Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Midnight Dinner. What Do You Think of Him

Central Plains City, Nie family mansion.

The noble and imposing glazed tiles covered the top of the gate of the mansion, and two servants stood guard at the side of an ancient gate.

Nie Ling and Su Yi also spent some time to travel fromthe city gate to Nie mansion.

Looking at Nie family mansion in that grandiose imposing manner, Su Yi felt a little anxious.

He looked at Nie Ling and said in a soft voice, “fellow Daoist nie, I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for me to suddenly go to the mansion and disturb you, right?”

Anyone would not be used to suddenly going to someone else’s mansion and disturbing them.

Moreover, Nie Ling was a lady. If he followed her to live in her mansion, would it not look bad on her?

Therefore, Su Yi had already made up his mind. It was better for him to find an inn to stay at, so as to avoid being seen by some strange people. It would be bad for Nie Ling’s reputation.

Just as he was about to say goodbye to Nie Ling, she took off the veil covering her face and walked to the front door of the mansion.

She said to a servant at the door, “Little Five, go and inform him that I’m back.”

When the servant called Little Five suddenly saw the person, he was a little surprised at first, but soon, he was pleasantly surprised.

The servant quickly ran into the mansion. At the same time, a loud and clear voice began to reverberate within the mansion.

“Master! Madam! Miss has returned!”

Nie Ling helplessly shook her head when she saw this. After which, she looked at Su Yi behind her and revealed a faint smile.

“Let’s go in, fellow Daoist Su.”


He didn’t know how to reply to this. She had already extended such a warm invitation. Would it be too much for him to leave after saying a few words?

In short, right now, Su Yi was extremely conflicted in his heart. Should he enter or not? However, he was ultimately defeated by the Nie family’s enthusiasm.

At this moment, two figures walked out from the main entrance of the mansion.

It was a man and a woman. That woman was like a noblewoman, both of her hands supporting the middle-aged man as she slowly walked out of the main entrance.

If this noblewoman was standing next to Nie Ling, those who did not know would think that they were sisters.

As for the middle-aged man, his body was cold and he had a dignified appearance. His eyes shone like cold stars, and his two curved eyebrows looked as if they had been painted.

At first glance, it seemed as if he did not lose his former magnificence, making people feel that he was imposing even if he was not angry.

Nie Ling had not seen her family for a long time. Now that she saw the two of them, she had already moved forward and embraced the noblewoman.

“Father and mother, your daughter is back.”

“It’s good that you are back. It’s good that you are back…”

The lady gently stroked Nie Ling’s hair. Her face was filled with warmth and kindness. The middle-aged man smiled as he looked at the mother and daughter. After which, he turned his gaze towards Su Yi.

After which, he strode over to him and spoke in a deep voice, “you are that Su Yi?”

Hearing this, he cupped his fists at Nie Ling’s father.

“Yes, I am.”

There was no humility in his eyes. Instead, he looked directly at Nie Ling’s father, without a trace of emotion in his eyes.

Seeing this, Nie Ling’s father stroked the slightly long beard on his chin and smiled.

“Good, good. I’ve long heard of your deeds from my daughter. Now that I’ve seen you, your talent is indeed extraordinary. You’re truly a talented person.”

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Nie Ling’s father, Nie Longxiang. That person over there is my wife, and also Nie Ling’s mother, Zi Wanyu. Between us, you can also address me as uncle or aunt. There’s no need to be overly courteous.”

He reached out and patted Su Yi’s shoulder, looking at him with a thick smile on his face.

At this moment, the corner of Su Yi’s mouth twitched. He always felt that Nie Longxiang’s gaze when looking at him had a different kind of charm.

However, since Nie Longxiang was so enthusiastic, Su Yi could not treat them with a cold face. He revealed an awkward smile and then said, “hello, Uncle Nie.”

“Good, let’s go back to the mansion. It’s a joyous occasion for you to come back today. Let uncle prepare and hold a banquet tonight to welcome you!”

Nie Longxiang laughed heartily. He waved his hand and ordered his servants to carry out his orders.

The current situation really put Su Yi in a dilemma. Was he really going to settle down in the Nie family mansion?

After handling the matter, under Nie Longxiang’s hospitality, he entered the Nie family mansion in a daze.


Inside the Nie family mansion’s banquet hall, Su Yi and Nie Ling’s father, Nie Longxiang, were both drunk.

A faint blush had already appeared on their faces. They were both cultivators, so they did not use their true essence to force out the wine.

This wine was getting more and more enjoyable.

At this time, Nie Longxiang looked at Su Yi with slightly drunk eyes, and then said indifferently, “little friend Su, you might not know this, but back in Shangyang city, when Ling ‘er said that she had found some alchemist, madam and I didn’t believe it at first.”

“But it was only later that we realized that we were extremely wrong. This Central Plains is indeed still the world of young people like you. Aiyo, I’m getting old, getting old indeed.”

They only heard him say some nonsense, and they did not know if he was really drunk or fake.

Hearing this, Su Yi said softly, “Uncle Nie, don’t tease me. You are still in your prime, how can you say that? In my opinion, Uncle Nie’s prime has not yet fallen.”

“Sigh, I am getting old. How can I not dare to admit this?”

Other than the two of them chatting and fooling around at the wine table, Nie Ling and her mother were not idle in the courtyard of the mansion.

The two beauties were like sisters. Nie Ling leaned on her mother’s shoulder and silently watched the rising moonlight.

Suddenly, Nie Ling’s mother slowly said, “Ling ‘er, what do you think of that Su Yi?”

“What do you mean, what do you think? Fellow Daoist Su is a really good person. Whether it’s his character or strength, as well as his ability to bring miracles time and time again, all in all, fellow Daoist Su gives people a very mysterious feeling.”

Nie Ling’s eyes flickered as she replied.

Unexpectedly, Nie Ling’s mother chuckled and said indifferently, “Ling ‘er, I’m not asking you this, right?”

“Ling ‘er, with your intelligence, you should know that I’m not asking you this, right? I want to ask…”

However, before she could finish speaking, Nie Ling interrupted her. Nie ling shook Zi Wanyu’s shoulder and buried her head in her embrace.

If Su Yi were to see this scene, he would definitely be shocked. He did not expect Nie Ling, who usually had the appearance of a strong woman, to have such an attitude of a little daughter.

After being interrupted by Nie Ling’s coquettish act, Nie Ling’s mother sighed slightly and said faintly, “alright, alright, alright. I won’t ask. It’s just that Ling ‘er, if you have such thoughts, and that little friend Su is as outstanding as you said, then we have to hurry.”

“In the vast immortal path, there are not many people who are as talented as little friend Su. In the future, you will definitely meet all kinds of people. Now that I have said it out loud, I’m afraid that you won’t have a place to cry even if you want to.”

“You have to know that I only have you as my precious daughter.”

Nie Ling, who was buried in Zi Wanyu’s arms, could only softly agree and did not say anything else.

What do you think?