Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 115

Chapter 115: The Eye-Catching Name, Awe-Inspiring

The blazing light outlined Su Yi’s name on the Four Symbols Demon Seal golden list. His name was displayed on top, high on the list.

When the cultivators in the sea of clouds saw this scene and the immortal voice from before, they were all dumbfounded.

Especially those cultivators who thought that it was a meteor falling and panicked after seeing this scene, their faces were filled with disbelief.

“This… Someone has passed the Four Symbols Demon Seal!?” Some cultivators cried out in surprise.

They looked at the two large golden words on the golden list, Su Yi. A brilliant light flickered on it, and a faint power was transmitted from the golden list.

“Heavens, how long has it been! It hasn’t even been the time for two incense sticks to burn, right?”

“Two incense sticks? I’m afraid it has only been the time for one incense stick to burn!”

“From what you guys are saying, doesn’t that mean that Su Yi killed the demon beast?”

For a time, the cultivators in the sea of clouds all agreed on Su Yi’s strength. The fact that he placed second on the ladder to immortality, they might say that it was luck.

Moreover, the golden list of the ladder to immortality was not that important. As long as one passed, one would leave their name on the golden list.

However, this Four Symbols Demon Seal was different. The danger and challenge in it were infinitely raised.

In the sea of clouds, some cultivators looked at the names on the golden list with an inexplicable gaze. They had also climbed the immortal ladder and stepped into the land of the Four Symbols Demon Seal. They knew what the scene inside was like.

The fact that they could climb the immortal ladder was enough to prove that they were not weak. However, among the Four Symbols demons, they did not even last for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, and were forced to give up their qualifications.

Compared to them, Su Yi actually advanced in the time it takes an incense stick to burn and passed the assessment. One could imagine just how powerful the unknown Su Yi was.

These cultivators occasionally heard some sour words from cultivators who had not entered the Four Symbols Demon Seal list.

They only smiled bitterly and thought to themselves, ‘brother, that guy is really terrifying. Not only is he lucky, he also has strength.’

Of course, they could not be bothered to tell others these words. Even if they did not advance, they were still geniuses who had passed the immortal ladder trial.

They could not be bothered with the words of these ordinary cultivators.

Just as the cultivators in the sea of clouds were arguing endlessly about why Su Yi could be ranked first on the Four Symbols Demon Seal roll, a vast golden light appeared in the sky.

High up in the sky, that vast golden light seemed to have collided with something and turned into a golden light that scattered.

The scattered golden light seemed to have received some sort of guidance as it emitted a faint majestic force and began to dance.

Under the dancing golden lights, lines after lines of patterns were being constructed into an array platform in the sky. Everyone in the sea of clouds below could see it clearly.

Just as the cultivators in the sea of clouds were puzzled as to why an array was constructed, they quickly understood. When the golden lights danced and sketched the array platform, they turned into starlight spots and dissipated in the air.

At the same time, a golden pillar of light rose from the center of the platform, and a figure appeared.

It was Su Yi!

At this time, his appearance truly appeared in front of all the cultivators. That well-defined face, unmatched determination, and that slender and perfect physique had already caused some of the female cultivators in the sea of clouds to scream.

It was as if they had not seen a man in a hundred years, causing the surrounding cultivators to feel waves of disdain.

However, these cultivators were also filled with curiosity towards Su Yi. Just what kind of person was he? Before this, he was completely unknown.

At this time, he was like the North Star in the dark night, shining brightly.

Su Yi sat cross-legged in the middle of the array formation. He slowly opened his eyes and exhaled.

The golden light not only helped him recover his true essence, but it also removed the fatigue on his body.

It could only be said that the Tiandao sect was indeed the Tiandao sect. Just a little power was enough to make countless people gasp in admiration.

At this time, he had also discovered his current situation, but he did not pay attention to it. Although he did not know why he had to build an array in such a place to carry people who had advanced, there should be a certain reason behind it.

After Su Yi’s appearance was completely exposed to the cultivators’ eyes, he could occasionally feel a few cold gazes sweeping over his body.

However, there were more than a few thousand cultivators present, and it was too difficult to find those few cold gazes. Therefore, he did not pay attention to them.

As for the sea of clouds below, because he did not pay attention to them, although it was already noisy, it gradually calmed down.

In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed. In other words, five incense sticks had been burned, which was approximately two hours.

The people who were waiting quietly noticed that a silver light streaked across the sky, forming an array formation platform in the sky. At the same time, the immortal voice gradually sounded. The cultivators in the sea of clouds also knew who had appeared.

“The second person on the Four Symbols Demon Seal list, Lu Aotian.”

However, Lu Aotian was more or less in a sorry state now. In order to fight for the first place on the Four Symbols Demon Seal list, he had used some forbidden techniques.

That was why he had killed the demon beast so quickly.

However, when the immortal voice rang out, his eyes were filled with disbelief. How could it be? How could there be someone else who was better than him?

Lu Aotian swept his gaze over and saw Su Yi sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

His heart instantly turned cold. The large hands that were placed on both sides clenched their fists tightly, making cracking sounds.

It was him, it was him again. Who exactly was this guy? Why did he always disrupt his plans and plans time and time again?

Lu Aotian’s eyes were fixed on another array platform. Su Yi sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, looking relaxed as he gritted his teeth. At the same time, he made up his mind to kill Su Yi if he had the chance in the future.

Lu Aotian had a vague premonition that Su Yi would be his biggest obstacle in the future.

However, now, he could not do anything. Lu Aotian unwillingly sat down cross-legged and began to recover his body’s true essence.

The two of them were now people who had advanced. As long as they passed another trial, they would be able to obtain the qualification to enter the immortal sect.

Therefore, the last advancement trial was definitely the most important one. They could not be careless.

Not long after Lu Aotian passed the test, there were already people who had passed the Four Symbols Demon Seal test.

The third person was Zhao Xuening. Similarly, a stream of light had constructed an array platform in the sky.

Zhao Xuening slowly appeared in the center of the array platform. She first swept her gaze over, then saw Lu Aotian and Su Yi. Finally, her gaze stopped on Su Yi.

Her brows were smiling, and the corners of her lips curled up. One could imagine how happy she was in her heart.

When Zhao Xuening appeared, three hours had passed.

The Four Symbols Demon Seal trial had officially ended. In the sky, more than a dozen streams of light shot towards the sky above the sea of clouds.

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