Chapter 106: The Two Beauties Travel Together, and the Tiandao Sect Descends

The next day, cultivators came and went everywhere in Central Plains City. The entire street was filled with the figures of cultivators.

Why was this so? Naturally, today was the day that the Tiandao sect descended.

Since the strange sound of the Tiandao last time, today was already the third day. In other words, on the third day, it could descend at any time.

Therefore, today, those who were feeling lucky and confident in their own strength. All kinds of cultivators poured into the center of the city.

This caused a scene to appear in the entire center of the city. The crowd of cultivators was almost moving slowly on the streets.

There might be disputes and quarrels among them, but they were all moving in the same direction, and that was the center of the Central Plains.

In the center of the Central Plains, there were no buildings. The ground within a radius of a thousand meters was made of bluestone.

However, the lifeless ground was welcoming wave after wave of cultivators, because according to tradition, when the Tiandao sect descended, they would definitely open up a secret realm space here.

They would also list out the golden roll so that people outside could know about the things happening in the secret realm space. These things, some old guys who had experienced it once knew it clearly.

In the Nie family’s mansion.

Zhao Xuening, who was dressed in a white dress, and Nie Ling, who was dressed in a green dress, were talking to each other in a pergola.

From time to time, the two of them would let out light laughter that sounded like wind chimes. They seemed to have an extremely good relationship.

A gentle breeze blew through the pavilion, lifting the skirts of the two women,

“Was fellow Daoist Su really such a person in the past?”

Nie Ling’s beautiful eyes flickered.

She looked curiously at the girl in front of her, who was slightly more beautiful than herself.

“Of course, I don’t have to lie. Su Yi, at that time…”


As they spoke, the two girls laughed lightly again, as if they had a very good relationship.

Those who did not know would think that they were old friends who had known each other for many years, like good sisters.

But only Su Yi knew that Zhao Xuening and Nie Ling had only known each other for half a day.

He did not know what kind of immortal technique Zhao Xuening used to become so harmonious with Nie Ling in just half a day.

However, soon, he knew why.

He was wearing a silver-white robe, which was the Frostflame Robe. Today, perhaps it was a coincidence, but he actually tidied himself up.

That clear-cut face, heroic eyes, and that body that was becoming more and more perfect after experiencing the transformation of the spiritual root.

His appearance was definitely not inferior to any young master of a great aristocratic family.

If he were to walk on the streets, those who did not know would really think that he, Su Yi, was a disciple of a great aristocratic family.

They saw that he had arrived at the pavilion. When he heard the conversation between the two women, he could not help but ask curiously, “what are you two talking about?”

His arrival also caused the eyes of the two women to light up. They only heard Zhao Xue Ning teasing him a little.

“We’re talking about your past. After not seeing you for a few months, you’ve become more like a dog. It’s just that you haven’t changed at all after being a girl for so long.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yi’s face darkened. No wonder he would smile from time to time. It turned out that Zhao Xuening was digging into his past embarrassing matters.

However, he did not dare to dwell too much on this matter. Hence, he hurriedly changed the topic.

“It’s getting late. We should head to the center of Central Plains City.”

This change of topic was undoubtedly successful. The two women looked at each other and nodded, and then the three of them left the Nie family mansion.

The location of the Nie family mansion was not very far from the center of Central Plains City. However, the three of them still took some time to arrive here.

They saw that the cultivators here had already gathered into a huge crowd.

However, none of them dared to approach the area made of bluestone in the middle. This should be the result of the kind-hearted reminder from the veteran cultivators who had participated in the descent of the Tiandao sect.

At this time, the three of them were waiting quietly in a place together.

Two women had put away their gentle smiles from before, and now they were like an ice cave, looking around coldly.

Even though they had long put on their veils to hide their peerless beauty, their proud postures still attracted the attention of many people.

Su Yi, who was between the two women, felt uncomfortable all over. He could feel that there were more than 10 to 20 hostile gazes looking at him. Regarding this, he could only sigh helplessly in his heart. Beauties were a disaster.

After arriving here, Su Yi scanned his surroundings and realized that there was no Li family team.

However, this was also good. Now that Zhao Xuening was also here, if the two of them were to see this, they would definitely quarrel.

Just as he was pursing his lips and cursing in his heart…

Suddenly, the sky and earth changed color. In the originally clear sky, the winds and clouds were changing rapidly.

A series of rumbling sounds could be heard from the sky. At this moment, golden rays of light shone on the sky. Immediately, the entire great desolate Central Plains was enveloped by the golden rays of light.

Along with the golden rays of light, immortal voices could be heard.

The immortal voices were loud and mighty, as if they were being transmitted from the Nine Heavens, or exploding in the ears of the cultivators.

Almost all the cultivators in the great desoalte Central Plains could hear this immortal voice.

Different from the usual Dao voice prompt, this immortal voice actually reverberated in the air, reverberating in the hearts of the cultivators.

Not only that, the moment the immortal voice rang out, the Dao voice rang out once again in the minds of the cultivators.

A prompt panel popped up, causing people’s hearts to tremble.

[Notification: Tiandao sect is about to arrive.]

This notification sounded like muffled thunder, causing the hearts of every cultivator in the great wilderness’ Central Plains to tremble.

Amidst the sea of people, the cultivators revealed joyful expressions. The Tiandao sect competition that everyone had been anticipating had finally arrived.

The immortal voice continued to resonate in the sky, as if it was announcing to the world.

However, this did not last long. When the immortal voice stopped, another phenomenon began to manifest in the sky.

In the sky above the center of the central city, three beams of golden light were like golden pillars, enveloping the bluestone clearing in the sky.

Very quickly, the golden pillars began to gather in the middle. None of the golden pillars seemed to contain endless power. The three beams of golden light started to interweave together, and a huge amount of spiritual energy started to gather in the sky.

In the Central Plains City, because the spiritual energy in the space was being extracted, the strong gales became stronger and stronger.

Boom! Boom!

Just as the crowd of cultivators were confused, the sky exploded, and a huge nine-colored lightning arc shot towards the space on the bluestone ground.


With a loud sound, in Su Yi’s eyes, the space in the center seemed to have been torn apart by the nine-colored lightning.

A spatial vortex was slowly expanding. Soon, it changed from five meters to more than ten meters and was still expanding.

However, seeing that there were some elders among the cultivators who did not seem to be panicking, this must be the phenomenon of the secret realm opening.