Chapter 341: To Make Things Worse

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The rest of the audience did not see anything at all because Lauren had turned invisible. However, Adam could feel something on his eyes.

His eyelids felt warm.

Then, the feeling disappeared.

Adam shook his head and stood up.

Was it his imagination just now? Why did he feel that something was touching his eyes?

After opening Adam’s heavenly eye, Lauren quickly returned to her room. If they saw her appear out of thin air, then she would probably be the main character of the live broadcast this time.

She only walked out after reappearing in the room.

“I’m back from the toilet!”

Everyone was once again surprised by what Lauren said.

So what if she’s back? Why did she say it so loudly? Moreover, Lauren seemed quite happy.

She smiled and tilted her head to the right. She was extremely adorable.

This was a secret signal that she and One had always agreed on. Every time she made such a move, it meant that One was about to appear.

As expected, the next second, One floated over from afar.

At this moment, the reporters were still questioning Quinn. Quinn was only using some very polite and official words to deal with the questions, but he refused to admit that he was the cause of Adam’s situation.

Adam could not speak, so he could only stand at the side and type on his phone. He was not as imposing, but he had won the sympathy of many fans in the comments.

“Mr. MacQuoid is such a good actor. If he really can’t say anything, his career will be ruined.”

“That’s right. We must get justice for our best actor, Mr. MacQuoid.”

Many netizens began to criticize Quinn, and some people couldn’t help but wonder if they were hired by Adam.

Lauren looked at the comments and was furious.

She took a glance at Adam, who was still typing on his phone. He was trying to show off to the fans in the live broadcast room.

Lauren smiled. He would probably notice when he looked up.

As expected, when he looked away from his phone, he saw One standing behind the reporters.

One was wearing an ordinary white shirt and jeans. It was a simple outfit, so Adam was not shocked when he saw her.

He pointed at One and then patted his manager.

“What’s wrong, Adam?”

Adam pointed in One’s direction and gestured for his manager to look over. His manager did as he was told, but he did not see anything.

“Adam, what are you doing? What happened?”

Adam frowned and waved his hand impatiently. Then, he took out his phone.

“Who is the woman standing behind? Chase her away.”

Then, he showed this sentence to his manager.

After the manager saw it, he also frowned. Then, he looked in that direction and whispered into Adam’s ear, “Adam, who are you talking about? What woman?”

Adam widened his eyes and pointed in the direction of One.

By now, all the reporters were focused on him.

Many of the reporters looked at Adam’s actions and the direction he was pointing at. They also looked that way but did not see anything.

The reporters asked, “Adam, what’s wrong?”

Adam did not care whether he was broadcasting or not.

“Didn’t you see the girl at the back?”

He typed this sentence on his phone for the reporters to see.

“She’s wearing a white shirt and jeans. She’s standing behind you and is making faces at me.”


The reporters turned their heads to look, but they still did not see anything. They had the same reaction as their manager. They shook their heads. “Adam, you…what are you looking at? There’s really no one behind!”

Adam was now frightened and covered his mouth with his hand. He felt like he was watching a horror movie.

The manager and the reporters were puzzled by Adam’s reaction, while Quinn and Lauren leaned against the door frame to watch the show.

Quinn didn’t know what Lauren did, but he trusted her, and he could guess what she did to Adam from his reactions. She must have invited her ghost friend to scare him.

Lauren stretched her back and felt that she had not done enough. After all, Adam could still pretend to be mute.

When no one was looking at her, Lauren reached out her fingers and made a hooking motion to One, telling her to “make things worse”.