Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 329

Chapter 329: A Feast for the Eyesf
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“Dream? Do you know what your brother’s dream Is?”

Lauren nodded her head vigorously.

“Of course I know.” She then turned around to look at Quinn, who was also looking at her. “Quinn’s dream is to become a great actor. He will definitely succeed!”

At this moment, under the flash and spotlight, Lauren felt that Quinn’s eyes were shining, and Quinn felt the same about Lauren.

Everyone present was touched by Lauren’s reply.

“She’s so cute! I wish I had a sister who was so understanding.”

“Yeah, she’s cute and has a good personality, just like Quinn.”

Lauren smiled as she posed with Quinn for the reporters to take photos. As she listened to the praises of the reporters, her heart was filled with joy.

She was initially not used to being in front of the cameras, but now she was able to take it with ease.

She was very photogenic, and she had a lot of quirky poses. The reporters could not stop snapping photos.

Finally, the interview was over. When the reporters got the information they wanted, they put down their cameras and went to rest.

Only then did Lauren let out a sigh of relief and patted her chest.

“How are you? Are you nervous?” Quinn asked with a smile.

Lauren first nodded her head, then she shook her head. “I was nervous at the beginning, but I got used to it after a while. Now my face is a little stiff after smiling for so many photos.”

She reached out and rubbed her chubby cheeks.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to eat something. Do you want to go back to the office?”

Lauren replied, “I’ll just stay here, there are so many good-looking people here. I can watch them while eating.”

Quinn asked, “Good-looking people? Do you mean you can fill up your stomach by looking at them?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of an idiom ‘a feast for the eyes’?”

Quinn looked at Lauren’s quirky appearance and remembered what she just said on stage. He was touched by what she said, but yet he could not show it.

Quinn reached out and ruffled her hair.

“You even know that idiom?”

Lauren hurriedly waved away Quinn’s hand, for fear that he messed up her hair.

“Quinn, what are you doing?! You’re going to mess up my hair!”

Everyone present saw the natural and loving interaction between the siblings.

“Once today’s report is out, I’m afraid those fans will go crazy again. Quinn doesn’t have a girlfriend. Instead, he has a sister. I believe Quinn’s sister will have a huge number of fans too.”

“Yeah, his sister is so cute. I’m going to become her fan.”

“Quinn’s handsome look does not seem to be able to match up with his sister.”

Lauren sat on one of the couches in the ballroom and gobbled down the cake.

As she listened to the discussions of these people, Lauren nodded her head in agreement.

‘That’s right. How could Quinn’s handsome look be compared to my cuteness?’ Lauren thought.

Quinn brought over some snacks and placed them on the small table in front of Lauren. He instructed Lauren not to wander around while he entertained the guests.

Lauren nodded and said crisply, “Yes, Quinn! I promise I won’t wander around.”

Anyway, this was Quinn’s territory, and Lauren was a smart girl with so many strange tricks. Quinn knew that she would not get into any trouble, so he wasn’t worried that something would happen while he was socializing.

Lauren stuffed her stomach with some food until she was full. Then she looked left and right with her eyes and was very curious about this place.

Although some of the celebrities present were also very interested in Lauren, they did not dare to rashly approach her.

Therefore, Lauren was the only one sitting at her table.

Lauren frowned. “Why is nobody sitting with me?”

She occupied a table all by herself. How boring! She wanted to chat with other people.

She held a glass of juice and sipped it. She looked around and finally found the person she was looking for—the girl who had spoken up for Quinn when she was eavesdropping at the staircase.

The girl was wearing a light blue dress. She did not stand out at all.

Lauren slid down from the sofa bit by bit, then she walked towards the girl with her glass of juice in her hand.

Similar to Lauren, there was no one else sitting at the girl’s table.

There was not a single soul within two meters away from the girl. When Lauren was about to walk towards the table, some people began to lean towards her and speak to her..