Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Ask Yourself, Where Is the Path Forward

Those who had not passed the Extreme Dao Heart Test had already fallen into the sea of clouds.

Those who had passed the heart test all had golden pillars of light shooting up into the sky.

Su Yi, this strange person, had actually not passed the Extreme Dao Heart Test, nor had he lost his qualification.

This was very strange. In the illusionary realm, in the blink of an eye, ten years would pass, and at certain points, one would be able to make a choice.

However, it was the first time someone as long as Su Yi had passed. There were a total of seven heaven’s favorites who had passed the test.

Among them, Zhao Xuening was the leader, and the second was Nie Ling. The third was actually Lin Qingfeng, who had been carrying a long sword on his back.

The fourth was Li Mengxi. Perhaps this girl had seen Zhao Xuening’s existence, so she had always had a cold attitude.

The fifth was also a dark horse. He was not a cultivator from the Central Plains, but a cultivator from the endless sea region.

From the previous gold list, it could be seen that this person’s name was Ouyang Haoyu, which was a compound surname.

As for the sixth, it was Lu Aotian, who also had an immortal body. At this time, his face was a bit gloomy.

He had already lost all his face. He was so low in the golden list, but if someone mentioned the Hidden Dragon List, he would still be ranked first. Was this not a slap in the face?

At this moment, the illusory formation covering Su Yi’s platform started to fluctuate and change.

The light emitted by the illusory formation flickered, and one could vaguely see Su Yi sitting cross-legged inside.

At this moment, in Su Yi’s illusory realm.

He seemed to be still asleep. Yes, in the starry sky of the endless galaxy, he had fallen asleep.

Suddenly, he slowly opened his eyes, only to see the endless starlight flickering for a moment.

He stretched lazily and muttered.

“Sleeping so comfortably, I wonder how long has passed.”

After that, he focused his eyes and was momentarily stunned. The starry sky in front of him was no longer as beautiful as before.

In the starry sky in his eyes, it was as if time had changed, and in the blink of an eye, tens of thousands of years had passed.

His eyes were filled with vicissitudes and desolation. Just as he was in a daze, a white-robed figure suddenly appeared in his eyes.

When he saw the white-robed figure, his eyes widened. That white-robed figure was actually him?

The white-robed figure that appeared looked exactly like Su Yi, but compared to Su Yi, the face of the white-clothed figure was filled with vicissitudes of life. It was filled with desolation and vastness. The eyes of the figure were deep and profound.

It was as if one had fallen into an endless sea of stars, unable to wake up on their own.

The white-clothed ‘Su Yi’ appeared in front of him. His face was expressionless as he spoke indifferently, “you’re sleeping quite comfortably.”

The expressionless ‘Su Yi’s’ tone was very calm. Even his face did not change at all like an ice-cold machine.

When he saw the white-clothed figure’s words, Su Yi did not respond immediately. Instead, he took a careful look and asked, “you, who are you?”

“Don’t you already have the answer in your heart? Is there a need to ask?”

The white-clothed figure glanced at Su Yi and then said indifferently.

When he heard Su Yi, the corner of his mouth twitched. He really did not want to talk to this fellow who looked exactly like him.

This feeling was too strange. Moreover, he was wearing a silver flame robe. It could be said that the two of them were completely the same.

If it was not for the fact that their actions were not the same, he might not be able to help but think that he was facing a mirror.

Before Su Yi could reply, he heard the white-robed ‘self’ continue speaking.

“You are not suited to stay in the immortal cultivation world. With your personality, you will only die on the path of immortality.”

The white-robed figure’s voice was still emotionless, but one could hear that his tone was like that of an old demon who had lived for countless years, filled with loneliness and vicissitudes.

“Why do you say that? You have to know that you are not the real me, so how can you understand my thoughts?”

His gaze looked at the white-robed ‘self’, or perhaps it was more appropriate to call him the spirit of the illusion.

At the beginning, even if the white-robed figure looked exactly like him, there was one thing that Su Yi himself had never been to the starry sky.

Yet, the starry sky and the galaxy here looked as if they were real. That could only mean one thing. This illusion was not created by his memory.

The source of the illusion was the ‘self’ in front of him, the spirit of the illusion.

After hearing what Su Yi said, the spirit of the illusion suddenly smiled, as if he was mocking Su Yi.

Then, he asked in a questioning tone, “so? What are you cultivating for? Isn’t your subconscious trying to live a stable life?”

“Cultivating is meaningless to you. It will only make you die in the constant struggle.”

“On this immortal path, you, who have no goal, will only die in silence. From then on, you will become a mortal and live an even more painful life.”

The spirit’s words seemed to have touched the tenderness in the deepest part of Su Yi’s heart.

Then, he said faintly with a profound gaze, “yes, don’t I also want to live a stable life, get married, have children, and live a blissful life as an ordinary person?”

“But, do you really think that I only think that way?”

Su Yi had a faint smile on his face as he looked at the spirit of the illusion in front of him.

Perhaps he could see through his heart and see the thoughts that were hidden in the bottom of his heart.

Howver, he would never have thought that in his immortal destiny seal, there was a treasure called the starry sea bottle lying quietly.

On his panel, a gift bag template was quietly opened.

The idea of living a peaceful life for ordinary people was not something that could only be lived by ordinary people.

As long as one became the owner of the supreme power, the world would not dare to invade them. At the same time, they would live a peaceful life.

During the time he was in deep sleep, the scenes of reincarnation kept repeating in his mind. He kept asking, where was his direction, where was his goal, and what was his meaning?

However, these questions and thoughts were all thrown to the back of his mind. Ever since he stepped onto the path of immortality, do you think there’s still a way out?

He did not reply to the spirit of the illusory realm. Instead, he looked at the galaxy in the distance.

He mumbled, “the thoughts of the mortal world are still the thoughts of the mortal world. Ever since I stepped onto the path of immortality, I have never regretted it. As for my goal… There’s no turning back, is there?”

“No matter what happens in the end, I will continue to walk down the path of immortality. If others are stronger than me, then I will become stronger. There will be a day when I will stand at the peak of the Myriad Realms, and no one will dare to offend me.”

Su Yi’s gaze as he looked at the galaxy also became somewhat profound, as though he was recalling something.

When the illusory realm spirit heard this, he smiled faintly, “there is no turning back. Standing at the top of the world…”

Suddenly, the illusory realm spirit gently laughed. His body began to slowly change. It was no longer Su Yi’s appearance.

It was an unfamiliar face. The illusory realm spirit slowly disappeared, leaving behind a sentence.

“I hope that you will not die too quickly…”

After saying this, he completely disappeared. The illusory realm in the endless starry sky also began to slowly collapse.

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