Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 101

Chapter 101: The True Art of Illusion, Central Plains City

However, he quickly thought of the strange movement of the flag on his body, and his face turned as white as paper.

The flag on his body was actually placed by this person, and when did he do it?

Thinking of this, not only did Lei Liang’s forehead break out in cold sweat, but in his eyes, Su Yi was almost a mysterious and terrifying existence.

To be able to place that flag on his body without a sound, how could such a person appear in this Chengguang mountain range!!

Moreover, Lei Liang was extremely confident in his speed. However, just as he arrived, the person behind him arrived.

What did this mean? It meant that the other party’s speed far surpassed his own.

There was even a possibility in his heart. That was that the Su Yi in front of him might have been following behind him the entire time.

Lei Liang immediately gave a definition. This person was absolutely terrifying. He was definitely not on the same level as Zhang Tianxiu.

When Su Yi saw Lei Liang’s pale face and panic, he knew that this person had more or less guessed something. He could not help but sigh inwardly. This person was really smart. He could almost guess the cause and effect with just a little thing.

However, at the same time, a person like him had already known that this would happen to him one day. How could he not get his shoes wet if he often walked by the river?

Very quickly, Lei Liang calmed down. He had already completely accepted his fate when faced with an unknown, mysterious, and terrifying person like Su Yi.

Who would have thought that a seemingly ordinary cultivator would actually have extraordinary strength?

He steadied his state of mind and suppressed his expression. He looked at Su Yi with a somewhat perturbed expression and said.

“Sir, what happened earlier was my fault. I will give you this pure origin spiritual fruit as compensation. I hope that you can let this lowly person off.”

As he spoke, he opened the sealed treasure chest. The moment the treasure chest was opened, a wave of fruit fragrance drifted out.

The faint spiritual energy contained within it caused all the pores on Su Yi’s body to open and close. It was extremely comfortable.

At this moment, Su Yi finally saw the true appearance of this pure origin spiritual fruit. It was as white and flawless as mutton fat. The spiritual energy that could be seen with the naked eye faintly scattered over the spirit fruit. If it was not for the lack of wind, the fruit fragrance would have drifted for a couple of miles.

His gaze focused slightly, and the attributes of the pure origin spiritual fruit appeared in his eyes.

[Treasure: Pure origin spiritual fruit]
[Grade: Rare]
[Effect: After consuming it, one’s cultivation will increase by 1000, and the cultivation effect will permanently increase by 5]


Seeing the attributes of this spirit fruit, he secretly sucked in a breath of cold air. The cultivation effect would permanently increase by 5.

If this was put into the auction house, the starting price would be 5,000,000 yuan. But why did he have to resort to such a method of finding a buyer?

Logically speaking, would not it be safer and more convenient to hand it over to the auction house? Why would he have to take the same risk as today?

Under Lei Liang’s pained gaze, he took the pure origin spiritual fruit and felt its weight. It was the real thing.

After taking the pure origin spiritual fruit, he looked at Lei Liang, his eyes flashing with an unknown intention.

“Sir, you won’t go back on your words, right?”

Lei Liang sensed Su Yi’s gaze and immediately became vigilant. In terms of strength, he definitely could not beat Su Yi, but he would not just stand idly either.

Seeing the other party become slightly vigilant, he revealed a faint smile and said.

“I say, since I was able to follow you here, this pure origin spiritual fruit will naturally fall into my hands sooner or later. If you want to use this thing that is already in my bag to exchange for a way out for yourself.”

“Then don’t you think that I am too naive?”

After saying this, he withdrew his faint smile and his expression became solemn. His gaze became somewhat ice-cold as he looked at Lei Liang.

Hearing this, Lei Liang’s heart thumped as he thought to himself. Although the Su Yi in front of him had the appearance of a youth, his temperament was extremely terrifying. His thoughts were just like that hundred-year-old old fellow.

However, he definitely did not have any finances on him now. He looked at Su Yi with a determined gaze as he said indifferently, “what else do you want to do? Right now, I don’t have any valuable things on me. This has always been my habit in this line of work.”

A trace of nervousness flashed across his eyes. He could not help but curse himself. Why the hell did he provoke this guy? Now, he was probably going to die here today.

Just when he thought that Su Yi would attack him, he heard Su Yi say indifferently.

“I’m actually very curious. How did you get that fake pure origin spiritual fruit that you threw to me earlier? Is it a magical treasure, or is it a cultivation technique?”

His gaze was like a sharp sword as he stared at Lei Liang. The Aura on his body dispersed, and under the immense pressure, Lei Liang felt his legs tremble.

Lei Liang was suppressed by his aura, and his eyes were filled with shock and doubt. His eyes were flickering crazily, and no one knew what he was thinking.

As for why he was so aggressive, it was a joke. This person had brought him trouble for no reason. If he was not powerful enough, he would have been suppressed by Zhang Tianxiu.

At that time, who would he go to reason with? If the others were to come again, they would probably kill Lei Liang with one sword strike after getting the pure origin spiritual fruit.

Would he still be able to live until now? Those who were a little more narrow-minded, even if his immortal seal mark was shattered and he returned to the mortal world, they would still find out his origin and completely eradicate him.

Therefore, if Lei Liang wanted to live, it was impossible for him not to pay the price of blood. In comparison, Su Yi could be said to have shown a lot of kindness.

However, he felt that with this person’s mind. Something must have caused him to walk on this path.

“Don’t go too far.”

Lei Liang was a little angry. That fake pure origin spiritual fruit was indeed created by him using a spell. At that time, he didn’t have time to think about anything just to escape. Then, he offended Su Yi.

Hearing this, Su Yi narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

“You have to think carefully. If it were anyone else, do you still have the life to bargain?”

Hearing Su Yi’s words, Lei Liang was slightly startled. Indeed, if it was any other ruthless cultivator, they would have killed him when they found the pure origin spiritual fruit.

Then, he threw his face to the side and spat. After that, an inexplicable emotion surged on his face. He flipped his right hand and took out an ancient secret manual from the seal space.

His hand which clutched the secret manual was trembling. Sometimes he clenched it tightly, and sometimes he loosened it, the expression on his face changed from grief to indifference.

In the end, he sighed and handed it to Su Yi.

“This secret skill was passed down from my ancestors. I hope you can use it well.”

Su Yi took it and then a voice prompt sounded in his mind.

[Hint: You have obtained the secret skill, True Art of Illusion. Do you want to spend 5 true understanding of spells to learn it?]