Chapter 345: Stand Up Arrogantly

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“Quinn is right. Those people who slandered Quinn have no right to say such things!”

“Thank you, everyone, for your trust. I will definitely do better in the future.”

Adam stood at the side, just like Quinn’s background, completely ignored by everyone.

The live broadcast today was clearly aimed at bringing down Quinn, but he had helped Quinn instead!

He was angry, but there was nothing he could do now.

There were more and more people leaning towards Quinn in the comments on the screen, and more and more people were saying that Adam was causing trouble for no reason. Adam wanted to stop the damage in time, so he quickly said, “Dear fans and friends, I accidentally made a mistake and harassed Quinn. I’m really sorry and the broadcast for today will end here. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

He winked at Quinn and was about to tell the reporters to turn off their cameras when Quinn stepped forward to stop Adam.

Unlike his gentle and humble appearance when facing the cameras, Quinn stood up proudly when facing Adam and stopped the reporters from doing anything.

“Wait a moment. Mr. MacQuoid’s matter has been resolved, but I still have some matters on hand that haven’t been resolved.”

Lauren smiled. When she heard Quinn’s tone of voice, she knew that this farce was finally about to get to the most exciting part.

Although Quinn usually looked carefree, liked to joke around, and was lazy, he only put on that appearance when Franklin was present.

With Franklin shielding them, they could naturally be at ease.

But now, he had to stand up for himself.

Adam was frightened by Quinn’s sudden change in behavior. As Quinn was much taller than Adam, when he looked down at him, his imposing manner was much stronger in this aspect.

“Quinn, what other matters have you not solved? We can talk about it in private. Don’t waste everyone’s time.”

“That won’t do. Don’t you say that we have to be open? It’s better to let our fans and friends know about it. First question, I want to ask Mr. MacQuoid how he found my home address. As far as I remember, I don’t think I’ve ever revealed this.”

Adam stammered, “I…I…my friend found out about it.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll have to trouble you to tell me who this friend of yours is so that I can sever all ties with him. If he can give my home address so easily to someone else, he might just sell me out tomorrow.”

Lauren watched with an expressionless face as Quinn spoke. In her heart, she was applauding him.

At this moment, the fans on screen were also frantically supporting him. “Quinn is too handsome when he says these words! He will definitely be excellent at reciting his drama script in the future. I suggest that Quinn take on a drama of an overbearing chairman. He will definitely be very handsome.”

“Don’t pay attention to these things for now. What Quinn said makes sense. How did his home address leak out? It’s very dangerous. Now that Adam has done this, everyone knows where Quinn lives. If those extreme or crazy fans know, then it’s over!”

“Don’t worry. How could ordinary people dare to enter the place where Quinn lived?”

Lauren looked at the comments on the screen and nodded. The lastest comment made sense. Although they did not have regular security here, this area was inhabited by people with power and influence. Therefore, the police would come to patrol from time to time. It was indeed very safe.

Upon hearing Quinn’s question, Adam did not dare to say anything.

Quinn glanced at Adam.

He knew that Adam was unable to give him an answer. Adam must have used some shady means to get his address, so he did not expect to get an answer from Adam.

“Second question, Mr. MacQuoid. By coming to my house, you have leaked my home address, and you have also slandered me. It would have been fine if you had settled the matter privately in the beginning. But now, so many people in the country know about what you just said. What do you think you should do to compensate me for the loss of my image? Moreover, I’m not only famous here, but I am also famous internationally.”

Adam was stunned. He did not expect Quinn to be so eloquent.

He could no longer pretend to be calm.

“Didn’t I clarify it just now? No one will misunderstand you.”

He looked at Quinn’s expression and could not guess what his attitude was, so he continued, “Look, your brother is Franklin.. As the chairman of the Torres Group, he can easily get you a lot of interesting filming opportunities. You wouldn’t care about that, right?”