Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Four Symbols Demon Prisoner, One-Eyed Evil Scaled Snake

Nie Ling appeared in front of Su Yi and Zhao Xuening in a light green dress. She said with a faint smile on her face, “sorry to keep you waiting.”

Su Yi spoke first when he heard this. He looked at Nie Ling and said with a faint smile, “don’t worry. Fellow Daoist Nie’s talent is extraordinary, so I believe that you will definitely be able to do it.”

Looking at Zhao Xuening again, she did not know Nie Ling as well as Su Yi did, so she only nodded slightly.

Nie Ling’s talent was not inferior to those geniuses, but she had always been doing business in the clan, so she did not seem to have much combat experience.

However, her foundation was there. In the future, she would cultivate more and pay less attention to the matters of the trading firm, so her cultivation and realm would quickly rise.

However, in Nie Ling’s eyes, she did not feel excited about this. Hidden beneath that faint smile was actually a trace of loneliness.

When the three of them gathered again, they thoroughly and seriously looked at the top of the ladder. They saw that the top of the ladder was still shrouded in clouds, but it was different from the sea of clouds.

There was actually an array formation under their feet, if it was not covered by the clouds.

Looking at this, the cultivators who had climbed to the top of the ladder were all on top of an array formation.

This array formation could be said to be magnificent, although it was not as wide and boundless as the sea of clouds. However, at a glance, it was still over a hundred meters wide.

He looked down and saw that they were all standing in the air, with faint and mysterious array patterns flashing by occasionally.

Apart from the appearance at the top of the ladder, he also saw Li Mengxi’s figure. Now, she was in a team. It should be the Li family’s team.

Besides, with Zhao Xuening here, she definitely would not come over to greet them. After all, from that time on, these two girls had been fighting. It seemed like it was because of the fight between their big brothers?

However, this was naturally a matter of the other party’s family, and Su Yi could not be bothered to care about it.

After a few more incense sticks had burned, there were no more cultivators on the ladder to immortality.

There were more than a hundred people who had come to the top of the ladder, and only about a hundred people were qualified to advance from the tide of 10,000 cultivators.

The selection method was like a big wave washing the sand. The waves rose and fell, leaving only the big sand behind. As for Su Yi and the others, they were the big sand, the kind that was still surrounded by golden light.

Just as no cultivators were going to climb the ladder for a long time, the immortal voice began to ring.

“Congratulations on obtaining the qualification to pass the advancement test.”

“Then, the second trial is coming up.”

“Nine Temples Four Symbols Demon Sealing formation, activate.”

As the immortal voice fell, the Dao voice prompt also sounded in the minds of the cultivators.

[Prompt: The Nine Temples Four Symbols Demon Sealing formation has been activated.]

As the two supreme and dignified voices fell, the formation patterns under their feet began to slowly rotate.

Soon, with a series of rumbling sounds, at the top of the ladder, no, it should now be called the Nine Temples Four Symbols Demon Sealing formation.

At the center of the formation, the clouds and mist avoided and actually formed a large circular center, which was more than ten meters wide.

Within the center, a terrifying power that made people fearful interweaved within the formation.

Was that the sound of the formation patterns interacting? It made people feel that it was extremely dangerous.

The large formation under their feet reflected layers of spiritual light in the sky. Following that, a spiritual energy attack shot up into the sky from the center.

After the spiritual energy light pillar dissipated, a beautiful teleportation portal appeared at the center of the formation.

At this time, the immortal voice rang out once again, informing the cultivators who had obtained the qualification to advance.

“Enter the formation, eliminate the demons, or persist for the time it takes ten incense sticks to burn, and you will obtain the qualification to advance in the next trial.”

The emotionless immortal voice rang out, explaining the rules in a short sentence.

This time, if they could give up, they would also lose their previous qualification.

Who would give up so easily if they could come here?

As long as it was not a last resort, no one would give up until the end.

At this time, Lu Aotian, who was not far away, jumped into the portal.

He said politely, “everyone, I will go first!” Then he jumped into the portal.

This time, he, Lu Aotian, would not repeat the same mistake. He was determined to win in the golden ranking list. He wanted to prove to those who had looked down on him. He was the truly invincible genius.

That’s right. During this advancement test, another golden ranking list appeared in the sky above the sea of clouds. The Dao aura circulated on it, and there was also no name on it.

Therefore, this time, almost all the genius cultivators who had the qualifications to advance did not wait. When they saw Lu Aotian enter the formation, they immediately followed him in.

Li Mengxi, who was in the Li family’s team, glanced at Su Yi and Zhao Xuening from afar before following the team into the formation. She then turned into a white light and disappeared.

When he saw this, he did not say anything and only nodded at the two girls.

This kind of assessment was not helpful. After entering the teleportation formation, one would probably be teleported to an independent place.

If one wanted to enter the golden ranking list, it was very simple. One could either kill the demon beast inside or persist for the time it takes ten incense sticks to burn.

The time it takes ten incense sticks to burn was equivalent to three to four hours.

In other words, if one wanted to enter this golden ranking list, one had to kill the demon beast within three to four hours.

Otherwise, just by persisting, one mistake might cause all the previous efforts to be wasted.

At this time, Su Yi also stepped into the Nine Temples Four Symbols teleportation array. He turned into a stream of light and disappeared from the top of the ladder.

In the secret realm of the celestial trials, in a mysterious space.

There was a ring-shaped building here, and in the middle of it was a platform that looked like a circular arena. A huge demon beast was tied by four huge chains on the platform.

Around the platform, in the four directions of the north, south, east, and west, there were huge pillars that shot up into the sky.

The shapes of the pillars were almost different. There seemed to be some majestic energy patterns carved on them. However, Su Yi immediately understood what was carved on the stone pillars.

It was the four symbols. The east was the shadow of the azure dragon, the south was the form of the black turtle, the west was the form of the white tiger, and the north was the form of the vermillion bird.

These four pillars that were carved with the four great holy beasts were connected to the four enormous chains. It was as if they were working together to seal the demon beast on the arena.

At this moment, a white light flashed and appeared in the arena.

Su Yi’s figure appeared here.

He had just arrived, and his life force awakened the demon beast on the arena.


A low moan sounded. He looked in the direction of the sound.

A huge figure appeared in front of him along with the interface information that popped out from his eyes.

[Demon king: One-eyed Evil Scaled Snake]
[Bloodline: Demon flood dragon bloodline]
[Realm: Perfect foundation establishment]

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