Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The Mortal World Has Ended, Accompany on the Immortal Path

In Zhao Xuening’s illusion, there was no spiritual energy, nor were there any demons or ghosts.

She was just an ordinary lady of the Zhao family. After her elder brother took over the family business, she also formed a relationship with the person she was so close with.

After that, she even had a child. How nice it would be to be together like this.

However, in the illusion, the person with whom she formed a bond with suddenly suffered from an incurable disease.

After a year in the illusion, in the hospital, the person who she formed a bond with laid on the white hospital bed.

There was cold medical equipment all around. She waited on the head of the cold hospital bed. The sound of the medical equipment could be heard in the ward, and each sound was longer than the last.

As time passed, after a pause of more than ten seconds, the medical equipment let out a long cry.

The hand of the person on the bed, which was initially warm, slowly turned cold. Her breathing had stopped along with her heartbeat, and her body was also slowly turning cold.

Tears flowed down her cheeks. She was sobbing very hard, crying very sorrowfully.

At this moment, a voice suddenly asked her by her ear.

“Do you regret it?”

“Regret? Why should I regret it? Marrying him was my lifelong dream, how can I say the word regret?”

Zhao Xuening muttered on the cold bed.

“Then are you unwilling?”

That voice sounded in her mind again, like the devil in the abyss of Hell, constantly muttering in her ear.

She did not completely pay attention to it. She just raised her head and thought indifferently.

‘Unwilling? Of course I’m unwilling.’

“Then do you want to resurrect him? As long as you…”

The voice sounded again, like a devil patiently enticing her, but in return it was an extremely decisive answer.

“I don’t want to!”

Zhao Xuening said decisively without the slightest hesitation.

“What!? Didn’t you love him very much? Aren’t you unwilling? Why Don’t you want to?”

The voice was still bewitching, and she did not even understand why Zhao Xuening had suddenly changed.

At this moment, Zhao Xuening wiped her tears. The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile as she said indifferently.

“Since it’s fake, what’s the point of resurrecting it again and again? Am I right?”

When she said this, that voice did not immediately reply. After a long while, that voice coldly appeared by Zhao Xuening’s ear.

“When did you find out?”

A blurry phantom appeared in Zhao Xuening’s eyes. It was like a dream, yet it was both real and fake. It existed and did not exist.

When she saw the phantom that suddenly appeared, Zhao Xuening looked at him and laughed softly.

“It’s too perfect. Although you used the image in my mind to restore him, in my mind, he will always be the most perfect existence. In reality, he can not be so perfect. It must be fake.”

“Just because of this?”

The phantom could not believe it and asked Zhao Xuening to confirm.

“Yes, it’s because of this.”

Zhao Xuening smiled as if she was thinking of someone.

The phantom was silent for a long time, as if a long time had passed. Then, the phantom began to disappear, leaving only a faint sentence.

“Do your best. You are destined to become an immortal. He will definitely not be able to accompany you for too long.”

After the illusory figure disappeared, Zhao Xuening’s illusory realm also began to slowly disappear. However, at this moment, she seemed to still be recalling the words that the illusory figure left behind.

Very quickly, she raised her head. Her beautiful eyes contained an absolutely determined expression as she spoke in a faint voice.

“Even if my fate with him ends in the mortal world, I will still have him by my side on this immortal path. This is enough.”

Her voice was not loud, but it reverberated through the space that was about to disappear. In the next second, she suddenly opened her eyes in the immortal array assessment.

As she opened her eyes, the array that enveloped her shattered. Following that, a golden pillar of light shot into the sky from Zhao Xuening’s expression, appearing incomparably dazzling.

Within the golden pillar of light, Zhao Xuening looked in the direction of Su Yi, who was still enveloped by the array. The corners of her mouth curled up into a faint smile.

Then, her jade-like lips opened slightly, and she used a voice that only she could hear to mutter.

“Regardless of whether I walk to the end, walking with you is the most precious memory in my life.”

As Zhao Xuening opened her eyes, the golden pillar of light shot up into the sky. The first place of this assessment had already appeared.

Unfortunately, there was no golden list for the Dao Heart trial this time.

Otherwise, according to the nature of this immortal trial mystic realm, it would definitely be able to give the first person who passed the test some tricks. No one knew which immortal had designed it this way.

There was an uproar below. Although there was no name on the golden list, there was still the immortal voice.

In the sea of clouds, the clouds churned and waves of merciless immortal voice began to reverberate.

“Extreme Dao heart test, cultivator Zhao Xuening has passed!”

Along with the immortal voice and the pillar of light that shot up into the sky, the sea of clouds cultivators were in an uproar. At this moment, Zhao Xuening’s name had once again become a name that was passed down by word of mouth.

One had to know that if this went on, Zhao Xuening would be two of the top rankers, even though there was no list.

However, in the eyes of these cultivators, Zhao Xuening was undoubtedly the number one. At this moment, out of the thousands of cultivators, someone had sent out a piece of news.

Zhao Xuening had an immortal constitution!!

This news was like a nuclear bomb, instantly causing those cultivators who were fishing in troubled waters to burst out.

One by one, the news spread like wildfire and was confirmed. There were even some who were fantasizing. In their hearts, they were already fantasizing about a beautiful and limitless future.

One had to know that she had an incomparable beauty and absolute strength. If these two characteristics were applied to one person, it would be that she was a fairy that had descended to the mortal world.

Zhao Xuening seemed to have made a start. Not long after, another cultivator actually passed the Dao Heart test, and this cultivator was Nie Ling.

Originally, Nie Ling’s strength was relatively low. However, this was not fighting and killing. The heart test focused on a firm will.

At this moment, along with the sound of the fairy, the illusory formation dispersed. Nie Ling’s appearance also appeared in Zhao Xuening’s eyes.

Nie Ling’s eyes were currently burning. The flame in her eyes was incomparably firm, as though she was making a hard choice in the illusory realm.

After which, a golden light pillar also soared into the sky, indicating the appearance of the second stage.

As time passed, seven golden light pillars that soared into the sky lit up from the formation platform in the sky above the sea of clouds.

The other array formation platforms had already quietly fallen into the sea of clouds below. Within this array formation platform, only Su Yi’s array formation platform was still enveloped by the illusory formation.

Suddenly, Su Yi’s illusory formation also emitted fluctuations.

What do you think?