunderous boom that sounded like the descent of a lightning tribulation resounded throughout the entire immortal trial mystic realm.

At this moment, Su Yi suddenly took out a dagger, and the primordial flag in his left hand surged with true essence.

His figure turned into a black shadow and disappeared.

Seeing this, the young immortal lord shadow secretly felt that things were not good, but it was already too late.

Su Yi directly appeared behind him, and the primordial flag that had been infused with true essence activated the binding array. The Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade in his right hand emitted a faint blood-red cold light.

“Senior, actually, my target has always been you.”

Su Yi’s demon-like whisper sounded like thunder in the immortal lord young shadow’s ear.


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