Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Unable to Speak

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Quinn smiled. He knew that this would be the first question they were going to ask him.

He politely replied, “I’d like to leave this question until the end. Dear friends from the media, if you have any other questions, please ask first.”

The reporters looked at each other. Although they had some doubts about Quinn’s answer, they continued to ask.

“Mr. Torres, do you have any plans to enter the local entertainment industry this time? Do you want to continue working in the modeling industry or try out other roles?”

Quinn nodded as he adjusted his windbreaker.

“Thank you for your question. This is what I want to explain to everyone. I worked in the modeling industry previously while I was overseas. But this time, I really want to try out other roles. Ever since I was young, I wanted to become an excellent actor. Director Spielberg’s work is something I have always admired. In the future, I really hope I’ll have the chance to work with him. At the same time, I also hope to work with all kinds of excellent directors.”

The reporters asked a few more related questions. As expected of the media with a good reputation, they did not focus their questions on Quinn’s private life. Instead, they asked some very professional questions.

Regarding these questions, Quinn answered them one by one. The reporters also made notes and took photos.

The reporters continued to ask Quinn, “You’ve invited a lot of famous directors and artistes from the entertainment industry. May I ask how you did it?”

Looking at the lineup of these celebrities, there were indeed quite a number of famous celebrities. Even Quinn did not expect these people to come.

He shook his head and said humbly, “I have to thank everyone for coming. I only sent out the invitation and I didn’t expect everyone to be so gracious.”

At this moment, the actor who had said that Quinn was just a vase snorted.

His ‘hmph’ was so loud that it attracted the attention of those media friends nearby. They felt that there was something to be dug out and quickly turned their cameras to this actor.

“Adam, are you good friends with Quinn? You also came to participate in this cocktail party.”

Adam MacQuoid smiled. He was the best actor at last year’s Screen Actor Award Ceremony.

The Screen Actor Award Ceremony was judged once every three years. He had been working in the film industry for nearly twenty years, and this was the first time he had won best actor.

He had a good reputation, and after he won the best actor award, his net worth had doubled. Therefore, his attendance at the party this time had attracted the attention of many people.

However, Quinn knew what kind of person Adam MacQuoid was. His acting skills were indeed commendable, but it was a pity that his character was not good. His private life was very chaotic.

Quinn had only sent an invitation to the management company that Adam belonged to. He did not expect the management company to send Adam over.

Facing the cameras, Adam replied with a sarcastic tone, “How would I dare to be friends with Quinn? He is now a treasure in the hands of everyone.”

The media crew members present were all experienced. When they heard what Adam said, they knew that he must have kept some things in his heart and was not satisfied with Quinn.

Moreover, the content of today’s interview was too serious. They were lacking a topic to talk about.

Therefore, the cameras turned to Adam one after another.

“Mr. MacQuoid, what do you mean by that?”

When Adam saw that he had already attracted the attention of the entire audience, he was very pleased with himself.

No matter what, the attention should have been focused on him a long time ago. The one on the stage was just a young guy who had just made his debut. How could that young guy be compared to him?

Surrounded by the crowd, Adam immediately became proud. He wanted to say what he knew without any restraint.

“Quinn was a model when he was overseas. He only has good looks. So far, he has yet to show his ability or acting skills. How do you think he got us here? It’s because…”

Suddenly, an object flew from afar and shot straight into Adam’s mouth.

Adam choked and accidentally swallowed the object.

He covered his throat in discomfort. His assistant quickly brought him some water. He drank a few mouthfuls of water and the strange feeling disappeared.

“Mr. MacQuoid, are you okay?”

Adam waved his hand and opened his mouth to continue, but he could not make a sound.

“Mr. MacQuoid, what happened to you?”

The reporter pointed the recording pen at Adam, but Adam found that he could not make a sound.

What….what was going on?