Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Keyboard Warriors

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Adam was shocked by Quinn’s natural expression and his decisive reply, he stuttered, “You…are you sure this is the Torres family? You’re the young master of the Torres family?”

Quinn nodded. “That’s right. I’m the second young master of the Torres family. All of you should know my brother, right? He’s Franklin, the new chairman of the Torres family; and my father is Sean, the former chairman.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment. They had never thought that the person in front of them was the young master of the Torres family!

After all, with such a background, there was no need for him to enter the entertainment industry.

“Oh my god, Quinn is too amazing. He’s rich and handsome. He’s really my idol in the mortal world.”

“That’s right. I’ll have lived a worthful life when Quinn can bring his brother, Franklin, for a live broadcast.”

“Me too, me too! I second that!”

Adam looked at the comments on the screen. It was obviously not right, he immediately started the tempo. “So you’re the son of the Torres family. Then it must be very easy for you to enter the entertainment industry. I heard that you and Director Spielberg have been getting very close recently. Could it be that you have a scene that you want to film with him?”

Adam thought to himself, ‘This hint is already obvious enough! It’s time that these fans let their imaginations run wild!’

Previously, he had accidentally been in the same photo as someone else, and netizens were able to fabricate a rumor that he had been married for three years. But even though he had presented this scenario to them, they still couldn’t get it!

When Quinn heard what Adam said, he immediately understood what he meant. He continued, “Recently, I’ve been discussing a movie with Director Spielberg. However, Director Spielberg’s requirements are very strict. I still have to audition, so I definitely won’t be able to meet my fans so soon. I hope that all my fans can be patient. I will definitely work hard.”

Quinn started to explain himself, looking at the reporters’ cameras.

Adam was extremely angry.

This was not how he intended the cameras to be used!

Adam was really frustrated. These reporters were supposed to help him frame Quinn, but now they were helping Quinn to clear his name?

“Wow, I still can’t believe that Quinn is a member of the Torres family. What kind of outstanding genes does the Torres family have? This is too amazing.”

Most of the comments were lamenting about this matter. Of course, there were still some discordant comments that began to question Quinn’s abilities.

“So he’s another celebrity who entered the entertainment industry by relying on his background. This kind of celebrity doesn’t have any abilities and only knows how to spend money. Don’t let him put on a bad show and dirty our eyes.”

“That’s right, Quinn. I’m your fan. But to be honest, weren’t you quite successful as a model when you were overseas? After returning here, you should also become a model. Don’t enter the entertainment industry to act. You need to have good acting skills. After all, Mr. MacQuoid also struggled for 20 years before he became the best actor.”

With such comments appearing, the rest of the comments would follow the trend.

Looking at these comments that finally said what he wanted to say, Adam finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The Internet trolls that he had spent money to hire did not come in vain.

Looking at these comments, Quinn raised his eyebrows. Only then did he understand why more and more celebrity artistes had committed suicide in recent years because they had been scolded by the online haters.

These people held a keyboard in their hands and they could attack others at will. With a single sentence, they could wipe out all the hard work of others. Who would not be angry after seeing this?

Quinn’s lack of works had always been a thorn in his heart. Of course, he knew that he had act in a few films in order to gain a foothold, and he was in the process of preparing for it now.

He frowned when he saw the comments on the screen, but he still endured it and smiled afterwards. He said to the camera, “Although I was born into the Torres family and my background is indeed as good as everyone says, it had nothing to do with my background when I debuted overseas.”

“Now that I’m here, I have to learn what other models have to learn, and I have to attend their classes as well. This will not change just because of my family background. In the future, I will also invite all my fans and friends to witness my films. I will definitely work hard.”

Quinn was very sincere and serious when he spoke. Coupled with his well-behaved and casual home clothes, it was hard for people not to believe it.

The comments on the screen started to praise Quinn.

The real fans suppressed all the internet trolls that Adam had hired.

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