Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Breaking the News

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Lauren raised her hand and looked at her watch. “In other words, he’ll be better in less than half an hour.”

Quinn nodded.

If that was the case, then there was nothing to worry about.

However, how did Adam know that he lived here? He had even gathered so many reporters. It was definitely not just for this matter.

Quinn pondered for a moment and realized Adam’s intention. He must have wanted to expose his family background.

But he had no intention of hiding the fact that he was a member of the Torres family. At least, he did not want to hide it anymore. Otherwise, he would not have invited Franklin to the party venue in the first place. He had done that to stop a villain like Adam.

He dressed himself up and went downstairs. Lauren was already waiting for him downstairs.

“Quinn, I can feel their car getting closer and closer. They should be arriving soon.”

“Okay.” He rubbed his stomach. “Mr. Hayes! I’m hungry. Is there anything I can eat to fill my stomach?”

“Master Quinn, there’s still some bread left over from this morning. Would you like to have some first?”

“Sure, I’m not picky.”

Quinn picked up a piece of bread and began to eat it slowly. Lauren felt greedy, so she picked up a piece of bread as well.

The two siblings ate in unison.

“Mr. MacQuoid, are you sure that Quinn Torres lives here?”

Adam nodded. Of course he was sure. He had spent a lot of money to trace Quinn to this location. How could there be a mistake?

“This is one of the oldest and most valuable residential areas in the city. The people living here must be powerful and influential.”

Although the city center had shifted, it did not affect the status of every inch of land here.

“So the Torres family is so rich?” the reporters exclaimed.

Adam scoffed, but of course, he could not make a sound.

The area where the Torres family lived was not enclosed, so there were no security guards. Each house was far away from every other, and there was plenty of private space.

The families here were either rich or noble, and they had great power. Ordinary thieves did not dare to cause trouble here, so even if there were no security guards, the security here was very good.

The road was unobstructed. Adam’s car drove straight in, but no one stopped them.

These reporters were called over by Adam’s manager at the last minute. Since they had been working with Adam for a long time and had helped him in interviews, they slowly formed a cooperative relationship with him.

They could also get some benefits from him.

“Mr. MacQuoid, why did you call us here today? Could it be that you have something big to reveal about Quinn Torres?”

Adam could not say anything now, so his manager had to speak up for him. Adam sent Whatsapp messages for him to read out.

“Yes, today we hope that all of you can help us with a live broadcast.”

This was also Adam’s idea. A live broadcast would be best, as there would be no editing and no retakes.

“Live broadcast? What will it be about?”

“You’ll know when the time comes. But don’t worry, this will definitely be hot content.”

Adam snorted coldly in his heart again.

He made him speechless. Wasn’t this a big matter? Once people knew Quinn was the young master of the Torres family, it would definitely cause a sensation.

In that case, Quinn might not be able to cooperate with Director Spielberg.

Everyone in the industry knew that Director Spielberg was a very righteous person. Adam used to respect him, but now he looked down on him.

Although Adam had previously relied on himself, he understood the reality of things after so many years in the industry.

There was no one who didn’t use underhanded methods to earn money. If someone did not use such methods, it meant that the offers they received were insufficient or unreliable.

But to Adam, Director Spielberg was just pretending to be aloof.

Now that Director Spielberg was so close to Quinn, the imagination of many netizens would run wild once they found out that Quinn was the young master of the Torres family.

This was killing two birds with one stone. It could ruin Quinn’s reputation, and it could also drag Director Spielberg down from his pedestal.

However, when he thought about the fact that he had become mute, Adam was still a little angry. He had to reason with Quinn.

Quinn had to be responsible for the incident that happened at his cocktail party.