Chapter 343: Admitting the Truth

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“Mr. MacQuoid, drink some water to calm yourself down. I think you can talk now. You said you can’t talk before, so I’m afraid it’s a lie, right?”

Adam finally realized that he had been exposed.

He took the glass of water and drank it all in big gulps, suppressing the panic in his heart.

“I…I couldn’t talk initially, but I was scared too much just now, so I can talk again all of a sudden.”

“I wonder what scared you? After all, none of the people here saw the woman you mentioned. Is it because you’ve been too busy with work recently that you’re too nervous? That might be why you saw things that don’t exist. Perhaps you feel that you can’t speak because of this reason too.”

After Adam drank the water, he felt that he had calmed down. He sat up from the sofa.

Although the reason Quinn mentioned was to embarrass him, it also gave him a way out. Otherwise, would Adam really admit that he was pretending to be mute just now?

He was clearly not lying. He had clearly seen a female ghost that no one else could see.

But there was no evidence.

He smiled awkwardly at Quinn. “Mm, maybe it’s because I’ve been too busy with work recently.”

“Mr. MacQuoid can talk normally now. It seems like it’s a misunderstanding!”

“I knew it. Why would Quinn do such a sneaky thing?”

“Exactly. Those people, who accused Quinn just now, should slap themselves in the face and apologize!”

“They didn’t even investigate properly, and came to look for Quinn and disrupted his life. What should we do?”

Looking at the comments on the screen, Adam remembered that he still had one piece of information that he had yet to reveal.

He stood up and changed the topic.

“Quinn, is this your home? Your family must be very rich.”

As he spoke, he walked around the living room. The reporters’ cameras naturally followed him around. As he walked around, the cameras captured the scene in the living room.

The decoration of the living room of the Torres family was done by the matriarch, Tina Torres. It looked very much like the style of the older generation. It was a little different from the aesthetic standards of modern young people, but the value of the decorations was obvious.

“Hey, I think I just saw a vase. Wasn’t that vase auctioned off by a tycoon for a few million dollars at the auction two years ago?”

“You remembered wrongly. It wasn’t a few million dollars, it was 35 million dollars!”

35 million dollars?

Lauren turned around and looked at the vase with gold foil on its mouth. No wonder Mr. Hayes told her not to get close to those things at that time.

That vase was worth 35 million dollars?

She was bored once and even took the vase down to play with it for a while. She would not dare to do it again. Although she had a lot of money, this vase might be the only one left.

In an instant, the netizens on the screen seemed to have become experts in appraising treasures. They were able to tell the names of the vases and other treasures.

“Oh my god! Quinn’s family is really rich! No wonder he always has the noble air of a rich young master. It’s not something that ordinary people can imitate. It’s inborn in him.”

Knowing Adam’s purpose, Quinn did not stop him. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and sat on the sofa that Adam had just been lying down on, watching coldly as Adam walked around the living room with the reporters.

Suddenly, Adam turned around and stared straight at Quinn. “Quinn, if I remember correctly, it seems that the most prestigious family in the country, the Torres family, lives here.”

“The Torres family? F*ck, is Mr. MacQuoid referring to the family that owns the Torres Group? The company whose chairman is Franklin Torres? The Torres Group that owns hundreds of hotels in our country?”

“The Torres Group owns more than a few hundred hotels. They have investments in all kinds of fields, and they pay for a lot of infrastructure in the country.”

“But, Quinn, your surname is also Torres. Could it be that you are a member of the Torres family? Who knows, we might be standing right in front of the Torres family’s young master, hahaha.”

Adam smiled at the reporters and pretended to be joking.

Quinn did not panic. Instead, he calmly nodded his head.

“You’re right!”

“What did you say?!”

“I said…Mr. MacQuoid, you’re right. This is the Torres family.”

Adam did not expect Quinn to admit it so quickly.

Wasn’t he afraid that his future would be even more difficult after his identity was exposed?