Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Shocking Immortal Token, Young Shadow of Immortal Lord

The illusion disappeared, and the illusion that enveloped Su Yi’s array platform disappeared.

At the same time, a golden pillar of light shot into the sky, indicating that Su Yi had already passed the heart refining test.

Seeing this, the two women looked at each other across the air, and then smiled faintly. This man had never disappointed them. In the end, there would always be a miracle happening to this man.

The illusion disappeared. Su Yi opened his eyes. A trace of loneliness disappeared from his eyes, and the ancient charm on his body slowly disappeared. It was as if he had experienced the illusion personally.

As the ancient aura faded, the aura on his body returned to normal. A bright light shot out from his eyes. He scanned the surroundings and found that the two women were there. He also nodded slightly.

The other geniuses did not say anything either. On the other hand, Lu Aotian looked at him with a cold gaze and snorted.

As he passed the test, seven golden pillars of light shot up into the sky. At this time, the immortal voice should have sounded the end of the test, and then given out the immortal sect qualification token.

However, the immortal voice did not sound for a long time. Instead, there was a strange movement on their array platform.

They could only see that the mysterious array patterns on the array formation platform began to outline and connect with the other array formation platforms.

At this time, not only the cultivators in the sea of clouds, but even the Heaven’s Favorites on the array formation platform did not know what had happened.

The multicolored light enveloped the five great immortal sects in the five directions of heaven and earth. Each of them gathered a stream of light and then gathered in the sky above the array formation platform that was connected with each other.

A terrifying aura gathered in the sky, as if some powerful existence was about to appear. The endless sky was covered by a faint layer of purple light, causing people to feel as if they were in a dream. They felt as if they were truly in a fairyland.

In the sky, the five streams of light gathered together, before condensing into a dazzling immortal light. In Su Yi’s eyes, that dazzling divine light was like a real meteorite falling down.

That immortal light that carried boundless might and an aura that did not belong to this world. It descended with a loud bang.

Following that, in the eyes of Su Yi and those Heaven’s Favorites, it landed directly in the center of the formation platform that they were entangled with.

Immediately, a five-colored and beautiful formation pattern began to unfold, connecting with the formation platform of Su Yi and the others. For a moment, an even larger formation platform appeared in their eyes.

The array platform was like a yin-yang level two array formation. It was constantly rotating, and waves of Dao charm flowed out from the array pattern, giving people a suffocating sense of pressure.

When the yin-yang array platform in the middle was completed, an immortal voice could be heard, saying with a voice that shook the heaven and earth.

“Immortal Lord, young shadow, descend to the world. The immortal transformation medallion. Defeat the immortal shadow and you will obtain immortal transformation medallion.”


Most of the cultivators in the sea of clouds were confused. Some of them had powerful backgrounds, and some of them were sons of noble families. Their eyes were wide open.

At the same time, the Heaven’s Favorites on the array formation platform in the sea of clouds also looked very serious, and their eyes were filled with fanaticism.

They all knew what the immortal transformation medallion was.

However, only one of them had a blank look on his face as he looked at the shocked Heaven’s Favorites around him.

As someone who had made his debut halfway through, he did not have a family background, so he naturally did not know the secret behind it.

The so-called Tiandao sect competition was to obtain a spirit transformation token after passing the test. After choosing an immortal sect, if one ascended to the spirit world in the future, there would be a lower-level immortal sect to receive them.

The spirit transformation token itself could not only represent a kind of status symbol, but it could also establish a connection with the immortal sect.

It could periodically carry out some missions in the current realm. After completing the mission, one would be able to obtain the corresponding mission’s materials, medicinal pills, treasures, and other rewards.

This was also the reason why so many people would fight tooth and nail to enter the Tiandao sect competition.

It could be said that if you had this spirit transformation token, you could accept and complete the missions provided by the higher-ups. After that, even if you did not ascend to the spirit world, you would at least have a meteoric rise in the immortal path.

Once you obtained this spirit transformation token, it would be bound to the seal of immortal destiny. It would be useless for anyone to snatch it.

On top of this spirit transformation token was the iimmortal transformation medallion that immortal voice had mentioned. However, no one knew about the use of the immortal transformation medallion, and no one had ever obtained it before. It was as if it was a legend.

However, there was one piece of information that they definitely knew, and that was that the immortal transformation medallion was many times more powerful than the spirit transformation token.

Therefore, when the Heaven’s Favorites on the array platform heard the immortal voice, all of them were extremely shocked.

That legendary item was actually going to appear in front of them?

Many Heaven’s Favorites had already begun to lose their image and swallowed heavily, their eyes slightly red. Who would not want to possess such a legendary item?

However, even if they wanted to, they could only see that at this moment, in the center of the yin-yang array formation platform that they were surrounding.

A multicolored light flickered, and a short figure slowly appeared.

“Aiya, let me see, what lower realm did the projection run to this time?”

The figure spoke. His voice was very tender, like a child.

When the colorful light dissipated, the person who appeared in front of Su Yi and the others was really a ten-year-old child.

This child was rather corporeal and did not seem illusory at all. If it was not for the ethereal voice in his young and tender voice, who would be able to tell that this child was actually illusory?

This child’s face was delicate and pretty, and his eyes were incomparably lively, giving him the feeling of a little boy.

However, the fierce aura on his body caused people’s expressions to become solemn.

The aura emitted by this child actually had the strength of the late stage of the foundation establishment stage. From the aura emitted, it was definitely extremely terrifying.

The child looked around and immediately had a bored expression on his face as he said indifferently, “I think that all of you must really want this thing.”

As he said this, the child took out a token that looked like it was made of immortal jade. There was a faint immortal light circulating around it.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw this token, including Su Yi’s. Although they did not know what this immortal transformation medallion was, just by looking at it, they could tell that it was definitely an extraordinary treasure.

When the child saw this, he continued to tease him.

“If you want it, it’s very simple. You just have to defeat me!”

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