Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Original Intention

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After saying a few words, Quinn pulled Lauren away.

“Why did you pull me away so quickly?”

“You’re just a child. Don’t be with adults all the time. It’s complicated in the entertainment industry. It wouldn’t be good if you were targeted by someone.”

“Targeted? Is it like those mafia bosses in the movies?”

Quinn raised an eyebrow.

“That’s hard to say. There are all kinds of people everywhere. The people here may look glamorous on the surface, but they might not be as good on the inside.”

He told Lauren to continue waiting for him in the office.

After settling Lauren, Quinn did not go downstairs immediately. Instead, like Lauren, he leaned against the staircase and watched the scene below.

He glanced around, then set his eyes on the woman in the light blue dress.

Patricia Mackenzie?

He had heard the name before, but he didn’t know much about the woman.

But from the conversation just now, he guessed that there was something special about this woman.

The party lasted until nine o’clock in the evening. The guests dispersed one after another. After Quinn gave some instructions to the staff, he left with Lauren.

It would take them more than an hour to get home.

“Quinn, will I be on the covers of all the newspapers and magazines tomorrow?”

Quinn laughed. “You wish. Do you know how difficult it is to get on these covers? Aren’t you just a little brat? How can you get on the cover of a magazine so easily?”

Lauren was not convinced.

She was not a little brat.

She was a princess that everyone loved.

“Then, Quinn, have you been on the cover of a magazine?”

“I’ve been on the cover of a lot of foreign magazines, but none in our country so far. I don’t have any local works yet.”

However, he had some contact with Director Spielberg today and had a chat with him.

On top of being a very famous movie director, Spielberg had also started to enter the television drama circle in recent years.

He had a planned TV drama in the pipeline, and Quinn was going to audition for it.

Director Spielberg and Quinn were both serious about art, and they would never cut corners or recruit actors in underhanded ways.

This was also the reason why he liked Spielberg so much. Nowadays, many directors would cut corners when recruiting actors. Of course, the price they had to pay for that went without saying.

In Quinn’s heart, acting was a very sacred profession. Everyone only had one life, but through these scripts, actors could act out many different lives.

Then, they could pass on these wonderful lives to the audience through the screen.

This was his original intention as an actor.

The car drove down a small road in the city. There were people on the roadside, and the hawker stalls along the road were emitting hot smoke.

Quinn had been busy entertaining the guests that night, and he had not eaten anything. When he smelled the fragrance of food, his stomach began growling.

He reached out his hand to Lauren and said, “Hey, do you have any money? Lend me some, I’m going to buy some food.”

Lauren looked at the open palm in front of her and said, “Quinn, you’re a big TV star. Don’t tell me you don’t even have enough money for a meal?”

“I’ve already used all the money I earned from my two or three years overseas to invest in my studio.”

Quinn rubbed his hands together and asked, “Do you have it or not? If Franklin loves you so much, he’ll definitely give you some pocket money, right?”

Lauren reached into her bag and searched for a long time before taking out a dollar coin.

When she took it out, her hand accidentally slipped and the coin rolled under the car seat. It was very dark inside and she couldn’t see anything. Both of them searched for a long time but couldn’t find it.

Lauren pouted at Quinn. “Brother, you owe me a dollar now.”

“You’re even poorer than I am,” he muttered.

Lauren chuckled in her heart. In fact, she had several premium credit cards. She just didn’t want to take them out, for fear of causing Quinn to faint from shock.

If he did, he would probably end up trending on Instagram again.

In the end, the two of them went to a street hawker stall to eat noodles. Quinn even wore a mask and a hat.

After eating, Quinn said, “You have to cherish this period of time when you’re free to go out. Who knows, you might become famous in the future and have fans everywhere.”

“So what if I have fans? If I have fans, then I can take photos with them. They will give me many delicious things, right?”

Quinn knocked on Lauren’s head playfully. “You just finished eating, and you’re already thinking about eating again.”

Lauren rubbed her forehead.

“Hey, I don’t mean it. Someone taught me in the past not to eat things given to you by strangers.”

“Who taught you? They’re quite right.”


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