Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 335

Chapter 335: Going to Hell

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Mr. Hayes watched as Lauren ran around on her short legs and slowly said, “But, Miss Lauren, you ate four meat buns this morning.”

Lauren smiled and blushed. The buns were too delicious this morning, so she couldn’t help but eat one more bun.

She went to bed very early last night and had a full stomach this morning, so she was very energetic. On the other hand, Quinn had already slept for a whole day.

“Master Quinn has been so busy with work recently. It’s not easy for him to have a day off during the weekend. Let him sleep for a while.” Mr. Hayes had informed everyone in the morning, so no one bothered Quinn and he slept until it was afternoon.

“It’s already five o’clock. The sun is about to set, but Quinn hasn’t even woken up yet. He really can sleep. He’s not a bear, don’t tell me he’s hibernating?”

After exercising, Lauren drank another strawberry milkshake to replenish her energy.

“You’re right. Master Quinn’s body can’t handle sleeping like this. Miss Lauren, go wake Master Quinn up. If you wake him up now, at least he’ll be in time for dinner.”


Lauren loved waking people up.

She put down the glass, and the white bubbles of the milkshake formed a circle around her lips as she ran upstairs.

“Quinn! Quinn! Wake up! It’s Monday!”

Then, she heard a noise coming from inside. It sounded like something had fallen out of the bed. Then, Quinn’s door opened, revealing his messy hair and wrinkled pajamas.

He was grimacing and rubbing his back.

“Lauren, I realized that ever since you came back, you’ve always been the one to wake me up,” Quinn said.

“Is that so?” Lauren tilted her head and thought for a moment. Quinn seemed to be right.

“If you wake me up, you’ll go to Hell.”

“Then, since you woke me up yesterday for your event, you’re already going to hell,” Lauren quipped.

Quinn sighed. “I still can’t win against you, Lauren.”

“Mr. Hayes said that you can’t sleep all day. Get up and eat something. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to take it.”

“Okay, got it. I’ll be down in a bit.”

Lauren knew that as soon as she closed the door, Quinn would definitely be back on the bed.

“No! You have to go down now.”

The two of them started pulling at each other at the door, but suddenly, Lauren was stunned and she let go of him.

Quinn immediately took two steps back.

“Lauren, what are you doing?”

Lauren stood dazed on the spot. She did not know where she was looking at, as if she had no focus.

“I think I saw something.”

“Huh? Don’t scare me! Is there a ghost in my room?”

Like a frightened bird, Quinn immediately hid behind Lauren.

“It’s not a ghost…I think I saw a lot of cars heading towards our house.”

“What do you mean by that? A lot of cars are heading towards our house?”

“Yes.” Lauren nodded. “I have a hunch that whoever’s coming does not have good intentions.”

Lauren closed her eyes and tried to sense what was going on. She had already completed a few missions since coming here. As a result, her ability as a prophet was improving bit by bit. However, her performance was not very stable.

In a place like the Torres family, where the positive energy was extremely strong, she was able to predict it very well. However, in a place where the aura was mixed, her spiritual consciousness was not as sensitive.

“I saw it!”

“What did you see?”

“The people sitting in the car…seem to be some reporters. Every one of them had a camera on their back. Also! There was also that old uncle who left very early at the party yesterday.”

Quinn was a little confused.

Old uncle?

Who was she talking about?

“Could it be Adam MacQuoid? The person you pranked yesterday?”

Lauren nodded with a serious expression. “This old uncle seems to be very angry.”

Lauren came out from her spiritual consciousness. This was all she could get.

“What should we do, Quinn? Why did they come to us?”

Quinn came out of his daze. He ran to the toilet and washed his face with cold water.

“Maybe it’s because of yesterday’s incident, but I forgot to ask you yesterday. How did you do it? How did you make Adam become like that?”

When that was mentioned, Lauren still felt a little guilty.

After all, she was the one who did something bad.

“It’s nothing. I just gave him a mute pill….” Then, she hurriedly explained, “Its effect will disappear after 24 hours.”