Global cultivation first time top up for the ultimate destiny treasure – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: He Won’t Be Able to Escape. The Treasure Is in His Hands

It was a skill that almost every Heaven’s Favorite with a background had.

The blood evasion technique.

It was not the first time Su Yi had encountered it. In his eyes, Zhang Tianxiu was quickly forming a seal with his hands.

There was not any power emitted, but it was not surprising. Very quickly, Zhang Tianxiu’s aura suddenly became weak. After that, his body was enveloped by a soft ball of light, then he turned into a stream of light and fled.

Seeing this, the corner of Su Yi’s mouth twitched. He did not make a move to stop him. It could be said that a secret technique that cost a lot to use could not be stopped.

However, at the very least, it was not something that foundation establishment realm cultivators could stop.

At this time, Nie Ling came to his side. She frowned and said indifferently, “fellow Daoist Su, what should we do now? Should we chase after him?”

She looked in the direction that Zhang Tianxiu had fled in, her eyes filled with worry.

Although she had a blind trust in Su Yi’s strength, since he was ranked 28th on the Hidden Dragon List, she was certain that he had a powerful clan behind him.

There must be a clan behind him. Thinking of this, Nie Ling made up her mind. No matter what kind of clan the other party was, her Nie clan would definitely protect Su Yi.

However, Su Yi did not pay any attention to Zhang Tianxiu who was fleeing far away. He turned his gaze towards the direction where Lei Liang had fled and said indifferently, “there’s no need to pay any attention to Zhang Tianxiu. It’s just that Lei Liang won’t be able to escape.”

Hearing this, Nie Ling was slightly stunned. She did not know what Su Yi was talking about. If she could find him in the space of Su Yi’s imprint, she would understand.

It was unknown when that ancient flag had disappeared into it. The Taiyuan ancient flag was Su Yi’s first magic treasure, and it was also a Dao-grade magic treasure.

This kind of magic treasure would have a trace of connection with its owner, so Su Yi had long since taken the fake pure origin spirit fruit. With his extremely agile reaction, he instantly hid the Taiyuan ancient flag on the other party’s body.

Nie Ling probably never imagined that his reaction would be so quick. He even had the time to press a flag on Nie Ling’s body to use as a signal.

Seeing Nie Ling’s puzzled expression, he lightly smiled. “Don’t worry. The person who wants to frame me won’t be able to escape. Who knows, we might even be able to obtain that so-called treasure.”

He then continued to look at Nie Ling and instructed, “fellow Daoist Nie, slowly follow me from behind. I’ll go catch that thief first.”

As he spoke, Su Yi’s aura trembled, and his gaze became slightly solemn. Then, he closed his eyes and faintly sensed the location of his magic treasure.

The true essence in his body began to pour into his feet. He was going to use all of his strength to burst out his movement speed.

Before Nie Ling could say anything, Su Yi’s gaze looked in the direction where Lei Liang had fled.

The ground beneath his feet shook, and the earth beneath his feet actually cracked. Then, his figure turned into a real afterimage and disappeared from Nie Ling’s eyes.

Nie ling slightly stretched out her hand, wanting to stop Su Yi from saying anything. However, there was still no sign of him in her eyes. She could only shake her head slightly and follow him.

Actually, what she wanted to say was that Lei Liang had probably run far away. If she wanted to chase after him now, it would be very difficult to catch up.

However, she did not expect that Su Yi had installed a locator-like existence on Lei Liang’s body.

On the Chengguang mountain range.

There was a rather dense thicket. A shifty-eyed head poked out, and it was Lei Liang.

This Lei Liang looked around, and after he found that no one was chasing after him.

This person leaped up from the thicket. At the same time, a look of disdain flashed across his eyes as he muttered, “bah, he’s the 28th genius on the Hidden Dragon List. What a joke. I fooled him good.”

“Also, that guy, who told him to leave me to die. He deserved to die!”

Lei Liang dusted off the dust on his body and moved his feet slightly. He wanted to follow the path of Chengguang mountain, but he did not know where he was going.

He had a look of disdain on his face, and he kept cursing Zhang Tianxiu.

“That Zhang Tianxiu is also a fool. That Tie Erhu was about to say it out loud, but he still foolishly trusted me. Who would carry a treasure with them when they’re going out to negotiate a deal?”

He looked a little pleased with himself. He lightly moved away from the Chengguang mountain path and rushed into the mountain range.

After some time, Lei Liang slowly walked to the bottom of a mountain slope. There were a few small trees surrounding the area, forming a circle with a small pile of trees in the middle.

Under the trees, there seemed to be a layer of dried branches and leaves covering the soil. When he arrived, Lei Liang’s face was filled with joy. He looked around warily and when he realized that there was really no one around, he said happily.

“I’m here, my treasure–”

His hands began to move on the overturned ground. First, he cleaned up the dead branches and rotten leaves. Finally, a small shovel appeared in his hand, and he slowly dug.

Soon, he dug a small hole in the ground, and a sealed treasure chest appeared before his eyes.

This was the usual way cultivators like him did business. They never brought real treasures with them. After discussing the deal, they would tell the buyer the location of the buried treasure.

He would have enough time to leave the buyer’s territory. Who would have thought that he would meet a buyer like Tie Erhu who wanted to take it by force? What bad luck.

Also, at this moment, something moved on his body. An ancient flag appeared on his body.

Lei Liang was stunned when he saw the flag on his body. There was a light circulating on the flag. It looked like a treasure.

However, Lei Liang did not show any excitement on his face. The flag seemed to be out of his control as it shook rapidly.

After which, it turned into a ray of light and flew out from his body in a certain direction.

At this moment, a somewhat frivolous voice was transmitted into his ear from the Chengguang mountain range.

“Ha, you really made it easy for me to find you. You have picked a good place.”

A figure was swiftly shuttling through the mountain range. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of Lei Liang’s eyes.

The person who came was none other than Su Yi. He extended his hand and retrieved the Taiyuan ancient flag back into the seal space.

He looked at Lei Liang with a faint smile on his face. To be honest, Lei Liang’s method could be said to be very tricky among foundation establishment cultivators.

However, he never expected that Su Yi would have the Taiyuan ancient flag on him. Moreover, he relied on this item to find his location.

As for Lei Liang, when he saw Su Yi’s figure, his face immediately turned pale, and even his speech became somewhat clumsy.

He pointed at Su Yi with trembling hands and stuttered.

“You, you, how did you know that I was here!!”

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