Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Patricia

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“Lauren, don’t provoke that woman over there.”

“Yeah, that woman has a bad temper.”

Lauren stopped in her tracks. “Is that so?”

However, she really liked that woman.

A celebrity smiled. “She and I are from the same company. She always scolds people until they cry. It’s better if you don’t go over. She prefers to be alone.”

Lauren tilted her head and looked at the lonely woman sitting there.

She always scolds people until they cry? However, she looked very gentle to Lauren.

Lauren thanked everyone for their advice, she then walked over to the woman with small steps.

Patricia Mackenzie sensed that someone was approaching her. She turned her head and saw Lauren, who had been surrounded by everyone on the stage earlier, was now standing in front of her. Her eyes were like grapes, dark but bright. Under the illumination of the lights, the cherry-colored hairband on her head looked even redder.

Patricia’s lips curled. “Is your name Lauren?”

Due to the advice from others just now, Lauren did not dare to say anything. She simply nodded.

Patricia noticed the gazes directed at her from all directions. She lifted her head slightly and looked back. Those gazes were immediately retracted.

She then looked back at Lauren.

“What’s the matter? Why are you looking for me? Are you lost?”

Lauren shook her head and pointed at the seat beside Patricia.

“Can I sit here?”

Patricia raised her eyebrows and nodded. “Of course, you can. This is your brother’s party. All these things belong to your brother. You can do whatever you want.”

After taking a closer look, Lauren realized that this woman was really different from others.

Her nails were very clean. Other celebrities applied nail polish on their long and sharp fingernails. This reminded Lauren of a female ghost that she had seen before.

On the contrary, this woman’s nails were very clean.

After Lauren sat down, the two of them did not continue their conversation.

Lauren recalled the scene at the staircase. After the female celebrities left, Patricia was also sitting there looking into the distance. No one knew what she was looking at, and she was doing the same thing right now. She was holding a glass of red wine in her hands and shaking it slightly. When she looked into the distance, she had a sense of beauty that she did not realize.

“What are you looking at?” Lauren asked.

“I’m not looking at anything. I’m just counting the tassel on the pendant.”

Lauren followed her gaze and finally saw what the woman was looking at.

It was a tassel used for decoration.

She thought that the woman was thinking about something, but it turned out that she was actually counting the tassel.

It was really magical.

“Lauren, why are you here?! Didn’t I just tell you to stay where you are?”

Quinn’s voice rang out from afar. Lauren looked up and saw Quinn striding over with his long legs.

People who were used to being models were different. Even though he was just casually walking over, Quinn looked like he was walking down a red carpet.

“Er…no, brother! You’re here!”

Lauren stuck out her tongue.

“Why are you here?” Quinn asked.

Quinn looked at Lauren and then at the woman who was sitting next to Lauren.

“It’s because I want to chat with this lady,” Lauren replied.

Out of courtesy, Quinn nodded at the woman. There were too many people here today, so he could not tell who this woman was.

Lauren turned to the woman and asked, “Can I be friends with you?”

Patricia was obviously surprised. She probably didn’t expect a child would want to be friends with her at the party.

However, her surprise only lasted for a moment before she nodded.

“My name is Patricia Mackenzie.”

“In that case, I will call you Patricia from now on!”

Lauren, who had successfully made friends with Patricia, felt relaxed. How could Patricia be as terrifying as those people had described her to be? She was obviously very gentle.

She tugged at Quinn and made him sit down as well.

“Quinn, Patricia spoke up for you just now!”

“Spoke up for me? What did she say?”

Then, Lauren relayed what she had just heard to Quinn.

After listening to what Lauren said, Quinn looked at Patricia with a gaze that was no longer unfamiliar. Instead, he looked as if he was looking at an idol.

“Could it be that you’re also my fan?” Quinn asked.

The corners of Patricia’s mouth curled up slightly. She shook her head. “No, I simply disagree with their views. It has nothing to do with who they’re talking about.”

‘Can’t you even lie to make me happy?’ Quinn thought. Next to him, Lauren thought, ‘He’s a good man….but it’s a shame he had to open his mouth.’