Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 327

Chapter 327: Fall Out of Favor

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His assistant, who was at the side, was flustered. He quickly escorted Adam out of the venue.

The reporters recorded this scene and captured Adam leaving the venue in a panic.

Many celebrities beside him were also puzzled.

“Eh, why did he suddenly leave? I haven’t had the chance to take a photo with him!”

“What happened?”

Many celebrities were far away from Adam, so they did not know what had just happened.

They thought that he had left because of some urgent matter.

Quinn was standing on the stage, so he did not know the reason either.

Adam’s manager hurriedly returned and explained, “I’m sorry, everyone. Adam suddenly felt a little unwell. We will be leaving the party early.”

As the organizer of the party, Quinn nodded. “Please get Adam to rest well!”

At that moment, everyone was discussing Adam’s sudden departure. Quinn turned around and suddenly met the gaze of Lauren, who was sprawled on the stairs.

There was a crafty look in her eyes. It was impossible for Quinn to misunderstand.

There was also a hint of a smile in his eyes. He knew in his heart that Lauren must have done something bad in secret.

After answering so many questions, it was finally the reporters’ turn to ask the first question again.

It was about the rumored girlfriend.

Everyone fell silent at the mention of this question. It was indeed human nature to gossip.

After so many rounds of questions and answers, the media knew that Quinn was not a difficult person to talk to. On the contrary, even though he was an international model, he had a good personality, so the reporters were no longer reserved when they asked questions.

“Quinn, you promised us that you would answer this question properly just now. Don’t lie.”

“Yes, I won’t lie. Didn’t you say that the person with the cherry hairband is my girlfriend? Today, I brought her to the venue to introduce her to you.”

The whole place was suddenly in an uproar. All kinds of small discussions were going on endlessly. Although it was hard to hear what they were discussing, the chattering never stopped.

Quinn initially wanted to ask his assistant to go upstairs and fetch Lauren. However, after thinking for a moment, he decided to go upstairs himself.

The big cameras that belonged to the media reporters moved along with Quinn’s movements. Everyone stretched their necks, unwilling to miss a single second.

Quinn went upstairs and saw Lauren standing at the stairway entrance with her two nervous hands clasped together.

“Quinn, there are so many people down there and there are also so many cameras.”

Although Lauren had been surrounded in this manner before, it was more formal this time.

In addition, Quinn had such great influence, making Lauren a little afraid.

Quinn noticed Lauren’s nervousness. Although Lauren was usually very eloquent, she was still a child after all. She had never been in such a big scene before.

Quinn was very considerate, he did not make fun of Lauren and intensified her nervousness. Instead, he extended his hand towards Lauren, then put his other hand behind his back, like a prince bending his knees slightly when he saw a princess.

“Come, my princess.”

Lauren’s tension was instantly dispelled by Quinn’s words and actions.

She smiled. “Do I look good?”

Quinn nodded. “Lauren, if you were to ask the magic mirror, he would say that you’re the most beautiful princess in the world. What is Snow White compared to you?”

Lauren laughed out loud when she heard that. She placed her hand on Quinn’s open palm and followed him downstairs.

Quinn was the first one who appeared on the stairs.

The media reporters had already raised their cameras and were ready to take photos. When they saw that the person who came down was actually Quinn, they were a little disappointed and put down their heavy cameras.

Quinn was speechless. He had already fallen out of favor?

Lauren’s small leather shoes had two centimeters of high heels, and they made a sound as she walked on the wooden floor.

Everyone’s hope was reignited when they heard the sound. The cameras continued to focus on the staircase.

“Wow, they seem to be holding hands.”

“Yeah, it seems like Quinn is holding hands with a girl.”

“That’s not right. Why is her hand so small?”

Everyone was stunned when Lauren’s tiny figure appeared in front of them.

Even the reporters who were holding their cameras forgot to press the shutter button.

In an instant, other than the sound of Lauren’s small leather shoes hitting the floor, there was no other sound.

Was it so shocking to see her? Looking at the reactions of these people, Lauren suddenly felt less nervous.

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