Five year old prophet is pampered by ten brothers – Chapter 325

Chapter 325: Emerged from the Mud Untainted

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These people were really bad. They couldn’t stand to see others doing well. In a while, she would have to go down and remind Quinn.

In Lauren’s heart, Quinn was just a simple and innocent white flower.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the cocktail party officially began.

Although it was a cocktail party, it was not very formal. Everyone held their wine glasses, walked around, and talked to others.

Lauren could not stay in the office any longer. She sneaked out and leaned against the staircase to watch.

However, everyone was busy chatting, so no one noticed her.

Lauren saw the handsome Quinn holding a wine glass and chatting with a man. He seemed to respect this man very much as there was a decent and serious smile on his face.

It was rare for Lauren to see such a serious smile on Quinn’s face.

Some girls were chatting with each other. They were dressed in youthful and beautiful clothes and looked somewhat familiar. Lauren guessed that they were some small celebrities.

Although they were chatting with each other, their eyes were fixed on Quinn.

“Did you guys see the trending posts on Instagram today? It seems like Quinn has a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I saw it. I don’t know if it’s true, but will he introduce his girlfriend today?”

“That’s impossible. If an artiste says that he has a girlfriend too early, it would be equivalent to ruining his own future in the entertainment industry. After all, as a male artiste, he has a lot of female fans.”

Lauren leaned against the staircase as she listened to their conversation. The more she listened, the more she felt it was strange.

Were celebrities not allowed to have girlfriends and boyfriends?

Fortunately, there was another person who shared the same thoughts as Lauren. She was a girl who was dressed rather plainly.

Her makeup was exquisite and natural. She wore a very simple blue dress, and her hair was not covered with hair gel. It was naturally curly and hung over her fair shoulders.

Among the group of women, her makeup and style might not be the most outstanding, but her temperament was very attractive. Lauren had seen this woman just now.

This woman openly refuted the other female celebrities.

“What’s there to gossip about? Instead of thinking about these things every day, why don’t you think about how to improve your acting skills? You have to shoot the same scene 30 to 40 times, and everyone has to accompany you in NG.”

‘Well said!’ Lauren praised in her heart.

The girl continued, “Besides, it’s none of your business if he does have a girlfriend. Even if he doesn’t have one, none of you stand a chance.”

Well said!!

If not for the fact that she was afraid of being discovered, Lauren would have clapped on the spot.

The young girls were quite afraid of this woman. They did not dare to refute her and took their wine glasses to the other side of the room.

Thus, this woman was left behind, and she cast her gaze into the distance without any expression on her face.

In here, there were not as many media crew as there were outside.

Quinn only allowed ten media companies that had good reputations and would not exaggerate when reporting to enter the premises.

It was also because of the presence of the media that the artistes were very careful. Even if they were here, they had to show their best side and maintain their image.

It had only been a month since Quinn had returned from overseas. He had been abroad before, so the local media had not been able to successfully interview Quinn. Their understanding of him was limited to the existing reports from overseas media.

Therefore, all the major media companies were very excited to have this opportunity.

The crew members rubbed their hands together, hoping to obtain more information and write the most interesting entertainment news.

After chatting with the famous director, Steven Spielberg, Quinn went up to the stage to give a speech.

Of course, he was not the most qualified to be the first to speak at this cocktail party, so he had invited Director Spielberg to speak first.

He had met Director Spielberg once when he was overseas, and he liked his’s works very much, so he specially invited him to be his VIP guest today.

After Director Spielberg finished speaking, Quinn went on stage.

At the end of the speech, it was time for the media to ask questions.

“Dear friends from the media, if you have any questions, you can ask them now.”

Everyone raised their hands when they heard that.

“Mr.. Torres, have you seen the trending posts on Instagram this morning? Everyone says that you have a girlfriend. What do you think about this?”

What do you think?