Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Terrifying Defensive Power, Trapped in a Bitter Battle

Seeing this demon beast’s information on the interface, Su Yi’s expression gradually became solemn.

It was actually a demon beast at the foundation establishment perfection level, and not an ordinary demon beast at that. It was actually a demon king.

This One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake only had a huge vertical eye growing on its forehead. Its huge body emitted a faint black aura, which was very strange. It had thick black scales on its body, and there were some sharp bone spikes on its back.

It was originally coiled up under the shackles of those huge chains. However, now, after Su Yi arrived, the demon king opened its huge vertical eye and stared at the human who had suddenly appeared.

The forked tongue in its mouth kept sticking out its tongue, and its huge vertical eye emitted an endless cold light and viciousness.

It had been locked up by the Nine Temples Four Symbols Demon Sealing formation for over a hundred years. Now that it saw a creature like humans, it wished it could eat their flesh and drink their blood to ease the hatred that had been suppressed for a hundred years.

At this moment, the chains that were wrapped around its body began to groan and creak after Su Yi arrived.

The four symbols holy pillars around them slowly shook, and the chains began to shatter on the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake’s body. As the chains continued to shatter, the demon king’s aura became more and more vigorous.


As if it had been reborn, the demon king raised its head and roared, expressing the excitement in its heart. Could it be that it was going to break free today and leave this damned place?

However, before that, it would first fill its empty stomach that had been empty for a hundred years.

After Su Yi entered the arena, he only had time to observe the surrounding environment before the demon king had already broken out of the battle formation, its huge vertical pupils staring at him.

A chill rose from behind him. The strength of this kind of demon king probably far exceeded the strength of the demon king he had encountered in the great desolate region.

Immediately, his brows raised, his eyes slightly focused, and the true essence in his body began to faintly rise. He abandoned the distracting thoughts in his mind and began to focus on dealing with this demon king in his eyes.


The One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake let out a roar, and the snake’s tongue in its bloody mouth contracted, and a poisonous fog shot towards Su Yi.

The speed of the poisonous fog was as fast as a sharp sword, and even the air around it was torn apart. One could imagine just how fast the poisonous fog was.

He, who had been paying attention to the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake for a long time, saw it shoot out a poisonous fog from its mouth, and he quickly jumped away.

His steady and light footsteps made sounds as he stepped on the platform. The poisonous fog of the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake actually condensed into a pool of poisonous liquid and shot towards the ground on the platform.

The ground turned black in the pool of poisonous liquid. At the same time, it made a sizzling sound, and an unpleasant smell drifted in the air.

Su Yi had noticed this while he was rushing forward. Then, his true essence was activated and transmitted into his nose.

With every breath, he used his true essence to filter out the unpleasant smell in the air to prevent the poisonous gas from entering his body.

After that, he did not put the one in his hand in a daze. He started to activate his true essence, and then he started to use Tiangang Sword Finger. With a low growl, the sword finger in his hand changed, and a cold light condensed on the tip of his finger.

However, at the same time, he did not stop, and continued to run around the entire arena.

“Tiangang Sword Intent Finger, fifth move of Tiangang!”

A cold light condensed into sword qi at the tip of his finger, before he shot towards the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake.

Almost all snakes had this weakness. The so-called hitting a snake at its seventh inch was no exception, even if one had become a demon beast. Usually, the seventh inch was the weakness of a snake.

However, the Tiangang Sword Intent Finger that was emitting a cold light hit the scales of the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake.

The sound of metal interweaving rang out. The never-failing Tiangang Sword Intent Finger actually only left a mark on the demon king’s scales.

“Damn, what a strong defense!”

When he saw this, even he, who was usually calm, could not help but curse in his heart. After which, his footsteps came to a halt. A cold glint flashed in his eyes. After which, he quickly formed his sword finger and continued to shout.

“Let’s try this move of mine!”

“Tiangang sixth move, Tiangang Destruction Finger!”

True essence gathered on his finger. A couple of cold lights appeared. After which, they rotated and gathered together, emitting this wave of might.


He once again cried out in a low voice. That spiral-like sword qi turned into a long rainbow that shot towards the seven inches of the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake.

At this time, how could the demon king just sit and do nothing? Its snake tail, which was like steel, rose up, and then swung towards Su Yi’s attack.


The sound of metal interweaving rang out again. Su Yi’s attack had actually been hit once and deflected to the ground.

Seeing this, his expression changed slightly, and he thought, ‘this is not good.’

The demon king’s defense had already greatly exceeded his imagination. It should be said that it was a demon king at the perfect foundation establishment realm.

Little did he know that this One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake had been suppressed by the Four Symbols Demon Lock formation for a hundred years. Even if it could not activate its bloodline and transform into a flood dragon, its strength was not something that an ordinary perfect foundation establishment realm expert could deal with.

After repelling Su Yi’s attack, it launched another attack. The scales all over its body seemed to stand up, and a huge amount of spirit energy began to circulate on its body.

Then, the scales closed, and a faint spiritual light flashed on his body. Then, he let out a roar, and his huge body actually broke through the platform of the arena and entered the ground.


The stone platform was shattered by his huge body, and the 10-meter-long body actually went straight into the ground.

At the same time, the platform started to shake, and he could feel the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake burrowing below.

He did not only know where the demon king would come from. At this moment, Su Yi’s nerves were extremely tense. This demon king was even more difficult to deal with than he had imagined.

Moreover, this demon king had intelligence. This was very terrifying. A demon beast with intelligence and a demon beast without intelligence were two completely different species.

Right now, Su Yi was in the open while the One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake was in the dark. At this moment, he could only passively take a beating.

Su Yi was observing every movement around him, and his body was absolutely tensed up so that he could react immediately.

Suddenly, as if he had sensed something, he quickly jumped backwards a few steps, leaving the original spot by seven to eight meters. At the same time, he condensed the sword finger in his hand, and another Tiangang Destruction Finger shot out.

At his original spot, along with a series of rumbling sounds, the stone slab on the platform suddenly exploded, and the gravel shattered.

A huge snake head opened its bloody mouth and charged forward. At the same time, Su Yi’s attack also arrived.

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