Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Battle with All Your Strength, Use All Your Trump Cards (1)

Following Su Yi’s outcome, the young shadow immortal lord did not say anything more. He only looked at him indifferently and then said coldly in his tender voice, “stop talking nonsense. If you want to make a move, then hurry up. Don’t waste time here.”

The young shadow immortal lord stood proudly in the center of the array platform. Although he was only a projection, he had the confidence to be proud.

Hearing this, Su Yi also nodded. He was just greeting him out of courtesy. He did not actually mind it.

At this time, he did not say anything more. The true essence in his body exploded, and the cold light on his fingertip condensed.

Just when everyone thought that Su Yi would throw out that sword finger, his body suddenly moved.


He stepped hard, and his body was as fast as the wind, bringing waves of wind on this huge array platform.

The cold light on the tips of his fingers was hidden, as if he was waiting for an opportunity.

Similarly, the young immortal shadow was also startled by Su Yi’s sudden action. He also did not expect Su Yi’s speed to be so fast.

The eyes of the young immortal shadow narrowed slightly, and his gaze followed Su Yi’s figure as he continued to jump.

After that, the young immortal shadow smiled coldly and said, “brat, if you want to beat me, you can’t just rely on speed alone…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yi’s figure suddenly turned into an afterimage and slowly disappeared under the eyes of the young immortal shadow.

At the same time, a sword intent containing ice-cold energy shot toward his head from behind the young immortal shadow.

Seeing the figure in his eyes turn into an afterimage and disappear, the young immortal shadow immediately understood that he had been deceived.

Moreover, this cultivator’s speed was too fast! He had no time to think about why Su Yi’s speed was so fast. The young immortal Lord was condensing the true essence in his hand.

Then, he suddenly turned around and waved his hand, and a move like a lotus flower blossomed in his hand.

“Great Boundless White Lotus!”

The young immortal shadow shouted in a low voice. Then, Su Yi’s sword qi, which contained sword intent, charged into the white lotus that was activated by true essence.


A muffled sound of impact rang out, but there was no explosion of true essence or anything else. The sword intent that hit the young immortal shadow’s white lotus slowly dissipated.

The young immortal shadow was about to say something when he saw a few sword fingers shooting towards him from the side.

At the same time, Su Yi’s faint voice could be heard, “senior, it’s not a good thing to talk too much nonsense in a battle.”

Hearing this, the immortal shadow lord put away the disdain on his face. The corners of his mouth slightly rose on his young and tender face. After that, he said in a tender voice, “you don’t need to say it. I know.”

After he finished speaking, he brazenly attacked. It seemed that he was still mumbling something, “tsk, don’t think that only you have the movement techniques.”

Immediately after, his thin and small body shook slightly, and similarly erupted with an incomparable speed, completely following Su Yi’s rhythm.

Seeing this, he slightly smacked his lips. As expected of the young projection of the immortal lord, his strength was ridiculously high.

After Su Yi lost his advantage, he stopped his body. Since it was no longer effective, then there was no need to waste his strength.

Right after, Su Yi raised his palm in front of his chest and shouted, “Tiangang Sword Finger, tenth move, Tiangang Meteorite Finger!”

As soon as he said that, the true essence on his body gathered on his fingertip, and a dazzling cold light appeared on Su Yi’s fingertip. It carried a strong destructive intent, and even the surrounding air became a little cold, as if it was going to be destroyed in the next moment.

He pointed at the young immortal shadow, who had also stopped, and a stream of light with a sense of destruction shot toward the young immortal shadow.

The other party was not willing to be outdone. After seeing Su Yi stop, the true essence in his hand also started to explode.

“Great Boundless Millstone, Thousand Feet!”

The young immortal shadow opened his palm. In his palm, light blades that were emitting terrifying aura were continuously gathering.

Within a short period of time, the densely packed light blades had gathered and were crazily rotating into a ball.

At this time, Su Yi’s destruction sword finger’s flowing light also arrived with a rumbling aura.

The young immortal shadow swung his right hand, and the rapidly rotating light wheel in his hand shot towards the incoming flowing light.

Bang —

With a loud sound, the two attacks collided. The flowing light continued to continue, and the thousand feet wheel was also continuously being worn down.

The two attacks ended in a stalemate. Su Yi placed his hands in front of his chest, and the true essence on his body continued to gather, increasing the impact of the destructive light.

The young shadow also exploded with true essence, and started to rush towards with his move, the Thousand Feet Millstone.

For a time, the two sides were actually evenly matched.

The Heaven’s Favorites on the array platform were dumbfounded, standing not far away.

Some of them had been lucky enough to experience the Boundless Millstone of the immortal lord’s young shadow.

However, even if they used their trump cards, they could only fight back a little. They were simply unable to be like the main character and be in a deadlock with it.

Among them, Lu Aotian’s expression was the ugliest. His face was a little ashen at this time, as if he was angry and sour.

Even if he used his trump cards, he could only fight back a little against that terrifying shadow. However, this unknown Su Yi was actually able to fight back.

What was even more terrifying was that the other party was only at the third level of the foundation establishment stage, while the young shadow of the immortal lord had the strength of the late stage of the foundation establishment stage.

Did that not mean that if they were at the same realm, this Su Yi was even stronger than the immortal lord?

He hurriedly shook off this thought, and at the same time, a trace of wariness appeared in his gaze as he looked at Su Yi.

He had a feeling that this person called Su Yi might be one of his greatest enemies in the future!

Furthermore, on the battlefield, he could only see a projection and a person colliding with each other, as though they had reached the zero boundary point.

At the point where the Tiangang Meteorite Finger and the Great Boundless Millstone clashed, a dangerous aura began to spread out.

Following that, violent fluctuations began to occur. Finally, it was as though they had broken through the zero boundary point.


A huge explosion resounded through the sky, accompanied by rolling waves of air, immortal lord young shadow and Su Yi were simultaneously forced back a few steps.

After the waves from the explosion passed, the shadow stared intently at Su Yi, who was also standing opposite him. After which, he spoke indifferently with admiration in his eyes, “your strength is not bad. However, are you not planning to use your true strength?”

Su Yi smiled coldly when he heard this. After which, he also spoke indifferently, “hasn’t senior not used his true strength yet?”

The Heaven’s Favorite cultivators outside the arena were even more stunned when they heard their conversation.

They had already fought to such an extent, yet they still had not used their true strength? F*ck, you guys are the real big shots!

Apart from Lu Aotian, Ma Hua, Mu Qingfeng, and another Heaven’s Favorite cultivators looked at Su Yi with burning eyes, as if they wanted to completely remember him.

A Heaven’s Favorite cultivator like Su Yi, without mentioning his background, would definitely have extraordinary strength in the future. They wanted to befriend him.

That immortal lord young shadow laughed out loud, looking like an old man who had been around for many years. With a wave of his hand, a magic artifact that was completely condensed from the power of the array formation appeared.

He looked at Su Yi and said indifferently, “then how about this? The warm-up is over. Let’s decide the victor!”

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