Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Dao Extreme Heart Test, Lonely Starry Sky

Streams of light transformed into an array formation that was constructed one after another in the sky. Waves of immortal music accompanied it.

As the immortal music descended one after another, human figures appeared from the center of the array formation.

These human figures were almost all familiar. Among them, Su Yi saw Nie Ling. She also appeared in the middle of the array formation platform in the sky.

It could be seen that this time, she had also passed the advancement test.

He looked at her from afar. The latter seemed to have sensed Su Yi’s gaze and turned her head to smile at him.

This time around, there were only about ten people who had passed the advancement test. Most of them had to endure for ten incense sticks to pass the test.

As soon as they appeared on the platform, they all sat down cross-legged to recover their true essence.

In order to prepare for the final test, they could not be careless. As long as they passed the final test, these heaven’s favorites would definitely be able to join these immortal sects and soar into the sky. Their future would be unobstructed.

Putting aside the fact that no one had achieved the immortal seat for thousands of years, at the very least, they would be able to ascend into the spirit world.

And at this time, as if to give heaven’s favorites like Su Yi enough time to recover, the immortal voice did not ring out.

Also, the third trial had not been activated yet. Time passed bit by bit, and the cultivators on the sea of clouds below had long been waiting impatiently.

They had come to ascend to immortality but could not, and their mood was already poor. At this time, they still had to watch those Heaven’s Favorites cultivate above their heads.

They did not feel good in their hearts, but they did not dare to say anything, nor did they dare to complain.

In the high sky above their heads, everyone there was stronger than them.

Of course, there were also some people who came to the Tiandao sect’s grand competition with the mentality of giving it a try.

Therefore, in their eyes, if they could not be chosen, it was fine. In any case, with their Dao age, they could still endure until the next opening of the Tiandao sect.

Therefore, they were here to join in the fun. However, the fun had faded with the Heaven’s Favorites. The cultivators in the sea of clouds were gloomy. Just like that, an unknown amount of time had passed.

When the last Heaven’s Favorite opened his eyes in the sky, the originally gloomy sea of clouds began to churn again.

The platform formed by the array formation suddenly began to operate under the feet of these Heaven’s Favorites. Then, it formed a huge array that enveloped the Heaven’s Favorites inside.

Could it be that the final trial was to challenge this array formation?

Of course not. The Heaven’s Favorites of today were simply ants in the eyes of the immortal sects. So what if they challenged some array formations of the lower realm? They were nothing.

Not to mention that the immortal sects were in the immortal world that was high up in the sky. They were existences that were one level higher than the spirit world. These immortal sect projections were merely projections of the myriad worlds in the sky to screen for the seeds that truly had potential.

For example, in the previous two trials. The first one, the immortal ladder to the clouds tested a cultivator’s realm and attributes.

If the attributes were strong enough, the cultivator would be able to pass the test.

And the second one, the cultivator would be able to last for the time it takes ten incense sticks to burn in the midst of powerful demon beasts.

This was a test of a cultivator’s true strength and ability to respond.

As for the final third trial, it was a test of one’s Dao Heart.

A cultivator who could grow indefinitely not only had strength and talent, but also perseverance and a goal as far as one’s eyes could see.

The rumbling immortal voice resounded in the sky. All the cultivators could feel their true essence vibrating in the immortal voice.

“The road to immortality is long, and the Dao Heart is long. It is unmoved, unguided by objects. The road lies in the path, and the heart lies in the path of immortality.”

“Dao Extreme Heart Test, let the trial begin!”

As the immortal voice slowly descended, the array formation platform in the sky above the sea of clouds was covered by the array light emitted by the array formation.

As for the cultivators above the sea of clouds, in their line of sight, they could no longer see the scene inside.

In the array formation platform, Su Yi was enveloped by the array light. He could not help but close his eyes, and when he slowly opened them.

In his eyes, the scene had already changed. In his eyes, it was no longer a formation platform, nor was it the horizon. At a glance, it was actually the boundless starry sky. The stars were shining, and the vast and boundless stars were all within his eyes.

He just stood there in the starry sky. There was nothing, only endless loneliness.

“Where is this place?” he looked at the endless stars and muttered in a daze.

However, other than the silence in the starry sky, no one paid attention to him.

He had heard the celestial music from before, but what kind of heart test was this?

Su Yi had thought of countless possibilities. Maybe it would put him into an illusion, make him experience something painful, or make him face someone’s soul interrogation.

However, none of this happened. He just quietly stayed in the starry sky.

For a split second, he suspected that it was as if thousands of years had passed. His state of mind was also quietly changing.

What was the purpose of his immortal cultivation?

Was it not good to live peacefully as an ordinary person?

Perhaps being an ordinary person was better than his current life, was it not?

He could not help but ask himself, as if this lonely starry sky had given him a great feeling.

There was no time here, nor was there anything. There was only himself.

He began to sit cross-legged, his mind constantly recalling the things that he had walked on the immortal path.

Fighting, fighting, every step on the immortal path was the same, every step had the existence of that blood.

Was he really satisfied with this kind of life?

He did not like this. He preferred a peaceful life.

“I really want, I really want to be an ordinary person…”

When Su Yi muttered these words, he began to close his eyes. He felt muddleheaded as if he would forever remain silent in this eternal and endless lonely starry sky.

Among the other chosen cultivators, their respective illusory realms did not have any similarities. Some of them were experiencing life and death separation, while others were experiencing mortal affairs.

Suddenly, among these cultivators, a cultivator suddenly opened his eyes. His throat rolled, and a mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth.

As this mouthful of blood gushed out, that cultivator’s aura instantly became dispirited.

Then, the light from the spell formation that enveloped the cultivator began to slowly fade away. The figure of the immortal cultivator also appeared in the eyes of the cultivators in the sea of clouds. The spell formation platform slowly descended, and then landed on the sea of clouds.

This cultivator also declared that he had failed because his Dao Heart was unstable and his heart was burning with anxiety while he was immersed in the illusory realm.

The first person who failed had already appeared. What about the first person who succeeded?


With a light sound, the array formation that enveloped Zhao Xuening suddenly dispersed.

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