Chapter 104: Become a Consecrator of the Nie Family and Be Visited by the Zhao Family

She did not make it clear what she meant, but there was an unknown charm in her gaze.

Seeing this, Zi Wanyu also softly sighed. In her arms was her daughter. Just from this slight expression, how could she not know what Nie Ling was thinking.

Perhaps this girl had long been secretly in love with him, but she did not say it out loud. If this went on, one day, she would only hurt herself.

Moreover, from Zi Wanyu’s point of view, Su Yi did not seem to have realized it, so she could only sigh meaningfully.

Let the young people handle their own matters.

The Nie family’s banquet did not last for long. Late at night, Su Yi was already arranged to rest in a room.

The next day, in the large Nie family mansion, ancient buildings appeared elegant and solemn. This was the Nie family’s public affairs hall.

Usually, the Nie family would announce any major events here.

But today, in this solemn public affairs hall, Nie Longxiang sat high on the head seat. With a glance, he saw a few ancient buildings on both sides, and there were old men sitting on the seats.

These old men were the Nie family’s elders, and all of them had brought great contributions to the Nie family.

At this moment, these elders were quietly drinking tea and chatting with each other from time to time, as if they were waiting for someone.

Soon, a beautiful figure appeared at the main entrance of the public affairs hall. It was Nie Ling.

She slowly walked into the public affairs hall, bowed to the chief patriarch and the elders beside her, and then said indifferently.

“Father, fellow Daoist Su has arrived.”

Hearing this, Nie Longxiang’s eyes lit up, and he waved his hand. “Okay, invite him in.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Nie Ling nodded slightly, and then walked out of the public affairs hall once again, calling Su Yi who was outside.

Today, Su Yi once again wore the Frostflame Robe, and his entire person seemed to have an even more elegant bearing. Each and every one of his actions had an indescribable demeanor.

At this moment, he received Nie Ling’s summons and followed her into the Nie family’s public affairs hall.

He stepped through the door and suddenly felt a few gazes on him. It was the gazes of the Nie family’s elders.

He had a faint smile on his face. After which, he cupped his fists towards the elders and Nie Longxiang, who was seated at the head seat, and said, “greetings to all of you. I wonder why Uncle Nie called me here today?”

He looked at Nie Longxiang, who was sitting on the chief seat. He had been meditating in the room and practicing the five elements foundation establishment technique when Nie Ling suddenly appeared and called him here.

She said that Nie Longxiang had something important to talk to him about. However, in the current situation, the important thing to talk about should be quite important.

From the surrounding elders, he could even feel the dense true essence cultivation on their bodies. Every one of them was an expert at the late stage of the foundation establishment stage.

When they saw Su Yi’s expression and his neither servile nor overbearing tone when he entered, the Nie family elders had already secretly nodded their heads.

At such an age, with such a temperament, there was no need to worry about not being able to accomplish great things. A trace of a smile appeared on Nie Longxiang’s dignified face before he said.

“Little friend Su, you don’t have to be so polite. Come and sit.”

Nie Longxiang used his hand to indicate a chair beside him. This kind of posture was all to treat Su Yi as a person of equal status, and not as a junior.

He then looked at Nie Ling, who also led Su Yi to take a seat before quietly standing behind him.

The corner of Nie Longxiang’s mouth twitched when he saw this. As expected, he could no longer keep his daughter when she grew up.

However, he did not say anything. He merely looked at the other elders and nodded at each other before looking at Su Yi and speaking indifferently, “little friend Su, Ling ‘er has already told me about the deeds of the Horizon City Branch.”

“Not only did you save the Nie family branch, you two also brought the stable cooperation of the Dan family to our Nie family. Our Nie family already does not know how to prepare a thank you gift for such a meritorious service.”

As Nie Longxiang spoke, he looked at Su Yi with a deep and solemn expression.

The Nie family did not only bring the cooperation from the branch. With the huge supply of resources, their Nie family was able to purchase materials from the Dan family at the lowest price on the market.

In the Central Plains of the great desolate region, it could be said that it was a huge blow to the Thousand Treasures Pavilion, which was also a trading firm.

Just imagine, if the competitors suddenly lost their ability to suppress him, then the momentum that the other party wanted to develop could be said to be extremely terrifying.

Finally, Nie Longxiang looked at Su Yi and spoke in a dignified and unquestionable voice.

“Therefore, our Nie clan has decided to place young friend Su as a member of our Nie clan’s consecrator.”

Hearing this, Nie Ling’s expression was filled with shock. Her mouth slightly opened, feeling somewhat incredulous.

The Nie family elders also nodded at each other. Only by standing at the top of the Nie family would Su Yi truly be of value.

The so-called Nie family’s consecrators had extremely great power. Other than not being able to interfere with the decisions of their family’s meeting, almost all the forces of the Nie family could be mobilized within the great desolate region.

One could imagine how great the power that could be mobilized was. Su Yi was also slightly stunned after hearing Nie Longxiang’s decision.

After which, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Nie Longxiang as he said, “Uncle Nie, this isn’t too good, right?”

He was only seventeen or eighteen years old. Being a consecrator of a family would somewhat affect the reputation of a family.

Unexpectedly, Nie Longxiang’s expression turned serious as he indifferently said, “little friend Su, don’t decline. You deserve this consecrator position. If your contributions are not enough to become a consecrator, this will cause our Nie family to become a laughingstock.”

“This…” Su Yi turned his head and looked at Nie Ling. For a moment, he was unable to make up his mind.

Nie ling nodded slightly. After which, Su Yi also completely sighed. He nodded his head and clearly accepted this identity.

After accepting the identity of consecrator, Su Yi left the public affairs hall. This was because what Nie Ling’s father and those clan elders were about to discuss was the core matters of the trading company.

However, there was already an additional token engraved with the Nie clan within his seal space, proving that he was a consecrator of the Nie clan.

At this moment, he and Nie Ling were slowly walking between the courtyard of the Nie clan’s mansion. One could only see the corner of Nie Ling’s eyes reveal a smile as she teased him.

“Please give me your guidance in the future, grand consecrator Su.”

Hearing this, he could not help but smile. Just as he was about to say something, a notification sounded from the main door.

“Miss Zhao Xuening of the Zhao family has come to pay a visit!”