Chapter 113: The Power of the Taiyuan Ancient Flag, the Power of the Spirit-Breaking Dagger



This time, there was no sound of metal clashing. At the point where his sword finger and the demon king’s scale armor intersected, a layer of black light covered its scale armor.

Even when the Tiangang Destruction Finger struck its body, it only caused a wave of spiritual power to vibrate. It was completely unable to cause any effective damage.

“Even the Destruction Sword Finger can’t hurt it?”

Seeing this, his scalp felt a little numb. No wonder cultivators could advance just by persisting for ten incense sticks’ time. If everybody faced this kind of demon beast, it would be too terrifying.

However, at this moment, under Su Yi’s observation, he saw that although his attacks landed on the scale armor, there would be faint spiritual power fluctuations every time.

On second thought, could it be because of this protective layer of spiritual force that its defense was incomparably strong?

Other than that, he also discovered that on the stone floor of the arena platform, the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake seemed to have an extremely destructive power towards these thick and heavy floors.

Similarly, there was also a faint black light protecting its head.

“Could this be one of its innate skills?”

He could not help but think. The more he thought about it, the more reasonable it was. Just the impact of the demon king alone was not enough to break through such a thick stone slab.

The only explanation was the layer of black light on his body.

In other words, the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake had silently used a certain innate skill. One could imagine how intelligent it was.

The One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake did not struggle too much with Su Yi. Instead, it ferociously dived back under the platform. Once again, the arena rumbled, making it impossible to tell where the demon king was.

While being vigilant, Su Yi quickly analyzed the current solution.

This One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake did not have many attacking methods, but its defense and flexibility were greatly enhanced. He had also thought about whether he should endure the time it took for ten incense sticks to burn and obtain the qualification to advance.

However, just thinking about it, he could see Zhao Xuening’s mocking face, and he immediately shake off this thought.

His expression became completely serious. It was not that he had to do this, it was just that he did not want her to laugh at him.

After the first attack from the demon king, he was also prepared.

Every time the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snakewanted to break through the stone slab to attack him, there would always be a small pause. Perhaps it was accumulating power.

During this pause, the stone slab on the stage would not give off any vibrations. This was also the reason why he was able to leave his original spot earlier.

The stage that had been shaking suddenly stopped. There was only one possibility, and that was that it had launched an attack.

Just as he was thinking about this solution, the shaking in the arena came to an abrupt halt. The One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake’s next attack had arrived.

Sensing that the platform had come to a halt, his gaze focused, and his body jumped back a few steps before leaping high into the air.

Just as he leaped up, the surface of the arena exploded.


With a loud bang, half of its body jumped out, and its heavy body was like a pendulum. It started to spin 360 degrees, and within a radius of 10 meters, under its sweeping motion, the rubble turned into dust, and dust flew everywhere.

As for Su Yi, who had jumped up high, he was naturally not injured. Before he landed, he saw the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake dive into the ground once again.

Such agility was definitely the best among demon beasts. Moreover, the other party’s body was huge and its defense was extremely high.

Although he did not know how strong the attack was, Su Yi did not think that the attack power of the demon king would be weak when he saw its destructive power.

Moreover, he did not want to take an attack by himself.

“This is going to be a little difficult. Being in a passive position is not a solution at all. It would be great if I can hold it back for a period of time.”

He muttered to himself. Suddenly, a light flashed in his eyes, as if he had thought of something.

The true essence in his hand moved slightly, and an ancient flag appeared in his hand.

It was the Taiyuan ancient flag. This was a Dao-grade magic treasure, and it required significant true essence to use. However, if there was sufficient true essence, even a core formation cultivator would be able to restrain it. However, it was unknown how long it would be restrained for.

At this time, the ground beneath the stone platform still had not stopped shaking. This meant that the demon king had not shown any signs of attacking yet.

This also gave him more time to think. Although he had the Taiyuan ancient flag, he still could not break through the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake’s defense.

As long as he could not break through the demon king’s defense, using the Taiyuan ancient flag would be a waste, and it would be a waste of his true essence.

One had to know that this demon king was a peak foundation establishment realm demon beast. Even though his true essence was transformed from the innate superior clear qi, his true essence was greatly reduced.

However, it would still be difficult to restrain a peak foundation establishment realm demon beast.

During his last trip to the Giant Lizard Island, when he faced Xuan Lingzi, he did not continue to use his true essence to restrain Xuan Lingzi. Instead, he chose to escape.

Although he was bound, what if he could not kill him? Once his true essence was exhausted, he would be at the mercy of others.

Therefore, if he wanted to capture this demon king, he would have to break its defense before he could truly kill it.

However, with his current attacks, what could break the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake’s spiritual power defense?

The Heaven-defying Divine Sky Palm that was his trump card?

This would not do. It took him a little longer to gather his power.

The Tiangang eleventh move, the Tiangang Sky-slashing Finger, which was also his trump card?

This would not do either. It also required time to gather true essence. The only one who could quickly close in and launch an attack after being bound was probably the first form of the Flowing Light Dragon Shadow, the Flowing Shadow Flash.

When he thought of the Flowing Shadow Flash, he remembered that he had another magic tool in his hand.

He had obtained it from the Giant Lizard Island, and he had a deep impression of one of its special attributes.

He took out the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade and looked at the special attribute on the panel, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

That’s right, the special attribute of the Dragon Blood Spirit-breaking Blade was spirit-breaking. It was to break through the defense of spiritual power and true essence, which was absolutely fatal to some cultivators who had defensive moves.

Thinking of this, he was even more confident in dealing with the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake. It had been five minutes since he arrived here. He just hoped that he would not fall too far behind.

At this time, the shaking on the platform stopped. The demon king’s next attack was about to come.

This time, it did not stop for as long as before. After the pause, a bloody mouth shot up from under Su Yi’s feet.

Then, with a loud shout, the true essence on his body exploded, and then suddenly poured into the Taiyuan ancient flag.

“Taiyuan ancient flag! Bind!”