Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 338

Chapter 338: Bullet Comments

“Ahhhh! My husband just looked at me and said hello to me. I want to save it and watch it for the rest of my life.”

“Dream on.”

The fans were frantically posting comments. Some reporters quickly noticed Lauren.

They moved the camera down.

Lauren did not change her clothes specially for the occasion. She was still wearing casual clothes. She looked cute and easy to get close to. She was delicate and cute yesterday, but today she just looked like the girl next door.

“Isn’t that the little girl with the cherry hairband from the cocktail party yesterday?”

“It’s her! That pair of eyes is so beautiful. Who else could it be?”

“She’s so cute. Quinn must be a very good brother.”

Adam’s manager saw that all the comments were praising Quinn. He did not expect things to turn out to be the exact opposite of what he wished for.

Adam’s manager quickly straightened his expression.

“Dear fans and friends in the live broadcast room, we are here today for a very serious matter.”

“What serious matter? Could it be that Mr. MacQuoid wants Quinn to act in a TV series together?”

“Quinn’s acting skill is average. How can he act in a TV series with the best actor the moment he comes out? I’m afraid he’s climbing up the ladder.”

“Quinn has never acted before. How do you know that his acting is average?!”

In the camera, Adam’s expression was serious and his mouth was tightly shut.

“All of you, stop arguing. I think there’s something wrong with Mr. MacQuoid’s expression. It doesn’t seem like something good.”

“Alright, can the two of you please be quiet and listen to what others are saying?”

It was noisy in the bullet comments, but in the Torres mansion, the atmosphere was very subtle.

The reporters were suddenly called in, and they were unaware of what had happened.

When Quinn and Lauren saw them, they were not surprised at all. This made Adam, who was full of confidence, felt a little scared.

However, his decades of experience in the entertainment industry made it difficult for him to reveal his emotions so easily. He continued to maintain a very serious expression.

Adam’s manager continued, “Today, we’re here at Quinn’s home. We’re here for no other reason than to help our fans and friends see the true color of this new idol that you’re talking about.”

“True color? What do you mean?”

“Some of our friends at the cocktail party yesterday should have noticed it as well. Adam left the venue in a hurry halfway through the event because he wasn’t feeling well. We originally didn’t want to make such a big deal out of this, but now that Adam’s health problem hasn’t been resolved, we have no choice but to come over and ask the culprit.”

The reporters moved their cameras to Quinn’s face.

It was obvious that the culprit was Quinn.

The bullet comments kept rolling.

“What is this? Is this a script?”

“It doesn’t look like it. Mr. MacQuoid seems to be very serious.”

“What happened to Mr. MacQuoid’s body? I thought he was a little strange after watching the Reuters’ video yesterday.”

The manager continued, “When Adam was talking at the cocktail party yesterday, a pill was suddenly thrown into his mouth. Adam accidentally swallowed the pill and realized that he couldn’t speak.”

Lauren pursed her lips.

Adam was quite smart. He could actually figure out that it was a pill.

After listening to his manager’s words, the bullet screen started to go crazy again.

“Ah? He can’t speak. Are you serious?”

“Why does this sound like a movie?”

“He was given a pill? That’s a little strange. Quinn would never do such things.”

“There’s no evidence yet. Don’t be in a hurry to defend it. Otherwise, it would be bad if you slap yourself in the face.”

The manager looked at the bullet screen and saw that the comments were gradually favoring Adam. Only then did he feel a little more at ease, he continued, “From the time we left the cocktail party yesterday until this afternoon, we had already gone to all the famous hospitals in the country and looked for doctors to diagnose the issue. However, the doctors were unable to find out the reason. We were really at our wits’ end. That’s why we brought all of you here. We hope that we can help Mr. MacQuoid find justice.”

Only then did the reporters realize that they had come because of this matter..