Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 333

Chapter 333: At His Wit’s End

The assistant said from the side, “Mr. MacQuoid, think about it carefully. What exactly happened today? Why are you suddenly unable to speak?”

The little assistant spoke carefully as well. He had been with Adam for three to four years, so he knew that Adam’s temper was unpredictable. He would treat him well if he was in a good mood, but he would occasionally hit and scold him.

It was already two o’clock in the morning, but Adam could not sleep peacefully.

He lay on the sofa, surrounded by staff and trembling doctors.

They had already done a night of physical examinations, but they could not find the reason.

He carefully recalled what happened at the venue of the cocktail party today.

Suddenly, he seemed to have remembered something and took out his phone, typing vigorously.

“At the venue of the cocktail party, a pill-like object was suddenly shot into my mouth. I accidentally swallowed it, and after I did I couldn’t speak anymore.”

The manager frowned. “Pill? How could there be anything like that at the venue of the cocktail party? Moreover, it was shot into your mouth for no reason. Unless someone deliberately did something bad, otherwise, such a thing could not have happened.”

Adam sat on the sofa with his eyes narrowed. His expression was extremely fierce, and the intensity of his typing increased.

“It must be Quinn Torres! He was worried that I would reveal his background, so he used this method to take revenge on me!” he replied.

The manager was still relatively calm as he looked at the doctor.

“Doctor, since he became mute after he swallowed a pill, is it possible to wash his stomach and clear this pill out?”

The doctor shook his head and looked at his watch.

“It has already been eight hours since he swallowed the pill. The pill has long been digested, there must be nothing left in his stomach. It’s just that the constituents of the pill have not been metabolized yet.”

What the doctor meant was that they had no idea what the pill was, let alone how to treat Adam’s illness.

“Then what do we do now? Mr. MacQuoid still has to go to work tomorrow!”

The manager took out his phone and shook his head. “There’s no other way. I’ll call the producer and tell them that Mr. MacQuoid won’t be able to go for the time being.”

Adam was very frustrated when he heard that. He could only wave his hand and let the manager handle it. He couldn’t say anything now anyway, so what else could he do?

Then, he chased everyone out of his house.

The last advice the doctor gave before he left was to wait and see. Perhaps after the effects of the medicine had worn off, he could speak again. It was better to wait first and not rush things.

Since the doctor had said so, Adam had no other way. He waited anxiously until the next day.

When he woke up the next day, he thought that his inability to speak yesterday was just a dream. However, when he opened his mouth to speak, he realized that he still could not make a sound.

This was not possible. It had already been a night, and he still had not recovered.

Could it be that he could not recover?

What if he had lost his ability to talk for the rest of his life?

He took out his phone and opened Instagram. As expected, he saw that the trending topic on Instagram was Quinn’s cocktail party the day before.

That cocktail party was packed with big names. All sorts of handsome men and beautiful women were present. On top of that, Quinn had even introduced Lauren at his cocktail party yesterday, clarifying that she was the girl in the photo. So, the topic of #Quinn’s Cocktail Party# was hotly trending now.

Adam began to read some posts on that trending topic. Most comments were praising Quinn, Lauren, and some other celebrities. There were very few people who mentioned him.

Even if they did mention him, they only mentioned his strange behavior yesterday.

“What’s going on? I heard from a reporter friend that Adam seemed to be feeling unwell at the beginning of the party yesterday and suddenly left.”

“Yeah, I saw a video of what happened. He was indeed acting a little strangely at that moment.”

Other than that, there were still quite a number of Adam’s fans who left comments under his Instagram to ask him how he was doing.

Seeing how Quinn’s newfound fame had suppressed him so much, the resentment in Adam’s heart grew even more. He clenched his fists and fiercely smashed the bedside table.

After he woke up, Adam contacted other doctors for a check-up.

For the whole day, Adam went to many famous hospitals for various check-ups with his manager and assistant, but none of them were able to find out what the problem was.

By four o’clock in the afternoon, Adam had already given up hope.

He typed on his phone, “How is it? What did the variety show producers say?”

The name of this variety show was “Together with You”. This was a popular variety show in recent years. It had been broadcast for three years now, and there were twelve episodes every year..

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