Chapter 339: Serious

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Adam became mute and couldn’t speak? No wonder Adam didn’t say a word to them in the car. It was all his manager explaining things to them.

The reporters turned their cameras to Adam.

“Are you serious? Are you unable to speak now?”

Adam nodded.

He even demonstrated that he was speaking, but he didn’t make a sound.

“It can’t be, there’s really such a thing?”

“You have to investigate carefully! Mr. MacQuoid, we support you!”

At this moment, quite a number of Adam’s fans spoke up, and some of them were even criticizing Quinn.

“Since it happened at Quinn’s cocktail party, he has to take responsibility for it.”

“Exactly! He has to take responsibility. Quinn has to give an explanation to our best actor.”

At this moment, Adam was about to speak again. An “ah” noise escaped his mouth before he fell silent again, and the expression in his eyes became strange.

“What happened to Mr. MacQuoid? Could it be that he’s feeling even more uncomfortable?”

At this moment, Lauren tugged at Quinn, and Quinn bent down to listen to Lauren.

“Quinn, this old uncle must have regained his ability to speak by now. I just looked at the time and it’s already been 24 hours.”

Quinn looked up at Adam after he heard what Lauren said. His mouth was still opening and closing, but no noise came out.

Quinn asked in a low voice, “So now Adam is pretending to be mute?”

Lauren nodded affirmatively. “That’s right!”

Quinn’s eyes lit up.

“Then our task now is much simpler. Just make him talk.”

Adam once again displayed his speechless grief. Then, the fans began to attack Quinn in the comments.

Of course, Quinn’s fans were also defending him. The two sides were in a heated argument.

The scene was very quiet. The reporters didn’t speak. Adam wanted to speak, but he couldn’t.

Then, the manager continued to act as the host.

“We are now at the Torres mansion. May I ask, Mr. Quinn Torres, what do you have to say about yesterday’s incident?”

The camera turned from Adam to Lauren and Quinn.

With the difference in height between the two of them, it was impossible for them to be in the same frame.

Quinn carried Lauren in his arms. They shook their heads at the same time.

“What do you mean by shaking your head? Are you refusing to admit that you did it?”

Quinn bowed his head and smiled.

“Of course not. I’m shaking my head because I don’t believe Mr. MacQuoid is really mute. I have nothing against him. Why would I harm him all of a sudden, not to mention on my own turf? I’m not that stupid. Mr. MacQuoid said that he can’t speak. I’m very doubtful about this. Maybe he’s just pretending?”

“That’s right!” Lauren chimed in.

The manager asked, “Then how do you want to confirm it?”

Quinn replied, “There are many ways. Mr. MacQuoid, I’m sorry to offend you.”

After that, Quinn and Lauren tried a lot of ways to scare Adam. However, perhaps Adam had already prepared for it, or perhaps it was because his acting skills were too good. He did not even let out a single grunt.

The people in the bullet comments had already completely believed Adam.

“Looks like Mr. MacQuoid is really mute. If I had seen that scene just now, I would definitely have screamed.”

In order to scare Adam, Quinn had decided to screen a ghost movie. This was because everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Adam was very afraid of ghosts. He had even mentioned this in numerous interviews.

However, Adam did not even cry out when he saw such a terrifying ghost movie this time.

Although his expression and mouth looked like he was screaming, and his eyes were wide open, he did not make a sound.

When Lauren saw this, she began to wonder if she had made a mistake. Could it be that Adam really had not recovered yet?

Quinn glanced at Lauren. His eyes were filled with the same question.

However, Lauren had another method. If the movie was too fake, then she would do it for real!

She might not have other things, but she had plenty of ghosts

She shook her feet and gestured for Quinn to put her down.

“Excuse me, I need to go to the toilet!”

Under such a tense situation, Lauren’s sudden words caused everyone to be a little confused.

Was it time to go to the toilet?

Lauren did not care about everyone’s reaction and ran to the toilet.

She indeed went to the bathroom but picked up the soul storage box on the bedside table afterward.