Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Kill, the First to Advance

The primordial abyss ancient flag moved upon hearing the sound. Under the infusion of true essence, the ancient flag shone brightly, before turning into an illusory formation around the flag.

The ancient flag was the eye of the formation, and the chains formed from spirit energy wrapped around the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake’s body, covering it one after another.

The demon king who had just broken through the huge stone floor was instantly pressed down by the formation formed by the Taiyuan ancient flag, unable to move.

At the same time, notifications rang out on Su Yi’s interface.

[Hint: Magic treasure, Taiyuan ancient flag consumes 2,400 true essence, binding effect lasts for 3 seconds]
[Hint: Magic treasure, Taiyuan ancient flag consumes 2,400 true essence, binding effect lasts for 3 seconds]

Seeing this, Su Yi sucked in a breath of cold air. Even without looking at the interface, he could feel that the true essence in his body was constantly being drawn out and then poured into the Taiyuan ancient flag.

According to his current true essence storage, he could only bind this demon king for a minute at most.

Without hesitation, he held the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade in his right hand and prepared to use Flowing Shadow Flash.

When he took out the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade, the blood-red blade emitted a faint dragon’s might.

The One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake, which was bound by the ancient primordial flag, revealed a fearful expression when it sensed the faint dragon’s might.

It had a trace of the evil flood dragon’s bloodline and was naturally suppressed by the bloodlines of flood dragons and other demon beasts. However, the dagger actually had a faint trace of true dragon’s might.

At that moment, even if he was unwilling and did not want to, the faint dragon’s might emitted by the dagger still caused its huge body to tremble slightly.

However, Su Yi did not notice the change in the expression of the demon king at that moment. He took out the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade and quickly executed Flowing Shadow Flash.

His body turned into a flowing shadow and disappeared from where he was. In an instant, he appeared next to the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake.

The demon king that had just rushed out of the ground had just exposed its fatal weakness, the snake’s seven inches.

After appearing next to the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake, Su Yi held the dagger in his right hand. On the blood-red dagger, a black light kept flowing.

“Flowing Shadow Flash!”

With a soft shout, he poured his true essence into his right hand and quickly swung it, stabbing towards the weakness of the demon king.

As the dagger approached the scale armor, Su Yi could feel a wave of spiritual power blocking it. However, very quickly, the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade also emitted this strange light.

Then, it easily cut through the layer of spiritual power and heavily stabbed into the seven-inch scale armor.


This time, there was no sound of metal interweaving. The spirit-breaking dagger directly penetrated through the scale armor and stabbed into the snake.

Su Yi twisted his hand and then poured his true essence into his body, and with a hard swing, he slashed snake’s head.


A stream of stinky blood splashed onto Su Yi’s body. The huge body of the demon king kept twitching. Without the layer of spiritual power to protect it, the snake was almost cut in half.

A large amount of bright red blood spurted out, and its life force was also rapidly fading away.

The single eye on its forehead flashed with a trace of human-like sadness, as if it was recalling the events of its past life.

It just broke free, but it was about to be destroyed by the human cultivator.


With a mournful roar, the giant eye on its forehead did not close, but only covered with a layer of gloomy white membrane.

When the one-eyed evil scaled snake had completely lost its life, Su Yi’s aura started to drop.

Intense continuous use of the ancient flag to restrain the demon king, he almost collapsed. He felt the consumption of his true essence. In such a short period of time, he had actually used up nearly half of his true essence.

He panted slightly and pulled out the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade from the body of the demon king.

Immediately, a gush of fresh blood gushed out from the corpse. However, at this time, the one-eyed evil scaled snake that had lost its life force.

After Su Yi had completely killed this demon king, the immortal voice reverberated in this world.

“Congratulations, you have obtained the qualification to advance.”

The cold and emotionless immortal voice sounded so warm and welcoming to him. If another demon beast came, he would probably die here today.

After the immortal voice finished echoing, a beam of golden light seemed to fall from the highest sky, covering Su Yi’s body.

He immediately felt the true essence in his body slowly recovering, and even the bloodstains on his body slowly turned into smoke and disappeared in the arena under the golden light.

Then, Su Yi’s body slowly floated up in the air under the golden light, looking very strange.

However, this only lasted for a short while. Under the golden light, Su Yi’s body turned into a golden stream of light and rushed into the sky.

At this time, the excitement levels of the cultivators in the sea of clouds had already exploded. Although they could not see the battle scene on the second level, they could still see the changes on the list.

Next to the immortal ladder list, there was an even more gorgeous golden list. Rays of spiritual light circulated on the list, and at the same time, it reflected some faint multicolored light, making people feel very good when they looked at it.

At this moment, in the highest point in the sky sky of the secret realm, there was a sudden explosion. The sound was even more abrupt than the thunder on a sunny day.

All the cultivators in the sea of clouds were only shocked. Then, their eyes were attracted by the sudden movement in the sky.

In the eyes of these cultivators, a ‘meteorite’ was coming toward them from the highest sky. It was burning with endless multicolored light.

Immediately, some cultivators were shocked and panicked. Their lips trembled as they shouted.

“F*ck, f*ck! A meteorite!”

As soon as these words were said, the cultivators in the sea of clouds instantly panicked.

F*ck, it really was a meteorite. Moreover, the place where it was falling was in the direction of the sea of clouds where they were located.

The power of the meteorite was so great that it was not something that foundation establishment cultivators could block. If it were to crash on them,, then…

“F*ck! Why are there meteorites in the immortal trials mystic realm?!”

A cultivator shouted with a horrified look on his face. However, no one responded to his words. Who knew that meteorites would appear in the immortal trials mystic realm? This was something that had never happened for thousands of years. Moreover, no elder had ever passed down a story like this.

However, in reality, these quick-witted cultivators were thinking too much. It was not a meteorite, but a flowing immortal light.

The immortal light came from the sky and turned into an incomparably gorgeous long rainbow. It directly bombarded the Four Symbols Demon Sealing golden list.

The incomparably dazzling immortal light almost blinded the eyes of all the cultivators present. A name that made them sigh with emotion appeared on the top of the Four Symbols golden list.

At the same time, a rumbling immortal voice came from the sky, as if confirming the thoughts of these sea of clouds cultivators.

“The first person who subdued the demon of the Four Symbols, his name is Su Yi!”

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