Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 328

Chapter 328: Clarification

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These people did not seem that great, they were speechless when they saw a little girl like her.

Quinn held onto Lauren’s hand until he pulled her onto the stage that was temporarily set up.

“Hello, everyone. Do you still remember this cherry hairband?”

Quinn pointed at the hairband on Lauren’s ponytail.

Someone had already taken out their phones and clicked on the photo that was trending on Instagram to compare it.

“Yes, it’s the same cherry hairband.”

“That’s right, it looks like the girl in this photo is indeed very young. I didn’t expect her to be a child.”

The reporters reacted and began to take photos with their cameras. They also asked questions at the same time.

“May I ask…who is this young lady?”

“Could she be your daughter?”

The people present definitely did not know, so they could only make wild guesses.

First of all, they did not know Quinn’s true identity, because when Quinn first debuted, his father Sean did not allow it.

Moreover, Quinn was proud and arrogant at that time. He wanted to make a name for himself, so he hid his identity. This was why Quinn did not reveal his family background when he debuted.

Other than a few high-status people who were well-informed, these people did not know that Quinn was the second young master of the Torres family.

And this explained why they were so interested in Quinn and also unaware of Lauren’s background.

Quinn smiled. He raised his hands and slowly pressed them down, causing the crowd to quiet down. The chattering of the crowd slowly died down.

Quinn and Lauren stood on stage until the entire venue was silent.Then, he patted the microphone and said, “The young lady standing next to me is my younger sister. She’s four and a half years old this year and her name is Lauren Torres.”

Just as Lauren was about to introduce herself, a commotion broke out again.

“What? Younger sister? I’ve never heard of him having a younger sister.”

“Quinn is very protective of his privacy. We don’t know who’s in his family, as he hasn’t said anything about it. However, the age difference between him and his younger sister is way too big. There’s a difference of more than ten years between them.”

“His parents are young, what can you do about it?”

The reporter at the front pointed the recording pen at Quinn. “May we interview your sister? I’ve never heard of her before. May I ask why she was suddenly brought here this time?”

“At first, I just wanted to bring her over to have some fun. I didn’t expect that her photo in the styling room this morning would be misunderstood by everyone. I thought that if I don’t clarify this, my fans might abandon me.”

Some laughter could be heard from the scene.

“Therefore, I hope that all my media friends can help me clarify. At the same time, I hope that they can take a better photo of my younger sister. Little girls love to look beautiful.”

“Lauren can accept interviews, but she’s still a little girl, so don’t ask serious questions.”

After obtaining permission from her guardian, the reporters turned their microphones towards Lauren.

Faced with so many people, Lauren was no longer afraid or nervous.

She flashed a sweet smile that she was used to. Then, she generously waved at the camera.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Lauren Torres and I’m four and a half years old this year.”

Following that, the reporters began to ask questions.

Lauren answered all the questions very well.

The reporters did not ask any tricky questions regarding their family affairs.

“Lauren, how do you feel about having a celebrity brother? There are thousands of young girls in this country who like your brother very much. Do you feel jealous?”

Lauren blinked. “Jealous? What does that taste like? Who would want to be jealous when it’s so sour?”

The crowd burst into laughter.

That’s right, this child was only four and a half years old. How would she know what that meant?

The reporter who asked this question explained, “Jealousy is…do you feel that someone has stolen your brother?”

Lauren thought about it carefully for a while. Everyone present held their breaths and was very quiet.

Lauren shook her head. “No, I’m very happy that my brother is liked by so many people.”

Then, she recalled the conflict between Sean and Quinn.

“I’m very happy that my brother is able to find something that he likes to do. I’m also very happy that there are so many people who can accompany and support my brother.. I believe that my brother will definitely fulfill his dream.”