Chapter 109: Walking on the Clouds. He Is the Real Dark Horse

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Zhao Xuening’s face turned cold when she was suddenly hit on. She originally wanted to see where Su Yi was, but now she could not see him.

In her eyes, there was no longer any trace of Su Yi. She could only see Nie Ling also climbing the immortal ladder.

The corner of her eyes looked at the person who was hitting on her. Her face was a little gloomy and she did not pay attention to him.

However, he did not want to give up. Instead, he moved closer and pretended to be cool.

“Miss Zhao, I’m Lu Aotian, the No. 1 on the Hidden Dragon List. Would you like to make friends with me?”


In fact, Lu Aotian had other intentions. He got the news from his family that when Zhao Xuening of the Zhao family activated her immortal destiny, she had the Mystic Female body of the Nine Heavens.

He himself also had an immortal body, and he had heard that Zhao Xuening was born and raised like a fairy from the mortal world. If he could get his hands on her, then even if it was in the central sky region, he would still be able to obtain her.

His Lu clan had suppressed the other two clans in the struggle for power in the Thousand Treasures Pavilion. It was for nothing else but the future brought by the two immortal bodies.

Originally, with his elegant bearing and the fame brought by the Hidden Dragon List, coupled with his handsome appearance, he believed that no female cultivator could resist his charm.

However, who would have thought that after Zhao Xuening could not find Su Yi, she was a little frustrated.

She was not very clear about Su Yi’s strength, but she could sense that he had the strength of a foundation establishment. Could it be that he…

“Miss Zhao…”

“Get lost!!”

Coupled with the fact that there was a fly beside her that was constantly chattering, she instantly exploded. Her eyes coldly glanced at Lu Aotian, then she ignored him and once again headed up the immortal ladder.

He had never been humiliated by a woman like this before. His eyes turned cold. His gaze was cold as he looked at Zhao Xuening who continued to climb up the ladder. His lips curled into a cold smile as he muttered.

“Zhao Xuening, right? Sooner or later, I will…”

At this moment, a loud noise came from the sea of clouds. He could not help but frown.

What was happening down there?

Just as he turned his head to look down, he quickly knew what was happening.

He saw a character dressed in a silver flame robe strolling leisurely on the immortal ladder as if he was strolling in the courtyard. Every time he stepped on the ladder, the sword qi and gales shot towards him without hesitation.

This person was Su Yi. Ever since he stepped on the ladder, he could clearly feel that the Nine Revolutions Blood Sun Pagoda in his body started to rotate faster.

A faint red light appeared on the surface of his skin. At this moment, he was stepping on the 40th step where Lu Aotian was.

A sword qi shot towards his body. With a rustling sound, the sword qi dissipated.

A faint bloody mark appeared on Su Yi’s skin. At the same time, a notification slowly popped up in his mind.

[Notification: You have been attacked by condensed cloud sword qi. Your qi and blood value has been reduced by 100 points.]

He was slightly stunned for a moment. Finally, there was a fluctuation on his face as he muttered.

“I’ve finally reduced my qi and blood.”

Lu Aotian’s ears twitched. He actually heard Lu Aotian’s whisper. Immediately, it was like a bolt from the blue. His state of mind was in an uproar.

He was dumbstruck as if he had been petrified. It was as if he could not believe it. What was he saying? Finally? Reduced his qi and blood? Was he a demon?

At the same time, he also understood where the uproar in the sea of clouds came from. This guy in front of him actually did not use any spells at all. He just walked straight up, which caused the commotion below.

Just as Lu Aotian thought, the cultivators in the sea of clouds were also in a commotion. Among the cultivators, everyone was filled with astonishment and disbelief.

“Who is that?! Why do I feel like he’s walking on the immortal ladder like he’s walking in his own backyard? Is he really a foundation establishment cultivator?”

“Damn, brother, don’t block me, I want to see the big boss!!”

“Who knows him? ! How can such a cultivator be so obscure?!”

Because of Su Yi’s actions, all the cultivators in the sea of clouds were trying to look at this mysterious figure.

He was obscure, unknown, and hidden, just like the heavenly deity Vajra.

Just based on his calmness, he went straight up to the 40th step without any defense at all!! Who could do such a thing? Who?!

Perhaps many years later, when these cultivators entered the Tiandao sect’s competition grounds again, they would also recall that there was such a fierce person on the immortal ladder.

His story would be passed down from generation to generation until it became a legend.

However, Su Yi did not pay attention to the commotion in the sea of clouds. He did not want to walk up in such a ostentatious manner.

However, perhaps it was because he had consumed the purple qi and blood essence, his physique had greatly improved. Therefore, his defense had now reached a freakish level.

He carefully felt the sword qi that was attacking him from the 40th level and discovered that the power of the sword qi was at the foundation establishment realm.

He could not help but wipe his cold sweat. Damn it, when did my defense reach such a level?

Or was it because of the Nine Revolutions Blood Sun Pagoda in his body? However, the Nine Revolutions Blood Sun Pagoda only increased his qi and blood, and now it was only at the level of rank two.

He was very puzzled about this. He would explore it properly when he cultivated in the future. Now, it was better to climb to the top of the immortal ladder.

He raised his head and looked at Zhao Xuening who was in front of him. He found that she had already reached the 60th step. What kind of speed was this?

At this moment, when Zhao Xuening saw where Su Yi was, there was a hint of surprise hidden in her beautiful eyes. However, she did not show it. Instead, she continued to head towards the top of the immortal ladder.

I told you, I’ll wait for you at the top, so I’ll get to the top first.

Seeing this, Su Yi did not say anything. He knew Zhao Xuening too well. Right now, she should be brooding over that sentence from before.

Then, he would turn around and look at Nie Ling’s location. He found that Nie Ling had also arrived at the 30-plus steps. Judging from her aura, it should not be a problem for her to climb the immortal ladder.

Seeing this, he felt a little relieved. Then, he moved his feet and climbed up the ladder again.

Only Lu Aotian, whose eyes were filled with hatred, was left. He was an immortal-level Heaven’s Favorite, but he was actually ignored by others.

While he secretly hated Zhao xuening, he also secretly hated Su Yi.

The 99th step of the ladder to immortality was not very long. In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, those who had the ability to pass through the ladder to immortality were all around the 90th step.

However, other than some of the more famous ones, the other dark horses were more or less in a sorry state.

At this moment, the leader, Zhao Xuening, was taking a step towards the 100th step of the ladder to immortality.