Chapter 105: The Meeting at the End, the Meeting of Fate

Just as he finished speaking, he was led by a servant of the Nie family.

A beautiful figure walked in through the main door. She was dressed in a long white dress, with 3,000 strands of black hair draped over her waist.

Her pair of spiritual eyes carried a faint sense of being a thousand miles away. At a glance, she looked just like that icy beauty.

Looking at that familiar appearance, a great wave was stirred up in his heart. He did not expect to see her here.

The person who came was the same as the voice announcing the arrival. She was also the person he was familiar with, Zhao Xuening.

It had been a few months since they parted when their immortal destiny activated. He did not expect her to have changed so much.

The current her had long lost the strange and eccentric appearance that they had shared a table together back then. Her celestial body of the Nine Heavens Fairy carried a gust of immortal wind as she walked. The surrounding spiritual energy seemed to be attracted by something as it gathered towards Zhao Xuening’s body.

Instantly, the density of the spiritual energy around her increased a lot. As Zhao Xuening walked slowly, she felt a burning gaze on her body.

She was instantly displeased. She looked coldly at the source of the gaze.

Her beautiful eyes froze. It was as if she had seen something unbelievable. Even her footsteps that were about to continue stopped. Their gazes met. There was an indescribable charm in the air.

It was as if they had crossed time and space. That faint connection was connected at this moment. Their fates once again intersected.

In Zhao Xuening’s eyes, a figure that she had never thought of appeared. It was also something that she had been paying attention to for the past few months.

Ever since they parted after opening the immortal destiny, she had sent people to pay attention to Su Yi’s every move after she returned to her family.

In her opinion, even if they could not walk down the immortal path together, at the very least, they had to leave a trace of their existence in their future lives.

However, ever since Su Yi entered the great desolate region, she had not received any news about him.

But now, it was as if she had seen a ghost. The person who was almost impossible to find had appeared in her eyes. This was simply out of the ordinary.

“Su… Su Yi?”

Her light and agile voice sounded from her jade-like lips, and her tone carried a trace of disbelief.

He gently nodded his head after being called by Zhao Xuening.

“What a coincidence, Xuening. I did not expect to meet you here.”

The corner of his mouth was slightly lifted. Although he had realized a long time ago that it was very likely that he would meet her in the Central Plains.

However, he did not expect that they would meet in such a place after they parted after having opened their immortal destiny.

Zhao Xuening also gently smiled when she heard this. That faint smile spread across his fair, delicate, and warm little face. For a moment, it was as if the entire world had lost its color.

Just as the two of them were greeting each other, Nie Ling, who was standing to the side, followed them.

She knew about Zhao Xuening, who was a genius with a celestial body from the Zhao family. However, Nie Ling did not expect the situation between Su Yi and Zhao Xuening.

They seemed to know each other?

Therefore, she looked at the two of them and faintly said, “fellow Daoist Su, Miss Zhao, do you two know each other?”

As she said this, Nie Ling looked at the two of them as if she wanted to see something.

However, he was disappointed. Su Yi and Zhao Xuening looked like old friends who had not seen each other for many years and did not feel anything strange.

However, as a woman, she had a feeling that the relationship between the two of them were not that simple. A warning bell rang in her heart.

After hearing Nie Ling’s question, Su Yi replied, “that’s right. Xuening and I were deskmates before we activated our immortal destiny.”

He indeed knew Zhao Xuening. Moreover, they were deskmates before they activated their immortal destiny. The relationship between them could be said to be extremely good. At the very least, at that time, Zhao Xuening and he talked about everything.

Nie ling seemed to have understood something when she heard this. A faint smile appeared on her face as she extended her right hand.

“Hello, fellow Daoist Zhao. I Am Nie Ling and Nie Longxiang is my father.”

Zhao Xuening looked at Su Yi with a strange expression when she saw this. After which, she extended her hand and said, “Zhao Xuening.”

Her two jade-like hands shook gently before they immediately separated. Their gazes met as though they could see the meaning in each other’s eyes.

At this moment, Su Yi indifferently asked, “oh right, Xuening, why did you come to the Nie family? Is there something you want to do?”

He was a little curious. In his impression, the Zhao family did not have any relationship with the Nie family.

However, that was just his thought. Among the higher-ups of these families, there were more or less some friendships and grudges.

For example, this time, Zhao Xuening’s father somehow found out that the Nie family had formed a partnership with the mysterious Dan family. Moreover, she happened to be in Central Plains City, so he asked her to pay a visit and investigate the situation.

However, she did not expect that she would actually meet Su Yi here.

All kinds of questions immediately flooded her mind. However, when she thought of the presence of an outsider like Nie Ling, he maintained his image and said, “I came to pay a visit on behalf of my father. However, why are you in the Nie family?”

Zhao Xuening’s pretty face fluctuated slightly.

Right now, in her eyes, the Nie family’s young miss was silently standing behind Su Yi, as if it had become a habit. Could it be…

When she thought of this, she hurriedly threw away the thoughts in her mind and comforted herself. With Su Yi’s appearance, it would be strange if the Nie family’s young miss took a fancy to him.

Moreover, his strength…

Zhao Xuening stared at Su Yi with her beautiful eyes. Her spiritual root was a physique that surpassed her spiritual root, the Mystic Female body of the Nine Heavens.

She was extremely sensitive to spiritual qi. From Su Yi’s body, she could actually feel the aura of a foundation establishment cultivator.

Although she was not too sure of his cultivation level, from the slight fluctuations of spiritual qi, he was definitely a foundation establishment cultivator.

For this reason, she was secretly shocked. She thought back to the time when she asked her family to send Su Yi a set of foundation establishment materials.

However, the news came later, they could not find Su Yi.

Later on, a wanted notice with the same name appeared on the wanted notice of the Thousand Treasures Pavilion. This made her guess again whether that person was him.

Until now, there was still no news.

Now, when she met him again, his cultivation base had already reached the foundation establishment realm. What exactly had he experienced during these past few days?

It should have been very tough…

Subsequently, Su Yi explained the general situation from the beginning when he met Nie Ling to the current Central Plains. This caused Zhao Nuening to laugh lightly, and then reveal a worried expression.

However, Zhao Xuening did not forget what she was going to do today. After she paid a visit to the patriarch of the Nie family, she received some news.

She then said goodbye and left, and agreed to go together the next day to the place where the Tiandao sect descended.