Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Towering

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Franklin spoke as he walked towards Adam.

Franklin and Quinn had similar heights. Franklin completely towered over Adam.

Looking at Franklin’s cold face and eyes, Adam panicked again.

At this moment, Quinn smiled and walked forward.

“Franklin, why don’t we just forget about this matter? Even though Mr. MacQuoid did it on purpose, he is still my senior. We have to forgive and forget.”

Adam was angry when he heard this. What did he mean by “even though he did it on purpose”? Was he helping him or hurting him?

The key was that Quinn was now pretending to be magnanimous.

It was obvious that he was trying to perform well in front of his fans.

As expected, after Quinn said this, the comments in the live broadcast room started to say that Quinn was very magnanimous and generous.

Franklin glanced at Quinn. As soon as he saw the look in Quinn’s eyes, he knew what Quinn wanted to do. He wanted Franklin to be the “bad cop”, while he played the role of the “good cop”.

Franklin raised his eyebrows. He was used to doing this.

Therefore, he shook his head and rejected Quinn’s suggestion. “That won’t do. Although you are magnanimous, I am your brother, so I have to protect you. This…what’s your surname again?”

Adam knew that Franklin was asking him a question when he saw that Franklin was looking at him.

“My…my surname is MacQuoid.”

“Mr. MacQuoid, the Torres Group’s legal team will contact you later. Please cooperate with us. If there’s nothing else, please leave. You’ve already seriously affected our lives.”

The reporters were ready to leave when they heard what Franklin said.

For some unknown reason, Franklin had only been in the room for a short while, but he was already in control of the situation.

The chairman was indeed different.

The reporters were all on the way out, except the last reporter, who was still holding up his cell phone and taking pictures inside. After all, it was the Torres family. If he could take a few more pictures, it would be good material even if the Torres family didn’t do anything.

It was not every day you get to see a rich family.

Looking at these reporters walking out, Franklin, Quinn, and Lauren were finally able to relax.

Lauren was surprised to see Franklin behaving in this manner. She initially thought that Franklin was a very reasonable person, and did not expect him to be so protective of his family.

Lauren remembered her cold war with Franklin during these few days. As it was a very unpleasant experience, she decided to take the initiative to talk to Franklin. But just as she was about to open her mouth, Franklin walked directly past her, as if he did not see her.

Lauren looked at Franklin’s back as he walked upstairs. She lowered her head and felt a little sad.

‘Bad Franklin! Why is he so petty? Does he have to be angry for so long? I am taking the initiative to talk to him, and yet he did not pay attention to me! Hmph!’ Lauren thought.

A reporter returned and said, “I’m sorry, I forgot to take my camera cover.”

After picking up the missing camera cover from the sofa, he left.

Following that, Quinn went to close the door. It was really quiet now.

“Phew! What a thrilling day.”

Lauren nodded in agreement.

Soon, Franklin came down from upstairs. He changed out of his suit and into casual home clothes.

When Quinn saw Franklin, he remembered how he had saved the whole situation and went to pour a glass of water for him.

“Franklin, drink some water!”

Franklin accepted Quinn’s friendly gesture with a clear conscience.

“What’s going on? I saw this live broadcast on the way back, so I rushed back in a hurry. How did these people know where you live?”

“They wanted to create trouble for me, so they would find ways to get the information. Adam’s acting skills are really good, and he has a pretty good profile too. However, I heard from some of my friends in the industry that his character isn’t that good. He already wanted to hurt me at the cocktail party yesterday. Fortunately, Lauren came to my rescue in time.”

Their conversation shifted to Lauren, and Franklin also took the opportunity to glance at Lauren.

Lauren was still unhappy about what happened just now. At this moment, she did not even look at Franklin. Her two small hands were placed on her waist, and her head was raised high. She refused to look at Franklin.

A cold war was a cold war. Who was afraid of who!!

Even though Quinn did not have a discerning eye, he could tell that there was a problem between the two of them.

Lauren would always stick to Franklin whenever Franklin was around.

Why did she sit so far away now?

What do you think?