Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 108

Chapter 108: A Sudden Drop In Qi and Blood? A Black Horse Appears

As the Dao voice fell, the immortal voice rang out once again. The immortal voice spread through the sea of clouds with a boundless and emotionless voice, echoing in the minds of the cultivators.

“The immortal ladder will deduct your qi and blood as you ascend. If you ascend the 99th step without dying, you will be promoted to the next trial.”

“In addition, if you do not have enough qi and blood deducted from the immortal ladder, you can choose to withdraw from the immortal ladder. At the same time, you will lose the qualification to take the test.”

The faint immortal voice sounded. It was vast and ancient, without any emotion, just like the voice.

As soon as the immortal voice fell, a huge golden list slowly unfolded in the sky beside the immortal ladder. As if to record the name of the person who passed, there was no name on the list at the moment.

Seeing this, some cultivators could not help but leap onto the immortal ladder.

The immortal ladder was very big and could accommodate thousands of people at the same time. Therefore, when this cultivator moved, a group of others also followed him up the ladder.

The expression of the cultivator who had just stepped on the immortal ladder changed. The immortal voice had already explained that each step of the ladder would deduct qi and blood points.

As for how it was deducted, when the cultivator stepped on the first step…

A gust of wind blew past his face, and an extremely fine wound appeared.

At the same time, the sound of the Dao appeared in the cultivator’s mind.

[Notification: You have been torn apart by the gust of wind. Your qi and blood value has decreased by 100 points.]

Immediately, the cultivator’s expression became solemn. It seemed that this kind of ladder was not easy to climb. Most of the cultivators who rushed up encountered this kind of situation.

They were more or less foundation establishment cultivators, and there were even qi condensation cultivators who came to join in the fun.

100 Qi and blood points could be said to be negligible among foundation establishment cultivators, but they could not stand the number of steps.

Even if each step reduced 100 qi and blood points, this was a whole 99 steps of the ladder. One would need more than 10,000 qi and blood points to finish the climb up.

Just the reduction of qi and blood points was a great test of a cultivator’s strength, talent, and other aspects. One could not go against it without being ruthless.

Fortunately, the astral qi could be resisted with true essence attacks, so it was not very harmful. However, when he climbed up the second step, his expression suddenly changed.

At this time, it was not just one astral wind that attacked him, but two!

[Hint: You have been attacked by the astral wind. Your qi and blood value has been reduced by 200 points.]

Immediately, the cultivator’s eyes turned serious.

With the cultivators taking the lead, more and more cultivators climbed the ladder to immortality. However, they quickly gave up the qualification when they reached the 20th step.

It was simply too terrifying. When they reached the 20th step, the wind was replaced by sword qi. Each sword qi could cause 1,000 points of damage, including the physical strength of ordinary cultivators.

Therefore, those self-aware cultivators directly gave up their qualifications.

If some powerful attack suddenly came from behind and they died, it would be too wasteful of their immortal destiny.

At the same time, the cultivators began to split up. Some of the stronger cultivators thought that they could still climb up and continue to walk after breaking through the 20th level.

Seeing this, Su Yi looked at the two women and said indifferently.

“Let’s also start.”

“Mm, okay,” Nie Ling replied indifferently.

Zhao xuening, on the other hand, took the lead and turned into a snow-white figure as she stepped onto the immortal ladder.

She said faintly, “I’ll wait for you up there!”

After saying this, her figure shot up. Astral wind? It did not exist. It could not touch her at all.

Within a short period of time, she had actually caught up to the first step of the ladder to immortality.

Seeing this, he could not help but smile bitterly. As expected, in front of him, Zhao Xuening was still Zhao Xuening. She had not changed at all.

With a few flashes of his figure, he arrived in front of the ladder to immortality.

He took a step up, and then a voice prompt sounded by his ear.

[Notification: You have received an astral wind attack. Your i and blood value has decreased by 0 points.]


Zhao Xuening’s actions stirred up a storm. Even though she was still wearing a veil, her proud figure could not be concealed.

A beautiful figure quickly caught up with the first echelon, and naturally, it attracted the attention of the cultivators in the sea of clouds.

“Eh, who is that? Why is she so fast? Isn’t she afraid of the attacks of the gales and sword qi?”

Some cultivators could not help but exclaim in surprise. Although Zhao Xuening was second on the Hidden Dragon List, almost no one had seen her appearance, so they did not recognize her.

At this time, Zhao Xuening stopped at the 40th step of the cloud steps. Behind her, there were gales and sword qi. As she charged forward, there were a total of 40 gales and sword qi.

The gales and sword qi brought with them a shocking might as they shot towards Zhao Xuening.

Under her veil, the corners of her mouth curled up as the true essence in her hands moved slightly. Her beautiful eyes focused as she launched a move.

“Flower Blossom Cold Dance!”

She gently waved her delicate voice, and a true essence attack that was condensed from peach blossoms scattered the sword qi and gales, not causing any damage to her body.

After this, her beautiful eyes looked at Su Yi, who was still slowly catching up, and her jade-like lips under the veil once again revealed a smile.

Zhao Xuening’s actions quickly attracted the attention of the other cultivators on the ladder, and they immediately sighed in their hearts. They did not expect that they could do this.

If they did what Zhao Xuening did, and if they were not strong enough, they would only be seeking their own destruction. Therefore, this was absolute confidence in their own strength.

However, Zhao Xuening’s actions seemed to have created a precedent. Many cultivators turned into afterimages as they charged towards the higher part of the ladder.

The terrifying thing was that these afterimages were not conceited players, but truly powerful existences.

Just like Zhao Xuening, they stopped at the same level and turned around to disperse the strong winds and sword qi that were flying towards them.

The stronger ones also did not receive any damage. Some of them only suffered some damage and lost some of their blood and qi.

At the same time, among these figures, one could surprisingly see many geniuses on the Hidden Dragon List.

They were like dark horses, standing out from the crowd. Among them, the leader was Lu Aotian from the Hidden Dragon list.

One could see that he had also crossed the fortieth step and arrived at the same position as Zhao Xuening.

After which, one could see that he was courteously speaking to Zhao Xuening.

“This young lady, I think that you are the second-ranked Miss Zhao Xuening from the Hidden Dragon List, right?”